• High articulation fulcrum bracket 3 2

    50% More Movement For A-Frame Ball Joints

    Britpart has launched a new product designed to help you get the most out of the A-frame rear suspension used on the 90/110/130, Range Rover Classic and Discovery 1. The Fulcrum Bracket with High Articulation might not be the most snappily-named bits of kit to pass this way in the...

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  • DSC 4116

    Pro-Trac Bushes Made For Off-Road Use

    If you want more flex and a softer ride, you may well be interested in the latest Pro Trac Hi-Flex Polyurethane Kit from MM4x4.

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  • Extreme CHALLENGE Dampers

    Extreme 4x4 Adds New Shock Options

    Extreme 4x4 has recently launched a series of new and improved products, including a wide range of dampers for off-road as well as fast road use.

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  • DB1310GALV

    Top-End Dampers From Extreme 4x4

    As well as the new range of top-end shock absorbers launched by Extreme 4x4, it won’t surprise you to hear that the company is also launching a choice of steering dampers to go with them. Similarly, it won’t surprise you to see from the photo that these are made and...

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