Ultimate Anti Sway Bar Links For Jeeps

Originally Published: July 2014

Latest from Trailmaster is a heavily featured set of detachable anti-roll bar links for Jeeps. These offer what the company calls ‘unlimited adjustment options’, which means you can tailor the length of the units to suit current and future suspension upgrades.

The picture has various numbered features, so let’s go through them one by one:

1) Linch pin fastening means the rod can quickly be disconnected, freeing up 35% more axle articulation for off-road use.

2) Extra long thread allows precise length adjustments over a wide range of travel.

3) Ball joint fittings allow a theoretical 360-degree arc of rotation and a rod angle of 15 degrees.

4) The rods are supplied with a flexible eye mounting kit, which needs to be swapped in for the standard mounts.

5) The rods are fitted with a grease nipple that lubricates the thread and joints alike.

We’ll sound a note of caution in that Trailmaster described the kit as ‘new suspension components’ and also as a new steering rod. We’ve never heard of a steering rod with quick disconnects, at least not on a car that didn’t crash soon afterwards, so we’ve assumed that something was lost in translation and made our own sense of it. We did email to ask for clarification, and also to check which models the links are available for, but their server thought it was spam and bounced our message.

As you can see, we’re not having a hissy fit about this at all. Just sayin’ is what. Trailmaster’s RRP for the links is 91-104 Euros plus local taxes; time to shop around, then…


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