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    Import Duty

    When is a Trooper not a Trooper? When it’s a Bighorn, obviously. Dave Green’s five-door is a strikingly enhanced example of Isuzu’s famous old off-roader, as built for the Japanese market – and brought to the UK by personal importers over many years.

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  • 0214hobbsmain1

    A Tow In The Water

    Mick Hobbs’ Mk3 Trooper sees regular use as a two barge for a couple of horses and a caravan. That’s why it’s not more modified than it is – but even without going crazy on the lift and tyres, it proves beyond doubt that there’s no end to the things...

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  • cocmain2

    Hidden Extra

    Adam Cockburn bought a one-owner Japanese vehicle with FSH to turn into an off-road project. Foolproof, huh? Well, Isuzu’s feared 3.0 TD engine had something to say about that… but ultimately, the consequences have resulted in Adam’s Trooper being even more unique than it looks.

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  • wesmain1

    Living It Large

    You don’t see many modded Isuzu Troopers doing their thing in the UK, and when you do they’re normally covered in bolt-on goodies. But this is a rock-solid off-road workhorse, and these days you can buy them for sweeties – and as James West’s 5-door proves, a bit of ingenuity...

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  • Isuzu 24

    Isuzu D-Max ♦ Vehicle Test ♦

    Isuzu has a plan. Five years from now, it intends to be selling more pick-ups than anyone else in Britain. Anyone. ‘We’re really serious about taking this market and shaking it,’ says UK boss Paul Tunnicliffe.

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  • 10037 086

    Isuzu Rodeo ♦ Vehicle Test ♦

    It's been six and a half years since Isuzu shook up the pick-up market with the introduction of the Rodeo. Back then, all the other main players were still on their last-but-one product cycles, and the replacement for the ancient TF (itself a warmed-over Vauxhall Brava) promised to be something...

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  • 1109ramsmain2

    Back To The Future

    Gary Ramsay’s Isuzu Trooper is one of the toughest off-roaders you’ll come across. It features a wealth of heavy-duty components, most of which Gary made himself. Funny, then, to think that the vehicle’s future was only secured after someone towed its back end off…

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    Work Like A Trooper

    From stripping engines aged seven to building RTV-ruling machines, Steve Gates isn’t shy of a modification or two. But when his off-road project also had to double up as a family vehicle, it was time to rally up the troop-ers…

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  • Scan 62

    Isuzu Trooper ♦ Vehicle Test ♦

    In an age of new, exciting off-roaders that talk the talk but all too often fail completely to walk the walk, the good old Isuzu Trooper is a reminder that there’s still a place for 4x4s that do the simple things right.

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  • rear end

    Isuzu TF 4x4 ♦ Vehicle Test ♦

    For many years, pick-up trucks built by Isuzu and sold in Britain have been badged as Vauxhalls. But the new generation are now Isuzu through and through – and they’re much more than a warmed-over version of the old Brava.

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