Cages, Body and Underbody Protection

  • 111111

    Tuff-Trek Brings GOBI-X To Britan

    GOBI-X IS NEW TO THE UK, but the company has become well known in its home land of South Africa – where it claims to manufacture ‘the toughest off-road rear bumpers, rock sliders and underbody protection.’ Established in 2011, it specialises in pick-up trucks – offering kit to suit the Toyota Hi-Lux, Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-Max and Volkswagen Amarok. Its range...

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  • Cages

    New Truckman Tops Turns HI-LUX Into Mobile Workshop

    TRUCKMAN HAS LAUNCHED a new Utility hard-top for the current Toyota Hi-Lux, which is designed to let fi eld-based engineers turn their vehicles into mobile workshops and stores. Suitable for both the Extra-Cab and Double-Cab versions of the Hi- Lux, the tops are aimed at engineers and contractors working in sectors such as gas, electricity,...

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    Heavy-Duty Replacement Chassis Range For Land Rover Defenders

    NEW TRUCKMAN TOPS TURNS HI-LUX INTO MOBILE WORKSHOP TRUCKMAN HAS LAUNCHED a new Utility hard-top for the current Toyota Hi-Lux, which is designed to let fi eld-based engineers turn their vehicles into mobile workshops and stores. Suitable for both the Extra-Cab and Double-Cab versions of the Hi-Lux, the tops are aimed at engineers and contractors...

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  • 4x4 May17 041

    Anti-Scratch Panels For JK Wrangler Now At PB Customs

    WHEN DID YOU LAST COME ACROSS a business that didn’t try to sell you up to a more expensive product than the one you really need? Oh, you didn’t. 

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  • rectangle


    MASAI 4X4 IS PROBABLY BEST KNOWN for its windows, but the company also makes its own front winch bumpers for the Land Rover Defender. And jolly robust they are too.  These are made primarily from zinc-coated steel.

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    WORKSHOP: Heavy-duty bumpers - are they better when built, bought or bespoked?

    Few people who spec up an off-road vehicle do so without giving some consideration to the subject of protecting its front and rear ends. For a few, a heavy-duty bumper is just somewhere to put a winch – but to most, it’s integral to the business of keeping your truck’s...

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  • grille


    THERE ARE NUMEROUS COMPANIES out there that specialise in providing parts and accessories for Land Rovers, but Series Defender Outfitters may not be one you’ve heard of previously.  The company is based in the United States and has been slowly growing the amount of different trimmings it offers for Landies.

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  • hilux 1


    IF YOU’VE GOT THE GOOD FORTUNE to have a new-model Toyota Hi-Lux as your off-road steed of choice, here’s some very good news. If you’ve not, here’s some very good news for your local Toyota dealer: you’re probably going to want one now.

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  • Products July

    Protective Grille For 2007-On Wranglers

    THE LATEST ADDITION to Nene Overland’s Wild Jeep range of accessories for America’s finest is this 1.5mm aluminium grille for the JK Wrangler. Suitable for all models from 2007 onwards, it’s designed to protect the radiator (and intercooler, if yours isn’t a Rubicon) from flying stones and other debris. 

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  • Products July 2

    Truckman Launches Tonneau Cover And Roll Bar Combo

    PICK-UPS CAN BE BOTH STYLISH AND PRACTICAL, but sometimes there is a bit of a conflict between the two qualities. Having a load bed is pretty handy but then it’s also a bit handy for anyone to stick their hands in and ‘borrow’ tools, body parts or whatever else you have in there.

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  • Nene Renegade skidplate 4


    IF YOU’RE INTO JEEPS, you probably know that Nene Overland last year became the UK importer for American Expedition Vehicles’ leading range of off-road accessories. But the company isn’t leaving it there – it’s developing its own Wild Jeep range of kit to enhance various models from the iconic US brand.

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  • Britpart 110 cage

    six-point external roll cage for the Defender 110 Double-Cab

    Britpart has added a six-point external roll cage for the Defender 110 Double-Cab to its range. This particular structure is for Puma models from 2007-2015, and features bolt-on mounting. Made by cage specialist Safety Devices, it’s made from CDS steel tube and finished as standard in black powder coat.

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  • Rugged Ridge XHD Rock Sliders Installed 2 Door High Res


    IF YOU’VE GOT A JK WRANGLER and want to take it off-road, that’s great. If you’ve got a JK Wrangler and want to take it off-road without trashing its sills, that’s even better.

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  • Foundry 4x4 steering guard

    Foundry 4x4's Monsta 4x4 Premium Sump and Steering Guard

    Recently added to Foundry 4x4’s Monsta 4x4 range is this premium sump and steering guard for the Land Rover Defender. Available in pretty much any combination of black and silver that you can think of, this is made from 6mm aluminium plate with 5mm zinc plated and powder coated steel brackets.

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  • Prospeed Rock Sliders 2

    Rock Sliders for late Discos

    Rock and tree sliders for Land Rover’s Discovery 3 and 4? You know you want it.

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  • monsta proection 2

    Monsta protection for Disco and Rangey

    FOUNDRY’S 4X4’S MONSTA RANGErange of off-road kit now includes a Sump and Steering Guard for the Land Rover Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classic. This is made from 6mm aluminium plate and held together by 5mm zinc-plated brackets, so it’s going nowhere either now or in the future.

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  • anything you want 2

    Anything you want, so long as it’s metal

    WHEN YOU’RE WRITING ABOUT a product and the product is ‘anything you want,’ it can be a little awkward to describe. But that’s the claim Forge Motorsport makes of its Bespoke Fabrication Division – whose boast is that it can create ‘literally anything for motorsport, specialist manufacturing or prototyping purposes.’

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  • body armour thats not chequered

    Body armour that's not chequered

    ADDING SOME LIGHTWEIGHT CLADDING to the body of a Defender can be one of the best ways of giving it some extra durability – and in some cases practicality. But what happens if you don’t like the look of chequer plate?

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  • adjustable roll control

    Adjustable roll control for D-Max

    SUPERPRO HAS LAUNCHED a new anti-roll bar kit for the Isuzu D-max pick-up. This contains both front and rear bars, along with all the brackets, drop links, fixings and bushes required to fit them.

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  • latest bash plates 1

    Latest bash plates to fit the latest pick-ups

    RIVAL, THE RUSSIAN manufacturer of underbody protection plates, has announced a series of fitments to suit the latest new vehicles in the 4x4 pick-up market. These include the Mitsubishi L200, which has only just gone and sale, and the Toyota Hi-Lux, which is so new it isn’t even here yet.

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  • Hardcore bumpers

    Hardcore bumpers for no-winch use

    IT TAKES A RARE KIND OF VEHICLE to look ‘finished’ without a bumper in place at either pole, but with nothing more than a chassis crossmember to finish off its posterior the Land Rover Defender is among them.

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  • salvation for tatty bulkheads

    Salvation for tatty bulkheads

    YOU KNOW THAT OLD JOKE ABOUT MAN-MADE OBJECTS that are visible from the moon? Well, the light coming through the holes in an old Defender’s bulkhead aren’t man made, strictly speaking, but you get the idea.

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  • Britpart rubbing strips

    Posh Paint Protection

    If you're lucky enough to have a Discovery 3 or 4 as your toy, protecting its bodywork probably comes higher up your list of priorities than it would if you were tooling around in an already dog-eared Tdi.

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  • Prospeed

    Serious Protection for Modern Discos

    Prepping the Land Rover Discovery 3 and 4 for hardcore off-road use is becoming a bigger and bigger deal as the original vehicles come down in price. You’d need to be a bit of a daredevil to go for it with a really cheap one, given their reputation for needing...

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  • Britpart rock sliders

    Britpart Launches 90/110 Rock Sliders

    Rock sliders are pretty much a must-have part of any serious off-road build these days. On a Defender, even if you don’t intend to go dragging it over hardcore terrain, a decent bit of steel will make the difference between shrugging off a chance meeting with a tree stump and...

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  • Britpart Safety Devices cage

    Distinctive Defender Roll Cage from Safety Devices

    Safety Devices makes a lot of different roll cages for a lot of different vehicles, but there’s nothing quite as distinctive as the ones the company does for the Defender. The latest, which has just been added to the range available through Britpart, is an 8-point bolt-in job for the...

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  • bfdef0003

    More Class For The Humble Steering Guard

    Steering guards come in all shapes and sizes and some look a lot better than others. Safe to say, though, that in general this is an area in which form has tended to take precedence over function.

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  • Bearmach sand cowl 2

    Keep Out The Sand (And The Rain...)

    On the odd occasion that Britain has some fine weather, we will make use of our wonderful coastline and visit some sort of beach. You know, the one that looks like a scene out of Lost when the rains hit…

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  • DT Roll Cage Protector

    Protect Your Protection

    Your roll cage is there to protect you, but what is there to protect the roll cage itself? Well, now there’s these Carbon Roll Cage Protectors from Demon Tweeks.

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  • 3

    New Defender Hard-Tops from Alu-Cab

    We’ve already spoken recently about Alu-Cab’s aluminium hard-tops for vehicles like the Hi-Lux, D-Max, Ranger and Amarok. And now you can add the Land Rover Defender to that list, because the latest addition to the range on offer from the South African company is designed to fit pick-up and double-cab...

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  • Catalogue Fleet 24 1

    Rival Adds New Ally Bash Plate Fitments

    We let you know a couple of months ago about the Russian outfit Rival, whose heavy-duty skid plates have recently launched on to the UK market. As we said at the time, it’s a big multinational operation which is developing new fitments at a pretty breathtaking rate – and what...

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  • DSC 4129

    Rock and Tree Sliders Courtesy of MM4x4

    MM4x4 recently added these Rock and Tree Sliders to its ever-growing range of protection products for the Land Rover Defender. They’re made from heavy-duty 4mm tube, the same applying to the Body Sliders the same company also now offers.

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  • INV MAIN 01 copy

    Adding Eye Appeal To The Humble Steering Guard

    There’s plenty of steering guards in the world, but Invision 4x4’s new INV4x4-001 unit is a bit different in that it was created to be stylish as well as functional. Designed specifically for the Land Rover Defender market, it might have a bit of a plonky sounding name but that...

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  • Omix ADA Jeep CJ 8 Steel Body Tub High Res

    Body Tubs For CJ8 Jeeps

    This is a bit of a specialist one, but if it’s what you need there’ll be nothing else like it. Omix-ADA, a US manufacturer of Jeep accessories, has introduced a new replacement steel body tub for the CJ8.

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  • MM steering guard

    Heavy-Duty Pro-Trac Steering Protection

    The latest hardcore kit from MM4x4’s own-brand Pro Trac range is a heavy-duty steering guard for the Land Rover Defender, Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classic. A one-piece construction made in the UK, it’s fabricated from 5mm thick steel plate and comes with 10mm recovery eyes.

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  • IMG 2535

    100% Aluminium Hard-Tops For Pick-Ups

    When you fit a hard-top on a pick-up truck, one of the biggest drawbacks you face is that in the eyes of the taxman, its weight has to be subtracted from the vehicle’s payload. And if that pulls it under the all-important 1000kg limit, he’ll take your children away, sell...

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  • DSC09533

    Rhino 4x4 Bumpers: Sexiest Metal Ever?

    Some bumpers are large. Some are lairy. Some even make a big deal of being discreet. But it’s been a long time since we saw a pick-up truck looking as funky, cool and downright rude as those wearing Rhino4x4’s Evolution bumpers.

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  • Motorhaubenscharnier 20

    Keep Your Bonnet On

    Defender theft is almost never out of the news. Normally, it’s whole vehicles that go missing, never to be seen again (at least by people who deserve to stay alive) – but to the pond-life in whose eyes other people’s property is simply an opportunity, even something as banal as...

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  • Britpart roofrack1

    Britpart Launching Roof Racks at the Double…

    Britpart is now offering Safety Devices’ Explorer roof racks, which offers the choice of being fitted to the rain gutters of a Land Rover Defender, or alternatively clamped to one of the same company’s roll cages.

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  • UpCountry1

    Roll Tops for Latest Trucks

    The Mountain Top Roll is a ‘revolutionary’ new retractable pick-up bed cover that claims to be a ‘vast improvement’ on what’s gone before in its sector of the market. Made in Denmark, it’s been fully tested and approved as OE fit by several vehicle manufacturers.

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  • Rugged Ridge Performance Vented Hood Product Image Only High Res

    New JK Bonnet Is Cool In Every Sense

    If you're modding a current-model Jeep Wrangler and finding yourself running into problems with overheating, Rugged Ridge has just introduced a solution that ticks every box we can think of. Available for all JK Wranglers from 2007-on, the Performance Vented Hood is a retro-fit bonnet with extra ventilation areas –...

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  • Britpart Black Bonnet

    Britpart Black Bonnet

    If you've got a Defender that needs a new bonnet (and it happens), Britpart has launched one that’s half the weight of the original. Made from GRP and finished in gloss black, it has return edges for strength on all four sides underneath for strength rigidity, as well as a...

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  • bac pac hardtop dmax single

    Tough Tops for Working Trucks

    Amid all the glammy stuff that’s gone on in the pick-up world over the last decade and a half, it’s pleasing to see that the aftermarket hasn’t lost sight of what these vehicles were designed for in the first place.

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  • AJD Bumper 1

    AJD Adds DRL Bumper

    Ever since February 2011, when the EU started requiring new cars to have daytime running lamps (DRLs), manufacturers have been working out ways of incorporating them into their headlamp designs. The best look very, very cool: the worst look, er, not.

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  • YRM1

    Defence for Defender

    Some of our favourite aftermarket products for basic Land Rover Defenders are the kind that are designed to protect you from them. Step forward the X-Trouser, for example. But YRM Metal Solutions’ latest bit of kit is meant to do the opposite by protecting your truck from you.

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  • SPALElectricWindwKit

    What a Wind Up...

    We're not sure what use it is off-road, but we’ve come across plenty of 90 and 110 owners who want to upgrade to electric windows. So the new Deluxe Electric Window kit from Spal is just the ticket.

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  • Jimny

    Armoury Improves Jimny Bumpers

    Off Road Armoury is likely to be one of the first places you go looking if you’ve got a Suzuki Jimny to modify. And one of the first things you see when you go there will currently be its revised front winch bumper for the vehicle – which is now...

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  • SportsCover offen fr

    Up-Country’s Cool New Cover for D-Max

    Isuzu's D-Max is a year old already, but with the new products still coming thick and fast it’s getting cooler all the time (and it was already pretty cool). Check out this very funky Maistone Sports Cover from Up-Country 4x4, for example, which comes with click-on side panels to suit...

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  • SafetyDev1

    The Rack Is Back For Safety Devices

    Safety Devices had recently announced that its Highlander roof racks for the Discovery 1 and 2 have gone back into production. The racks were withdrawn from sale some time ago, but the Suffolk-based roll cage specialist started testing the market for potential demand last year and asked customers to vote...

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  • Truckman Ranger Utility Top

    Truckman Adds To Ranger Range

    Auto Styling Truckman has launched a couple of new products for the Mk5 Ford Ranger. That’s the previous model to the one Ford brought out early last year, which means normal people might even be able to afford it.

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  • D44c

    Devon Diff Defence

    Tree stump or rock: which one is it going to be? Oh, the agony of choice…

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  • Extang

    Top Tonneaus Come To Britain

    Auto Styling Truckman has announced the launch of Extang tonneau covers in the UK. A leading name in its home country of America, Extang has been at the top of the market for 30 years, and its current range is the result of continuous innovation and refinement throughout that time.

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  • UpCountry2

    Smart Range of Truck Tops Launches Into Britain

    Up-Country Autoproducts has introduced the Smart brand of pick-up hard-tops. Offering high-value prices and loads of standard features, these are available for a wide range of trucks and typically cost less than a grand ex-VAT.

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  • Acme Vent Pin

    A Little Less Rust

    Acme Wildside, the company behind the now-famous Defender Demister, has brought out another product to make life that bit less infuriating for owners of Land Rover’s finest. Its stainless steel vent hinge pin kit is a like-for-like swap, replacing an item which on Defenders of a certain age is very...

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