• DSC 150

    Carry on Camping

    Overland travel is all about being able to turn any corner of the globe into your home for the night. Alu-Cab's Khaya Camper outfit allows you to do this in style, by turning the double-cab of your choice into a luxurious, fully equipped all-terrain motorhome.

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  • DSC 6317

    A Hundred Grand Day Out

    With a combination of sensational scenery and technically challenging terrain, the Lake District has some of the best rights of way in the whole of Britain. The perfect place, then, for the Mercedes G-Class to demonstrate that after all this time, it still has what it takes – just so...

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  • M Class

    Mercedes-Benz M-Class ♦ Vehicle Test ♦

    How will the M-Class fair for Mercedes in our review?

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  • 7230 004

    Beauty In The Beast

    A Mercedes-based challenge truck weighing only 1850kg should be enough to grab the attention of any off-roader. But when what you’re looking at represents the combined wisdom of two of the sport’s most respected elder statesmen, it’s a very, very good time to pay attention…

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  • 0106sadmain1

    Unlocked Potential

    The Mercedes G-Wagen is already well known as a challenge vehicle, but you still don’t see many competing in RTVs. Bob Sadler is in the process of changing all that, however – and his modified vehicle is showing the world just how much potential the big old Merc has locked...

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  • 0705gibsonmain1

    Modified Standard

    When diff locks, bash plates and roll bars come as standard, you’re looking at the novice challenge driver’s dream. That’s what Allan Gibson and David Johnston think of their G-Wagens, anyway – and the results seem to speak for themselves.

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