Overlanding Equipment

  • 4x4 June17 032

    The Camp Champ

    The Camp Champ Deluxe Mobile Kitchen is exactly what it says on the 660 x 540 x 570mm tin. Give it some gas and you’ve got four burners on the stove top, which ought to be more than enough to cook up a proper feast.

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  • bearmach

    Bearmach adds Lightweight Roof Racks to fit all Discoverys and Defenders

    Bearmach is well-known for its vast array of Land Rover parts and accessories, but the company has now weighed into the roof rack industry with its all-new aluminium Landy-topping units.

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  • roof rack

    New Roof Rack For Disco Adventures

    THERE'S NO DOUBT that a roof rack does make your Landy look more butch and adventurous. There’s the suggestion that the camping gear, extra jerry cans and the sand ladders have just come off so you can go down the shops. Having a naked roof is like, well, wrong, which is why so...

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  • Rugged Ridge Exo Top Installed without gear

    Smart New Wrangler Roof Combo

    The Jeep Wrangler is famous for offering hard-top and soft-top options, and the latest JK model gives you the best of both worlds with rigid lift-out panels. But you can always improve on perfection, and that’s what Rugged Ridge does for a living.

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  • DSCN2388

    Lightweight Roof Racks to Suit Every 4x4

    The latest brand to join the ever-growing stable at XS 4x4 is Upracks, whose Italian-made expedition roof racks promise to offer a solution to fit any 4x4.

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  • Britpart rack1

    Overland Racks To Suit All Defenders

    As any overland traveller will tell you, one of the most important keys to a successful life on the road is making the most of every last scrap of storage space. There’s no middle ground: cramped and stressful is to be avoided, while organised and relaxing is a must-have state...

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  • Foxwing Eco 04

    The Dawning of an Awning...

    Rhino-Rack's latest product for helping you make the most of your vehicle is the Foxwing Eco 2.1, a 270-degree awning which folds out to go right around the back and one side of your vehicle.

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  • Disco4 White

    Front Runner Sprints Into UK Market

    South African company Front Runner is currently making major inroads into the UK market, having established a network of dealers and approved fitting centres for its high-end 4x4 accessory range.

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  • DSC 4151

    MM4x4 Puts New Rack On Defender

    If you have a hankering for a new rack in your life, MM4x4 would very much like to satisfy your every need. Available for the Defender 90, its new Expedition Roof Rack sits on heavy-duty legs to make sure you don’t end up with a large, expensive tent sledging down...

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  • BP Braai

    Overlanding Barbie Saves More Than Just Your Bacon

    Off-roading and barbecues go together like… well, barbecues and fatty meats, really. Which is good, because if there’s one thing we know about off-roaders it’s that they’re big, big fans of fatty meats.

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  • Fourby Ariel SkyDome Swags

    ARB's New Swag Bags For Kids

    If you’re of the opinion that ARB stands for hardcore off-road kit and not much else, you’re probably not alone. But the name behind the legendary Air-Locker is also very big in the world of overland camping kit, and its latest product falls into that category.

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  • 140 T top front view

    Djebel Roof Tents Come To Britain

    Djebel has launched a number of new options in its range of roof tents – and brought them to the UK, courtesy of importer Xtreme Sales. All are made to the same material spec, which the company reckons won’t be beaten for a combination of quality and value.

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  • Arbil 4

    ARB’s Latest Touring Kit Now At Arbil

    ARB's name is very familiar indeed to pretty much anyone who’s into off-roading, thanks to the Aussie company’s legendary range of diff-locks. But back home Down Under, if there’s one thing the average off-roader needs even more than a drivetrain to be proud of, it’s a truck they can turn...

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