Originally Published: August 2017

RECENTLY INTRODUCED BY TERRAFIRMA is the A12000, a heavy-duty winch incorporating all the features requested of the company by commercial users as well as recreational and competitive off-roaders. This new Terrafirma winch combines 12,000lbs of pulling performance with modern styling and a sleek, stylish textured coting for better resistance to corrosion. Inside the winch’s classy looking housing, a powerful 6hp, 12v motor and low-noise 3-stage planetary gearbox produces 12,000lbs of power. It’s pulled through a high quality 80’ (25-metre) synthetic rope and rated safety hook; naturally, using rope as standard means it comes with a cool black alloy hawse fairlead. The winch is designed with a modern look and fi nished in stealthy matt black with matching compact solenoid pack. This has the added benefi t of being able to be mounted in multiple positions. Two green LEDs indicate ’winch live’ and that it’s ready for work. At that point, you can decide whether to use the standard cable remote or the wireless controls that come with it as standard. The new Terrafi rma A12000 winch is IP67 rated and built on the standard frame size of 10 x 4.5”, allowing it to be fitted to most popular mounts and bumpers. That’s a lot of features to go with its heavy-duty pulling power – it all adds up to make a must-have winch for 4x4 drivers who take recovery seriously.

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