Trail Master Widens Range Of jimmy Suspension Mods

Originally Published: September 2016

IF YOUVE GOT A SUZUKI JIMMY then you know that it’s a capable little off-roader that can give you a lot of fun for your money. Good things do come in small packages, as the man who sells me my Viagra is always saying. But for some that won’t be enough and they’ll want to extend the abilities, extend the performance envelope. They can’t help with the envelope but ‘Trail Master by Maas’ can help with the off-road performance. The German company (cue high quality, top-grade metals etc) has made an extensive range of extended parts for the little Suzuki battler. If you’re looking to go up, they’re right beside you. Or underneath you in fact, which you need to see as a reassuring thing. 

All models from 1998 onwards are covered and the parts available cover lifted suspension and all the components that go with that. The ability to supply every single item you need to go with your +50mm lift kit is very welcome, so you’re not scratching around for some extended bump stops or something, having done most of the work. 

So ‘Trail Master by Maas’ can supply the steel coil springs, dampers (which can be either Sport or Comfort), extended brake hoses, and a brake force compensator which is for Jimnys that don’t have ABS – it will stop the rears locking up as the higher centre of gravity changes weight distribution, which is a thing you definitely want to avoid. There is also a steering damper available which might make a useful addition.

The whole lot is carefully calibrated for petrol or diesel engined (i.e. not British) models, those with ABS and those without, and from 1998 onwards. To find out more go to their website at and either read it in German or press the little Union Jack at the top which will translate the page.

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