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    Long Ranger

    Off-road training centre and overland tour leader Ardent Adventures recently bought and specced up a new vehicle. And having progressed from Land Rovers into Jeep Wranglers, its latest chariot is a very nicely prepped Ford Ranger.

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  • DSC 7472

    Wild At Heart

    Creating one of Britain’s best modified Mitsubishi L200s wasn’t enough for Dean Jones. Even before it was finished, he was planning his next project – a full-house Ford Ranger Wildtrak built for unlimited off-road adventure.

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  • DSC 7169

    Moving On Up

    It’s not often that a suspension lift catches your eye. They’re so commonplace in the workd of off-roading that we’re no longer surprised. But then something like Sean Bloodworth’s Ford Ranger comes along and simply refuses to be overlooked.  

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  • DSC 3609

    Power Ranger

    Being available with a 3.2-litre engine is one of the things that makes the Ford Ranger such an appealing choice at the top of the off-road market. So too is the availability of some top-class accessories which allow it to be turned into a serious bit of overlanding kit.

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  • DSC 3630

    Wise Blood

    ‘No man with a good car needs to be justified,’ said the man in the hat in cult movie Wise Blood. And this blood red Ford Ranger is here to tell you that neither Paul Brown, nor any of the customers who throw in their lot with his company, are...

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    The Magnificent 7

    Ollie Brooks only bought himself a Ford Explorer because it was cheaper than getting a van. But then a friend got him interested in o -roading, and suddenly the vehicle’s name started to mean something. This is a sort-of tale of exploration – the kind that happens in the workshop when you set off in search of...

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    Ford Ranger ♦ Vehicle Test ♦

    Ford has had enough of being an also-ran in the pick-up market. The new Ranger makes it abundantly clear: the blue oval means business.

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  • 7113 050

    A Ranger of Talents

    TBR’s latest Ford Ranger demo is the perfect dual-purpose vehicle. Loaded up with tools, it’s a willing workhorse for the daily 9-5. But a quick transition at the weekend makes it the ideal vehicle for an overland adventure…

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    Up, Up and Away

    Britain’s first ever off-road expedition happened years before 4x4s were invented. It turned the Ford Model T into the car that climbed Ben Nevis… and inspired intrepid off-roaders to mount assaults on the highest peak in the land for generations to comeIf you’ve been living in a cave for the...

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