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    Clarke Offers Solutions For Welding On a Budget

    YOU CAN SPEND A SMALL FORTUNE ON WELDING KIT, and if that’s what you need to do it’ll be money well spent. But for DIY style jobs on your 4x4, or if you’re just getting into it and are still learning the tricks of the trade, Clarke says its MIG 135TE unit is...

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    The Injectors

    The injectors in your diesel engine have plenty of work to do, with common-rail systems working at least twice as hard as older systems. Add in some questionable fuel, a lack of maintenance in changing filters and so on, or half a dozen other issues and your injectors are going to start becoming non-injectors.

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  • secure storage

    Secure Storage Options For Your Tools

    THE LATEST PRODUCTS in the ever-expanding line-up from Wolf Tools include an extensive new range of tool storage units. This includes no less than 34 different items, which between them cover a pretty wide range of stowage and security needs – whether you’re a keen hobbyist or fully fledged professional.

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  • bolt and stud kits

    Bolt and stud kits for Rover V8s

    FASTENER SPECIALIST ARP has introduced a trio of bolt and stud kits to suit the 3.9, 4.0, 4.2 and 4.6-litre Rover V8. These come complete with all the necessary bolts or studs, plus premium-grade chromoly nuts and washers and a half-ounce pack of ARP’s own Ultra-Torque fastener assembly lubricant.

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  • sealeys 900kg static mounted

    900kg static mounted crane

    THE SSC900 is one of the many items in Sealey’s extensive Jacking and Lifting range. This 900kg capacity Static Mounted Crane offers significant strength and assistance with lifting heavy items. The unique 360° swivel base rotates parts into place with ease.

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  • new 34 piece

    New 34 piece socket set

    GIVE YOURSELF A TREAT with Sealey’s New 34 piece 3/8” Sq Drive Total Drive® Socket Set.

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  • cross beam adaptor

    Cross-beam adaptor for 4x4s with offset diffs

    NEW FROM SEALEY is the X137 – Cross Beam Adaptor; Quickly and safely overcomes the awkward job of lifting 4x4 vehicles with offset differentials. Simply remove the existing trolley jack saddle*, replace with cross beam adaptor, fit the jack saddle into the hole in the adaptor and you are ready...

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  • Sealey spanners 1

    A colourful answer to mixed-up spanners

    YOU KNOW THOSE ‘WHY DIDN’T ANYBODY THINK OF THAT BEFORE?’ MOMENTS you sometimes have in life? Well, this is a story about multi-coloured spanners.

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  • Sealey wrench 1

    Impact Wrench That Means Business

    Sealey has launched a stonking new cordless impact wrench aimed at the pro-level mechanic. Called the CP3005, this is an 18V ½” Drive model, and it comes with a spare lithium-ion battery so you needn’t ever have to worry about down-time for charging.

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  • sum raptor

    Race-Bred Steering Wheel That’s Ideal For Winching

    Having all your controls available at the push of a button is something the vast majority of off-roaders will never need. But if you’re doing it at the top end of the comp safari scene, or your every moment in the workshop goes on seeking a split-second improvement in your...

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  • APSTACK14TW top

    Sealey’s Pro Quality Tool Storage

    The new Topchest and Rollcab Combo from Sealey is serious bit of kit, with 14 lockable lift-latch drawers which glide in and out on ball bearings. This pro-quality tool cabinet, which also has a top storage area, combines a 7-drawer rollcab, a 5-drawer topchest and additional 2-drawer chest; between these...

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  • Britpart ignition kit

    Ignition Module Kit for Discos and Rangeys

    Repositioning the ECU on an old V8 engine is an extremely common modification when you’re prepping the vehicle in which it’s fitted for going off-roading in wet conditions. To help prevent this from becoming a fool’s errand, Britpart is now supplying the OEM-branded Ignition Module Kit – which allows you...

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  • BurtonCylndrHeadRack

    The Gift of Sanity for Head Rebuilders

    You don't have to be an off-roader to face up to the task of rebuilding your vehicle’s cylinder head. But you won’t be one for long before your truck’s engine starts to sound like it could do with it, so Burton Power’s newly updated Cylinder Head Component Rack could prove...

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  • CP5418V ACT IN USE

    More Grinding for Your Money

    Sealey Tools has a new angle grinder for you, but with a difference.

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  • DEiPositveLockngTies

    Stainless Cable Ties

    We’ve seen cable ties used for almost everything – including, on one occasion, to keep a broken chassis together. That’s how handy they can be – and how much people come to depend on them.

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  • BG Folding Station

    Make Your Workshop A Handier Place

    Brown and Geeson has recently introduced two new products that promise to make life easier in the workshop. As we all know, an easier life means more efficient working, which in turn means you spend less time up to your arms in grease and more up to your knees in mud.

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  • TS300

    Portable Welding With No Hassle

    SIP has launched a new range of OxyTurbo welding and brazing kits which promise ‘a complete welding solution, ready to go straight out of the box.’ The three-strong range is ‘perfect for maintenance and service engineers, farmers, builders and the automotive industry – including motorsport enthusiasts.’

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  • Viper Dash Wrench

    Smart Spanner For Hose Fixings

    Unless you're a professional mechanic and spend a lot of time twisting flexible hoses on and off, buying a set of AN spanners for that job alone might seem like a bit of an extravagance. But your standard spanners won’t fit them, so what’s to do?

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  • Laser Thread repair kit

    Thread Repair Relief

    Working on your 4x4 normally starts with dreams of welding up the perfect home-fabbed winch bumper or plumbing in an engine conversion so immaculate it makes people cry. But the reality is more likely to involve hours of pain while drilling out rusted-up bolts and dealing with the damage you’ve...

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  • hi res Garrison Under Seat Storage Case2

    Under-Seat Stowage for Defenders

    MUD-UK’S ever increasing range of products that make life a little easier if you run a Land Rover Defender has just, well, increased again. The latest addition comes from US company Garrison Outfitters, whose Under Seat Storage Case XD it will now be distributing.

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  • BG Pit Table

    B&G’s Go-Anywhere Tool Table

    This one might not be at the top of your list if you just do the odd playday and lane run, but for any kind of competitive off-roading the last thing you want is to drop your tools in the mud while you’re working on your truck.

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  • Viper Fuel Pressure

    Keep The Pressure On

    Want to keep tabs on your truck’s fuel pressure? If so, the new Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Gauge from Viper Performance will be just the ticket. It’s available in two versions – 0-15 psi for use on carburettor engines, and 0-100 for fuel-injection units.

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  • Britpart Lynx kit

    Hunt Down The Bugs

    Britpart's Lynx diagnostics tool enables home mechanics to find and clear electrical faults on their Land Rover without having to visit the local main dealer. Yes, we thought that would make you pay attention.

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  • Boom Mat Tools

    Boom Boom

    Installing thermal or acoustic protection is the sort of job that’s very easy to do, but even easier to do badly. Ill-fitting slabs of mat don’t do the job properly, and if they’re not stuck on right they might as well not be there at all.

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  • rectangle

    Rev Counter For Landies and More

    Vmaxbitz has launched a new 52mm fitment in both its Smiths Flight and Prism ranges of RPM gauges. This has been heavily requested by 4x4 owners, it says, especially those with Land Rovers.

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  • Viper Calipers

    Digital Verniers From Viper

    According to Viper Performance, every mechanic and engineer needs a modern electronic vernier caliper in their toolkit. Not sure how anyone managed to work on cars in the old days – though to be fair, this does look like a good example of technology making things better rather than just different.

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  • Sealey1 1

    Smart Tool For Stable Jacking

    Sealey's X137 Cross-Beam Adaptor is designed to enable safe and controlled jacking of a 4x4 with offset differentials. Lifting such a vehicle by putting a jack saddle on their diff itself can be unsafe, because with the lift coming from off-centre the vehicle can topple.

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