• 8100 012

    ahead of its time

    Most 4x4 pick-ups still use leaf springs to deal with the need for a 1000kg payload. But back in 2008, Mitsubishi teamed up with Walkinshaw Performance to create a version of the L200 witha coil-sprung back axle.

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  • DSC 7526

    Standard Issue

    As always, the plan was to keep it standard – and as always, it was doomed from the start. So when a fatal fault on Ben Langley’s Shogun presented an opportunity, the lure of the spanners was all too strong.

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  • 5219 010

    Work and Play

    Back in the days before modified pick-ups became a common sight, a few pioneering enthusiasts were turning their work trucks into off-road toys.

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  • 11029 033

    A Better Kind Of Bling

    By far the majority of modern double-cabs come out of the factory blinged up to the nines. Ian James’ L200 dates from a time when Mitsubishi had already figured out that building lifestyle trucks was good for business – but despite having only a modest level of eye candy about...

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  • rectangle

    Keep On Trucking

    When you prep trucks for a living, you’re used to working quickly and efficiently. But even for one of the country’s leading pick-up specialists, being given a ten-day deadline in which to complete an entire build meant it was time for all leave to be cancelled.

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  • DSC 2941 copy

    Black and White

    It’s hard to know what’s going through a car manufacturer’s mind when it comes up with something called a ‘Black Edition’ and it’s painted white. Still, the contradictory paint scheme on Dean Jones’ Mitsubishi L200 means it looks all the better for the mods he’s made – and there’s no...

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  • 730

    You Only Live Twice

    After 95,000 miles as a farmer’s bale-carrier, the average pick-up might be forgiven for thinking it’s earned the right to a quiet retirement. For Steve’s Emmett’s L200, however, the day it passed on to its second owner was when life really began. 

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  • DSC 6324

    Family Fortunes

    For Marc Rees, green laning is the perfect way of spending quality time with his son. When mum and sis are away playing with ponies, what better way to make the most of a Sunday than to jump aboard the family toy and explore the countryside? And as for that...

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  • TOR Jan15 0521

    The Future's Orange

    Paul Longden painted his Mitsubishi L200 orange so it would stand out from the crowd. Obviously he’d decided that a 14” bobtail job, suspension and body lifts, hardcore bumpers and a set of wheelarches you can see from space weren’t doing that already…

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  • main21

    You Make Your Own Luck

    Jonty Beales reckons he’s had the luck of the devil while building his Shogun. There’s a lot of reasons for that – the main one being that when he made such a left-field choice for the  only 4x4 he’s ever prepped, he was boldly going where few have dared to venture.

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  • main4

    25 Years Young

    Andy Allen’s Pajero spent most of its first quarter-century as a standard three-door diesel. But then he started turning it into a sorted machine for playdays and green laning – and now it’s set fair for its second.

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  • 12079 92

    The Shock of the Old ♦ Group Test: Mitsubishi Shogun vs Toyota Land Cruiser ♦

    In a world of soft-roaders and 4x4s that claim to be at home in the city, it’s a shock to come across a couple of real old-fashioned off-road family trucks. But the Mitsubishi Shogun and Toyota Land Cruiser are exactly that.

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  • 12080 133

    Saved From The Knacker's Yard

    This old warhorse was due to be put down, but Delwyn Roberts brought it back to life. As retirements go, it’s definitely not a peaceful one, but it sure beats getting broken up for parts...

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  • 12085 76

    The Accidental Tourist

    Manraj Flora says he built his L200 by accident. All he wanted was a four-door family car... but having been bitten by the off-road bug, he’s ended up with a super-cool daily driver that’s also a top-notch toy and will one day carry him forth on the trip of a...

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  • 12079 191

    Mitsubishi Shogun ♦ Vehicle Test ♦

    Revised for 2012 | Improved interior quality | £41,799 range-topper

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  • Q2X8674 main

    Ten-Day Wonder

    Building a truck for long-distance off-road work is a big job. Wiring it up to be a state-of-the-art mobile filming unit is bigger still. Doing both? Well, that’s enormous. Especially when you’re given all of ten days in which to get it done...

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  • 11029 045

    Living The 4x4 Life

    You hear a lot about the blinged-up versions of Mitsubishi’s legendary L200 pick-up. Ian James’ 4Life is less chrome-clad than some – but it’s way less standard, having been prepped to live up to its name both at work and at play.

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  • 10068 036

    Mitsubishi Shogun ♦ Towing Test ♦

    The Mitsubishi Shogun has had a bit of a patchy history in Britain. Since arriving in 1982, it’s become a smash-hit off-roader, then a byword for lavish glitz, then a forgotten 4x4 supposedly left behind by the rush to soft-roaders.

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  • L200 Trojan Action 43

    Mitsubishi L200 ♦ Vehicle Test ♦

    It doesn't seem long since we were reviewing Mitsubishi’s new L200 Barbarian, but here we are already with yet another addition to the company’s seemingly ever-changing double-cab range. This time, it’s only a special edition model – albeit one with a very familiar name. 

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  • Q2X2506

    Labour of Love

    Chancing on a Mitsubishi Delica certainly wasn’t part of Mark Openshaw’s original plan. But two years later, not only has he taken it on as part of his everyday life, he’s slogged away at turning it into a genuinely impressive off-roader. Think Delicas aren’t really off-roaders? Think again…

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  • 8008 085

    The Road To Marrakech

    Inspired by overland expedition vehicles he’d seen in Australia, and having dreamt of desert-driving for years, Richard Fenton decided to kit out his Pajero for an overland trek to the Sahara to raise money for the MS Society.

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  • 1205abelmain1

    Ready, Willing and Abel

    Chris Abel owns a modified Mitsubishi L200 that he’s not afraid to use off-road. It’s also a reliable workhorse and comfortable motorway mile-muncher. Hands up if you still think double-cab pick-ups are no more than lifestyle accessories…

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  • 0705smithmain2

    Rising Above It

    As part of the fallout from our infamous Mitsubishi L200 Animal test earlier this year, we were put in touch with Mark Smith, who owns a tidily prepped example that’s set up for off-roading and 4x4 travel alike.

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