Heavy - Duty Winch Plate For Rubi-Clad Wranglers

Originally Published: August 2016

THERES A SERIOUSLY STRONG steel winch plate now available for Jeep Wranglers. The two-piece kit is quite sleek but is very heavy duty. It’s finished in textured black which is E-coated and powder coated so it’s not going to corrode. With plenty of gusseting, high-strength mounting hardware and robust construction, this should give your Wrangler something sturdy on which to winch itself out of anything.

It’s quite a specialist bit of kit though in some ways. Rugged Ridge has made this as fitment to the Wranglers fitted with the Mopar 10th Anniversary Rubicon front bumper. Any Wrangler retrofitted with the bumper will be eligible, as will the Rubicon special editions. For more details and to ensure it’s right for your rig, go to www.RuggedRidge.com.

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