Tuff-Trek Brings GOBI-X To Britan

Originally Published: August 2017

GOBI-X IS NEW TO THE UK, but the company has become well known in its home land of South Africa – where it claims to manufacture ‘the toughest off-road rear bumpers, rock sliders and underbody protection.’ Established in 2011, it specialises in pick-up trucks – offering kit to suit the Toyota Hi-Lux, Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-Max and Volkswagen Amarok. Its range covers various incarnations of the Toyota Land Cruiser, too. So if you’re modding up a vehicle from among these ranges, you’re going to find it worth taking a look to see what the company can do for you. ‘The Gobi-X range is made to exacting standards and is designed and built to face some of the toughest conditions in the world,’ says UK importer Tuff-Trek. ‘It includes heavy-duty replacement rear bumpers with a choice of single or double swing-away spare wheel carriers and jerry can holders, high-lift jackable rock sliders, aluminium bash plates and a range of fridge slides.’ Interested? You should be – theis looks like a serious new player in the accessory market. Tuff-Trek is open to retail and trade enquiries alike; in each case, the place to start is www.tuff-trek.com.

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