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  • Trailmaster Hi Lux 1

    Trailmaster Creates The ‘Ultimate’ Hi-Lux

    The latest suspension kit from Trailmaster is designed to lift the 2005-on Toyota Hi-Lux by 50-60mm. That’s a touch over 2” in old money, so more than enough to make a real difference to the truck’s ground clearance while also making room for you to go up a size in tyres.

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  • S08349

    50mm Lift for WJ Grand Cherokee

    Trailmaster’s seemingly endless line of suspension products for Jeeps just keeps coming. If you’re looking to lift a WJ Grand Cherokee (which, if you use one off-road, you will be), the German company offers this 50mm spring and shock combo to let you go up a tyre size and keep...

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  • trailmaster suspension kit

    Full Suspension Lift Kits For Wrangler

    Total Off-Road sees quite a few Trailmaster products, but they tend to be specific items such as the sway-bar links we previously wrote about. The company also does full suspension kits for the Wrangler JK, though, and by ‘full’ we do mean just that.

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  • click

    Ultimate Anti Sway Bar Links For Jeeps

    Latest from Trailmaster is a heavily featured set of detachable anti-roll bar links for Jeeps. These offer what the company calls ‘unlimited adjustment options’, which means you can tailor the length of the units to suit current and future suspension upgrades.

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  • Trailmaster Colrado 1

    Trail Master Lift For Land Cruiser 90

    The relentless march of Toyota’s 90-Series Land Cruiser into the hearts and minds of Britain’s off-roaders is about to get a little more, well, relentless. Available for what passes as bargain money by Cruiser standards, the Colorado (as it was called in the UK) is a very capable truck with...

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  • Trailmaster D40 40 60mm hq

    New Suspension Options for Navara

    Trailmaster tends to be thought of as a company you go to if you’ve got a Jeep, but the German suspension specialist has just launched a new range of upgrades for something altogether different – the Nissan D40 Navara.

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  • S57319 hq

    Trailmaster Lifts for Current-Model L200

    We've previously told you about Trailmaster’s latest suspension kits for the Jeep Wrangler JK. Well, the company’s more than just a one-trick pony, and on top of these it’s announced a new range of lifts for the latest-generation Mitsubishi L200.

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  • Trailmaster2

    Euro-Made Suspension Kit For Jeeps

    Trailmaster's range of suspension upgrades is growing all the time, and the latest addition is the new +50mm Combat system for the Jeep Wrangler JK. The company has also announced major updates to its +75mm kit for the same vehicle.

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  • Combat 1

    Trail Master Springs Into Action

    MAAS Group, the name behind Trail Master, has introduced a new line of suspension products for Jeeps of various eras. The Combat range is designed to come in at a lower price than Trail Master itself, without losing the build quality it’s known for – something the company’s boss Hans-Joachim...

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