Anti-Scratch Panels For JK Wrangler Now At PB Customs

Originally Published: May 2017

WHEN DID YOU LAST COME ACROSS a business that didn’t try to sell you up to a more expensive product than the one you really need? Oh, you didn’t. 

Well, you have now. It helps if you own a Jeep Wrangler JK from 2007 on, because that’s what they’re for, but these magnetic panel kits from PB Customs will protect your paintwork from scratches while you’re having fun off-road – then peel off at the end of the day to leave it looking as good as new. 

Available for 2-door and 4-door models alike, the panels are 850 microns thick. And here’s where PB Customs deserves fulsome praise for its approach to looking after its customers. ‘Thicker 1500 micron versions are available too,’ it say, ‘but are not required in all honesty.’ 

Wranglers are supplied from the factory with a bag to story the removable front roof panels. If you own a JK, you’ll know how frequently it is that British Jeep drivers actually use these (clue: it’s never), and a very neat piece of design is that the magnetic panels are designed to fit in here – no bad thing, because they’re likely to be wet and muddy by the time you’re finished with them. 

Prices start from £260 plus VAT for a basic blank kit, but as you can see here there’s plenty of scope for these panels to be neither of those things. Either way, is the place to go.

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