Extreme props from Bailey Morris

Originally Published: January 2016

Of all the many different modifications people make to off-road vehicles, lifting their suspension has got to be one of the most common. But as soon as you do that, you start asking questions of the truck’s propshafts.

A loose rule of thumb would say that so long as you keep it to a couple of inches, your original props should be okay. Even then, though, you’ll be running with the sliding joint permanently part-open or the UJs at a more acute rest angle – so however big or small a lift you’re planning, it pays to think about props.

And when you’re doing that, it pays to think about Cambridgeshire company Bailey Morris. As well as carrying a stock of OE props, they’ve developed their own Extreme range – which instantly sounds like a good thing. ‘We can offer an upgraded propshaft option,’ they say, ‘whether you need greater angle, longer splines or larger torque capacity, which may give increased potential life expectancy.

The Extreme props are available with an operating angle of up to 40°, which ought to cover all your lifting needs unless you really are determined to build the world’s most unstable vehicle. They come with metal dust covers on their UJ bearing caps to keep water out, too, and their extended sliders are double sealed.

The props have a higher torque capacity than standard, too, which is no small thing if you plan to warm up your engine – or just to run bigger tyres, because those shock-loadings have got to go somewhere. To find out more, pay a visit to www.baileymorris.co.uk.

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