Latest bash plates to fit the latest pick-ups

Originally Published: November 2015

RIVAL, THE RUSSIAN manufacturer of underbody protection plates, has announced a series of fitments to suit the latest new vehicles in the 4x4 pick-up market. These include the Mitsubishi L200, which has only just gone and sale, and the Toyota Hi-Lux, which is so new it isn’t even here yet.

Rival makes underbody bash plates for more than just 4x4s. In Russia, where there’s no shortage of roads whose surfaces make even Britain’s look good, a lot of people fit them on everyday cars. This means the company’s size, and that of its market, is enormous – allowing it to get way ahead of the curve when it comes to developing new fitments.

Working primarily in aluminium, Rival looks at protecting a vehicle’s axles, sump, transmission and fuel tank. Put that lot together, and you can end up with a pretty smooth underside fron beginning to end – which in turn can mean better aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.

Another hidden benefit is that on vehicles with electronic security devices, too, having a large metal plate bolted over the top of them makes it a lot harder for thieves to get in there and do their dirty work.

Constructed in aluminium, the plates are finished in an Italian polymer powder paint. Both these things are good news when you consider the attack they’ll come under once your local council starts chucking salt on the road – or you start grinding them against the rocks.

Rival’s range includes a wide variety of plates for a wide variety of vehicles. So you don’t need to be larging it in the latest double-cab to be in the market for what it offers. To find out more, pay a visit to the UK importer at


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