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    Suspensions of Disbelief

    12 set-ups that made 'em sit up: It doesn’t matter what you want your 4x4 to do – its suspension will still be pivotal to how well it does it. But the days when a basic spring and shock lift counted as a ground-breaking set-up are long gone.

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  • Bilstein


    COMPANIES LIKE Caterham and Lotus use their skills, so why shouldn’t you? Everyone has heard of Bilstein and knows about the dampers it makes – but perhaps what isn’t so well known is that the company’s Leicestershire-based technical division is home to a bespoke damper operation.

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  • Trail master

    Trailmaster launches Black Edition Suspension for JK Wrangler

    This all sounds very special forces, elite, black ops. What we have here is the Black Edition by ‘Trail Master by Maas’ for the Jeep Wrangler JK combat suspension.  Just reading that ought to raise your testosterone level (if male) by double-digit percent.

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  • Products September 333

    Bailey Morris Launches Upgraded Version Of Extreme Propshaft

    When Extreme is not enough, you need Extreme II. That’s the judgement of Bailey Morris, the UK aftermarket propshaft specialists. In the words of Richard Smith, the company’s Sales Director: ‘these Extreme II shafts have been designed in response to the growing need for a high specification to cope with the changing vehicle designs,...

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  • trailmaster

    Trail Master Widens Range Of jimmy Suspension Mods

    IF YOUVE GOT A SUZUKI JIMMY then you know that it’s a capable little off-roader that can give you a lot of fun for your money. Good things do come in small packages, as the man who sells me my Viagra is always saying.

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  • Products July 6

    Pedders D-Max Kit Now Available From Isuzu Dealers

    PICK-UPS ARE AlWAYS a compromise, as everyone knows. Trying to design a vehicle that can smoothly carry the crew with the loadbed empty or simply crammed is an almost impossible task. The Isuzu D-Max doesn’t have a bad go at it, but now there is an officially approved upgrade that should make things better,...

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  • 4x4aus tjm 4

    TJM Suspension For New-Generation L200 Arrives In Britain

    THE NEW-GENERATION MITSUBISHI L200 hardly seems to have been in Britain for any time, but already there’s a range of kit available for modding it.

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  • Extreme props

    Extreme props from Bailey Morris

    Of all the many different modifications people make to off-road vehicles, lifting their suspension has got to be one of the most common. But as soon as you do that, you start asking questions of the truck’s propshafts.

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  • SuperPro Isuzu DMax Kit

    Isuzu Suspension Upgrades From SuperPro

    SuperPro is known for its bushes, but the Australian company has just gone a step beyond that – by launching a combined bush, shackle and pivot pin kit for the Isuzu D-Max and Rodeo.

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  • Bilstein B4 Single LEFT

    Bilstein Adds Shocks for Shogun Sport

    It's been seven years since the Mitsubishi Shogun Sport met its end in the UK, but the L200-based station wagon still gets a lot of respect from fans of Japanese 4x4s. Most are used as work hacks rather than off-road toys, but they’re very moddable – and more so than...

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  • GAZ FordRangerDmpers

    Gaz Shocks for Ford Rangers Old and New

    When a shock absorber manufacturer runs a fleet of 4x4 pick-ups as company vehicles, it stands to reason that before long, it’s going to be eyeballing the shocks they came with. And if it doesn’t start making its own replacements for them, you’d have to start wondering what’s going on.

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  • Trailmaster Hi Lux 1

    Trailmaster Creates The ‘Ultimate’ Hi-Lux

    The latest suspension kit from Trailmaster is designed to lift the 2005-on Toyota Hi-Lux by 50-60mm. That’s a touch over 2” in old money, so more than enough to make a real difference to the truck’s ground clearance while also making room for you to go up a size in tyres.

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  • S08349

    50mm Lift for WJ Grand Cherokee

    Trailmaster’s seemingly endless line of suspension products for Jeeps just keeps coming. If you’re looking to lift a WJ Grand Cherokee (which, if you use one off-road, you will be), the German company offers this 50mm spring and shock combo to let you go up a tyre size and keep...

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  • Disco coil conversion kit

    Coil Conversion Kit From Britpart

    If you’d be tempted by an early Discovery 3, if only you weren’t so terrified of what the vehicle’s air suspension could do to your sanity (and bank balance), Britpart’s new Coil Conversion Kit could be just the thing you need.

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  • High articulation fulcrum bracket 3 2

    50% More Movement For A-Frame Ball Joints

    Britpart has launched a new product designed to help you get the most out of the A-frame rear suspension used on the 90/110/130, Range Rover Classic and Discovery 1. The Fulcrum Bracket with High Articulation might not be the most snappily-named bits of kit to pass this way in the...

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  • DSC 4116

    Pro-Trac Bushes Made For Off-Road Use

    If you want more flex and a softer ride, you may well be interested in the latest Pro Trac Hi-Flex Polyurethane Kit from MM4x4.

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  • trailmaster suspension kit

    Full Suspension Lift Kits For Wrangler

    Total Off-Road sees quite a few Trailmaster products, but they tend to be specific items such as the sway-bar links we previously wrote about. The company also does full suspension kits for the Wrangler JK, though, and by ‘full’ we do mean just that.

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  • click

    Ultimate Anti Sway Bar Links For Jeeps

    Latest from Trailmaster is a heavily featured set of detachable anti-roll bar links for Jeeps. These offer what the company calls ‘unlimited adjustment options’, which means you can tailor the length of the units to suit current and future suspension upgrades.

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  • Calmini bolt on Axle under spring kit

    Mountain Goat Offer on Samurai Spoa Kit

    Mountain Goat Performance specialises in parts for all types of off-road vehicles. And it’s just announced a special offer on suspension kits for a model that used to be second only to the Land Rover Defender in the most-often-modified stakes.

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  • Extreme CHALLENGE Dampers

    Extreme 4x4 Adds New Shock Options

    Extreme 4x4 has recently launched a series of new and improved products, including a wide range of dampers for off-road as well as fast road use.

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  • DB1310GALV

    Top-End Dampers From Extreme 4x4

    As well as the new range of top-end shock absorbers launched by Extreme 4x4, it won’t surprise you to hear that the company is also launching a choice of steering dampers to go with them. Similarly, it won’t surprise you to see from the photo that these are made and...

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  • Trailmaster Colrado 1

    Trail Master Lift For Land Cruiser 90

    The relentless march of Toyota’s 90-Series Land Cruiser into the hearts and minds of Britain’s off-roaders is about to get a little more, well, relentless. Available for what passes as bargain money by Cruiser standards, the Colorado (as it was called in the UK) is a very capable truck with...

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  • Trailmaster D40 40 60mm hq

    New Suspension Options for Navara

    Trailmaster tends to be thought of as a company you go to if you’ve got a Jeep, but the German suspension specialist has just launched a new range of upgrades for something altogether different – the Nissan D40 Navara.

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  • 919027

    Pedders Adds Patrol to +4” Range

    Elsewhere on this website, you'll find us talking about Pedders’ new +4” suspension kit for the Toyota Land Cruiser. Well, the Aussie company has also just launched a similarly sized set-up for the Nissan Patrol.

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  • Ultra II JPEG small

    New Shock Options As Amada Xtreme Arrives

    Amada Xtreme, which has just launched into the UK, will be a new name to a lot of British off-roaders. But the Thai-based shock manufacturer has an impressive heritage at the sharp end, with a series of wins over the last decade or so in events including the Outback Challenge,...

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  • Pedders

    All-In +4” Kit For Land Cruiser 80

    We’ve just had a Pedders suspension kit fitted to our Land Cruiser Colorado. This is a spring-and-shock job that lifts its ride height to around 2” over stock, but if you’ve got an 80-Series Land Cruiser and like the idea of making the best 4x4 ever made even better, Pedders’...

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  • AJD2

    Fox Shocks Now At AJD

    AJD Landrovers is one of those specialist garages where working on trucks is more than just a way of making a living. That’ll be why main man Andy DeGiulio is regularly to be seen ripping it up at AWDC comp safaris in his Milner R5; a fine choice of truck...

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  • Bilstein B6 Damper

    Bilsteins for G-Wagens

    Mercedes G-wagens have to get pretty old before normal people can afford them. And if yours has shock absorbers that have got old with it, chances are it doesn’t handle with quite the same vigour as the millionaire’s plaything the G has become these days.

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  • S57319 hq

    Trailmaster Lifts for Current-Model L200

    We've previously told you about Trailmaster’s latest suspension kits for the Jeep Wrangler JK. Well, the company’s more than just a one-trick pony, and on top of these it’s announced a new range of lifts for the latest-generation Mitsubishi L200.

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  • Trailmaster2

    Euro-Made Suspension Kit For Jeeps

    Trailmaster's range of suspension upgrades is growing all the time, and the latest addition is the new +50mm Combat system for the Jeep Wrangler JK. The company has also announced major updates to its +75mm kit for the same vehicle.

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  • rectangle

    Cracking Idea From Pedders Suspension

    Conventional wisdom has it that Land Cruisers never break and nothing on them ever goes wrong. But Australian suspension specialist Pedders, whose 2” lift kit is profiled on pages 64-67 of this issue, has brought in a product it says adds valuable strengthening in a vulnerable area.

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  • Qt

    Qt Launches Performance Lift Kit

    Qt Services has launched a new 2” (50mm) Performance Lift Kit for Land Rover Defenders and the like. This uses spacers front and rear, with the former also lifting the vehicle’s dampers.

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  • Combat 1

    Trail Master Springs Into Action

    MAAS Group, the name behind Trail Master, has introduced a new line of suspension products for Jeeps of various eras. The Combat range is designed to come in at a lower price than Trail Master itself, without losing the build quality it’s known for – something the company’s boss Hans-Joachim...

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