TJM Suspension For New-Generation L200 Arrives In Britain

Originally Published: April 2016

THE NEW-GENERATION MITSUBISHI L200 hardly seems to have been in Britain for any time, but already there’s a range of kit available for modding it.

Needless to say, this comes from Australia, where Japanese trucks are such a huge deal. And the kit we’re looking at here is from TJM – a company that’s a pretty substantial deal itself. Available in the UK through TJM’s importer XS4x4, the Series 4000 suspension kit ‘will immediately transform your vehicle’s ride handling, load carrying and towing capabilities.’ It lifts the L200 by 30mm (just over an inch), which the company says is as far as the angles on the CV joints can be taken without compromising durability. The kit is available with standard and heavy-duty front springs, and four different rear options to suit different models and load requirements. You also get a choice of shock absorber options, again to suit the sort of loads you expect to be carrying. The kits also include lower poly bumps to maintain the original degree of front suspension rebound travel, and TJM recommends fitting a centre bearing lowering kit to prevent vibration under load. The kits come with a three-year, 100,000-mile manufacturer’s warranty, and TJM says they should take about four hours to fit. To find out more, visit


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