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  • Bilstein B4 Single LEFT

    Bilstein Adds Shocks for Shogun Sport

    It's been seven years since the Mitsubishi Shogun Sport met its end in the UK, but the L200-based station wagon still gets a lot of respect from fans of Japanese 4x4s. Most are used as work hacks rather than off-road toys, but they’re very moddable – and more so than...

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  • GAZ FordRangerDmpers

    Gaz Shocks for Ford Rangers Old and New

    When a shock absorber manufacturer runs a fleet of 4x4 pick-ups as company vehicles, it stands to reason that before long, it’s going to be eyeballing the shocks they came with. And if it doesn’t start making its own replacements for them, you’d have to start wondering what’s going on.

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  • Extreme CHALLENGE Dampers

    Extreme 4x4 Adds New Shock Options

    Extreme 4x4 has recently launched a series of new and improved products, including a wide range of dampers for off-road as well as fast road use.

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  • DB1310GALV

    Top-End Dampers From Extreme 4x4

    As well as the new range of top-end shock absorbers launched by Extreme 4x4, it won’t surprise you to hear that the company is also launching a choice of steering dampers to go with them. Similarly, it won’t surprise you to see from the photo that these are made and...

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  • Bilstein B6 Damper

    Bilsteins for G-Wagens

    Mercedes G-wagens have to get pretty old before normal people can afford them. And if yours has shock absorbers that have got old with it, chances are it doesn’t handle with quite the same vigour as the millionaire’s plaything the G has become these days.

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