The Camp Champ

Originally Published: July 2017

The Camp Champ Deluxe Mobile Kitchen is exactly what it says on the 660 x 540 x 570mm tin. Give it some gas and you’ve got four burners on the stove top, which ought to be more than enough to cook up a proper feast. There’s plenty of worktop room so you’re not spilling stuff everywhere, and the set includes pots, pans, cutlery, knives and even a coffee percolator. This really is champion camping, to be sure. Being civilised sorts of people, however, it may be that you find yourselves entertaining on a bigger scale. If so, what you needs is the Campmor Cutlery 24-piece set. In a neat canvas bag comes 24 pieces of extra cutlery and, of course, the all-important corkscrew. Handy for when strangers drop in for dinner although, if you’re in a really remote area, the knives and forks and spoons may be viewed with some confusion.

The Camp Champ is sold in the UK by APB Trading, whose website address for this kind of item is

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