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    Like Water Off A Duck's Back

    This is The Duck. The Vauxhall Frontera 2.0 Duck, to give it its full name. It was going to be in Total Off Road ten years ago, but it had a very heavy landing that quacked its rear springs, which must have made the back tyres fowl their wheelarches.

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  • 0314salesmain1

    Mildly Wild

    How many off-roaders can say their wife bought their truck for them? Steve Sales can: and with the comradeship of his fellow Frontera Owners Group members at his back, he’s turned it into his vision of what a factory special edition might have turned out like.

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  • kingmain2

    Picture Perfect

    Pete King decided to have a go at off-roading after flicking through a mate’s pictures from a green lane day. When he started out, he didn’t even know how to engage four-wheel drive – but five years later, he’s built a DIY Frontera with a sky-high grins-per-quid fun factor.

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  • fowlmain3

    The Sporting Life

    Lawrence Fowler came to off-roading from a background in motorsport. His Frontera is used mainly as a marshalling wagon, but don’t be fooled – because its tough-as-old-boots spec list points to a history that puts it in there at the very start of the challenge scene in the UK.

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  • 7223 031

    Marshalling Resources

    If you’ve competed in an off-road motorsport event over the last ten years, the chances are you’ve seen Lawrence Fowler. He’s a licensed radio operator and marshal, which means his 4x4 has to be well up to the rigours of an off-road life…

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  • 0206prentmain1

    Leading From The Frontera

    If you’ve always believed that Vauxhall Fronteras are unsuitable vehicles for off-road modification, it’s time to think again. Kevin Prentice’s pioneering modified 2.0 Sport is a fine example of what can be achieved with a bit of imagination – and what’s more, the whole build cost just £2000 to complete.

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  • rectangle

    Vauxhall Frontera ♦ Vehicle Test ♦

    A decade ago, everyone was clamouring for 4x4s and manufacturers were falling over themselves to get new vehicles on their dealers’ forecourts. Some already had a suitable pedigree and were able to ramp up their right-hand-drive production with ease; others found themselves starting from scratch and had to resort to...

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