• navara4

    Enguard Navara Shows Potential of E.V. Tech

    Nissan's concept double-cab features enhanced off-road ability and uses electric vehicle battery packs to power rescue equipment

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  • DSC 2886 copy

    Mad To The Max

    Alex Donaghy says he likes driving a vehicle with a bit of a Mad Max look. Not many people who turn to the Nissan Terrano to fit that bill, but you’re certainly not going to miss this one in a crowd. It’s not half had off-road, too…

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  • DSC 0433

    Dig The New Breed

    Once seen as a new breed of 4x4 built to stay on the road, the Nissan Terrano is more hardcore than almost anything you can buy these days. You can get a decent used one for next to no money – and if you follow Paul Harber’s lead, making the...

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  • 11080 025

    Opinion of Differences ♦ Group Test: Nissan Navara Double-Cab vs Jeep Wrangler Unlimited ♦

    The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and Nissan Navara Double-Cab are both big, tough trucks built to perform off-road. But they’re two very different kinds of vehicle. So, aside from the fact that one’s a pick-up and one’s a station wagon, how do you go about choosing between them?

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  • Pathfinder
  • 11064 055

    Saviours of the Earth ♦ Group Test: Compact SUVs ♦

    The latest small SUVs offer wallet-friendly running costs while keeping your family safe and sound when winter closes in. The heavily revised Volkswagen Tiguan and Jeep Compass are new to the game – while the Nissan X-Trail is an old master.

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  • 10128 021

    Nissan X-Trail 2.0 dCi Tekna ♦ Vehicle Test ♦

    When it was launched, the second-generation X-Trail was available with a range of four engines, three gearboxes and seven trim levels. In total, there were 20 different models to choose between.    

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  • B3O0990

    Nissan Navara 3.0dCi V6 Outlaw ♦ Towing Test ♦

    Double-cabs have defined the off-road part of 4x4 market over the last decade. And as we all know, for most people 4x4s, whether or not they’re used off-road, are defined by what they can tow.

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  • 064

    Heaven On Earth

    Dubai is known for skyscrapers, celebs and absurd wealth. But its more than just a sun-drenched playground for philandering footballers – with gorgeous tracts of deserted wilderness surrounding the city itself, it’s an off-road paradise too.

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  • 8115 124

    Tails of the Unexpected

    Most people agree that the Nissan Patrol is a vehicle whose potential as an off-roader has never been realised in the UK. But when Ashley Stimpson took his into the garage one night, no-one could have predicted what was about to happen…

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  • 0909mitchmain1

    The First Of The Few

    Modified Nissan Terranos are almost unheard-of in off-road circles.  So Bill Mitchell’s 1995 three-door is something very special – not least because it’s a forerunner for something that promises to be more special still…

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  • 8146 2

    N n n n n n Nineteen

    The 19th running of the 1000 Rivières randonnée was possibly the toughest ever. With terrain that stood comparison to the fearsome Trophée Cevenol, it was more than enough to set your teeth chattering… and that was before the freak rains that seemed to wash much of the countryside away Hands...

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  • NMGB 458 07

    Driving South

    Behind the scenes of the Long Way Down TV series, there’s a story of two specially modified Nissan Patrols that were especially designed and built to follow the two motorcyclists wherever they went along the three-month, John O’Groats to Cape Town journey.

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  • Scan 3

    S Express

    As Nissan prepared to launch the revised Patrol at Val d’Isère, we renewed an old acquaintance for a journey to the Alps to see it. You might recognise the Nissan Patrol in this article. There are plenty of Nissan Patrols in the world, but this one is a bit distinctive.Why? Well...

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  • TOR VF 130504 3 38

    Nissan Terrano ♦ Vehicle Test ♦

    The Nissan Terrano has always been a 4x4 that appeals to people who know what they’re talking about. In commercial form, it appeals more than ever – especially when you consider how hard it’s going to be for the Chancellor to worm his tentacles into it.

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