Originally Published: March 2017

MASAI 4X4 IS PROBABLY BEST KNOWN for its windows, but the company also makes its own front winch bumpers for the Land Rover Defender. And jolly robust they are too.  These are made primarily from zinc-coated steel. This is finished in black powder-coat, though you can paint it to match your own vehicle if you choose. And doesn’t a colour-coded bumper look smart? The bumper is delivered in three parts, and we can’t see any of our readers really struggling with that particular jigsaw. It will fit most winches – and you can bolt it on to whatever Defender 90, 110 or 130 you happen to have lying about.

The price is £330 and that includes VAT. So if you’re liable to bump into anything, you’d best fit one of these first. Find them at www.masai4x4.com.

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