Heavy-Duty Replacement Chassis Range For Land Rover Defenders

Originally Published: August 2017

NEW TRUCKMAN TOPS TURNS HI-LUX INTO MOBILE WORKSHOP TRUCKMAN HAS LAUNCHED a new Utility hard-top for the current Toyota Hi-Lux, which is designed to let fi eld-based engineers turn their vehicles into mobile workshops and stores. Suitable for both the Extra-Cab and Double-Cab versions of the Hi-Lux, the tops are aimed at engineers and contractors working in sectors such as gas, electricity, water, lineside and telecommunications – all of which are likely to require a regular means of access to off-road locations. They create a large-capacity space for racking system, with access available through a secure rear door and gull-wing side doors. The Utility top is made to take a static roof weight of 100kg, providing further carrying capacity when roof bars are fitted. It can be installed without any need to remove the bulkhead window guard which is found on the Active model in the Hi-Lux range, and has a high-gloss gel white fi nish and hose-out interior for easy maintenance. Another useful feature is a built-in electrical conduit, allowing vehicle converters to install additional lights, alarms and other electrical systems. ‘With an ever-increasing need in the utility sectors to deliver quick-response maintenance and repairs, the Utility Top has proven to be an ideal solution for fleet managers and fi eld-based engineers,’ says Truckman boss Mike Wheeler. ‘The ability to not only transport kit and equipment to remote locations, but to operate a mobile workshop and stores, has become a real advantage to industry.’ Whether your pick-up is a Hi-Lux or one of the many other models for which Truckman makes a huge range of quality tops, your next port of call is www.truckman.co.uk. IF YOU OWN a Land Rover Defender of a certain age (decide for yourself what that age might need to be), its chassis is something you’ll defi nitely be familiar with. Familiar with and, quite possibly, more than a little afraid of. With this new heavy-duty chassis from Britpart, the fear may start to ebb away. It’s made from S355-grade alloyed steel, and the legs are made from 3mm steel instead of the 2mm low-alloy steel of the original. In addition, the original used two-part lamination to give extra strength, for example on the outriggers. The new one simply uses thicker steel for these elements – and is more resistant to corrosion as a result.. The whole chassis has been designed with minimal mud traps and set up for a fi nal hot-dip galvanisation process. Access is available so you can wash it out or add wax protection easily. So rather than patching up your old chassis, maybe it would be worth investing in an entirely newer and stronger and more durable one. So far, there are units available for the Defender 90 300Tdi, 110 300Tdi and 110 Td5, with the 90 Td5 due to follow soon. For more details and to fi nd your nearest stockist, have a look at www. britpart.com

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