New 4x4 Alloy Range From Wolfrace

Originally Published: July 2017

DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY for pick-ups and SUVs, this is the new Vermont alloy from Wolfrace. It’s rated to 1050kg – giving it the sort of strength its twin 10-spoke design hints at. The smallest wheel in the range is 8.5x18” in size, so you already know it’s not for playday-spec Defenders. You might well see these on the new breed of mall cruiser Landies, though – and with the choice on offer going all the way up to 9.5x22”, there’s a pretty good chance that they might crop up on a blinged Range Rover Sport near you, too. Whatever size you go for, the Vermont is available in a range of offsets and stud patterns to suit all popular makes and models of vehicle. On top of that, you can choose from a huge range of finishes which Wolfrace says means the Vermont can be ‘anything to anyone’. People with 235/75R16s could be forgiven for feeling a touch of existential angst at this, but more and more now that’s putting you in the minority. Besides, tyres with a high-30s diameter and highteens rim size are becoming more common too, so even among hardcore off-road types these wheels are by no means irrelevant. If they’re relevant to you, the good news is that they cost from just £164.94. You can find out more at

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