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  • big adventure


    Some 20 years ago, David and Tisha Selway were on holiday in Namibia. At a watering hole in the Etosha National Park, they found themselves parked up near a 1-Ton Land Rover 109” which had been converted into a home from home – and they had a moment of realisation. This was what they wanted to do.

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  • bling


    For much the last decade, Defender building has shifted its focus from purpose and practicality to looks and lifestyle. As the vehicles’ values went up and up without any sign of ever reaching a ceiling, demand for blinged 90s and 110s appeared unquenchable –the result being that now the market has adjusted itself to a slightly more...

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  • GLASS 2


    LOWER CLAERWEN IS ONE OF OUR FAVOURITE GREEN LANES ANYWHERE IN THE COUNTRY. Running alongside the Afon Claerwen river, between the head of Caban-coch Reservoir and the Claerwen Dam, it’s around two and a half miles long and packs in a variety of rocks, potentially deep water and supreme scenery.

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  • VAT


    Ineos Automotive has acted to address an issue in the Grenadier range which saw customers being unable to claim their VAT back on Utility models. The Grenadier Commercial, which starts at a basic £51,931 in the UK, has been modified to comply with regulations on its tax status, also allowing customers to run one as a company vehicle...

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  • isuzu

    One Offs & Show Specials For Isuzu

    Four years ago, we got together with Isuzu to build the GO2 – a modifi ed off-roader that took the D-Max to new heights of ruggedness and capability. It was meant to be the star of the company’s stand at that year’s CV Show, but then someone in China fancied bat forlunch (other explanations are available).

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  • Subaru


    There was a time when Subaru was just about the sexiest car brand in the world. It was a time of Richard Burns and Colin McRae, of the SVX coupe showing Beemer lads what cool looked like and countless hot Imprezas

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  • Cherokee


    What goes ZJ, WG, WK, WK2, WL? That’s a sequence with no apparent rhyme or reason, to be sure; but if you know your Jeeps, you’ll recognise it as the five generations of Grand Cherokee.

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  • Burford


    What comes into your mind when you think of the Cotswolds? A traditional agricultural landscape of rolling hills and authentic villages of honey-coloured local sandstone, perhaps? A much loved escape from the city whose aesthetics border on perfection? A community lain waste by floods of pernicious money from outside? Farmhouses...

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  • Untitled


    Get ready for the Defender equivalent of the Range Rover Sport SV. Called Octa, it will go on sale later this year powered by the SV’s twin-turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 and likely to be priced close to £200,000.

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  • Bricks it


    Elsewhere in this issue you’ll see that Toyota is moving the Land Cruiser a bit more towards its roots, but away from people who’d like to be able to afford one. The Japanese company is aware it needs to be careful since the heritage goes back to the first 20...

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  • Land Cruiser


    I remember the look of horror on my son’s face. Late teens, slim, fit, enjoying wearing tight-fitting clothes. And the realisation as our conversation went on that there was an awful inevitability that at some point there would be a return of flared trousers.

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  • easter
  • RAV


    Ironman 4x4 is well known among off-road enthusiasts in the UK, with a wide range of accessories allowing customers to enhance their vehicles and prep them for work, play, camping and expeditions. The Australian company has long been seen as one of the go to suppliers for Japanese vehicles, in...

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  • cambodia


    Lifeless eyes stared back at me from the other side of the glass, their hollowed and blackened recesses screaming out in anguish. A web of fissures radiated from a dime-sized hole in their stained and hairless temporal lobe.

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  • mustang


    We test drove the Mustang Mach-E a couple of years ago and weren’t hugely impressedby it. So a second opportunity to try an example from the current model year, over the same roads as last time, wasvery welcome.

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  • relief


    The antiquated and overloaded electricity grid in the UK received a tiny piece of good news lately. Which is that we’ve got one fewer electric vehicle to keep powered up. Or, to put it another way, hurrah! The very first all-electric Series IIA Land Rover has been shipped off to...

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  • Rubicon

    Classic, Iconic, Legendary... The Rubicon Trail

    On 3 August 1887, lawmakers in the El Dorado County, California passed a decree which classified the mountain trail between Georgetown and Lake Tahoe as a public road. Little did they know it at the time, butthe right of way they had created was to become possibly the world’s most famous 4x4 trails. The ‘road,’ which at the...

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  • White on the night

    It'll be all white on the night

    There’s not a lot to put the wind up you like the words ‘frozen lake.’ If you’re from Scandinavia, or Alaska, or no doubt large parts of Russia, driving on seasonal ice is about as remarkable as going to the toilet.

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  • Isuzu Dmax

    Isuzu D-MAX DL20 Automatic

    Isuzu is on a mission to enhance the D-Max’s image as a lifestyle vehicle in this country. And, as usual, it’s doing a good job of it, with the range-topping V-Cross building an ever-stronger presence in the sales charts. A pick-up range needs to be built on a solid foundation, though, and that’s where the likes of the...

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  • Suzuki

    Suzuki Vitara 1.5 HEV SZ5 Allgrip

    A vehicle with one of the longest running names in the market, the Suzuki Vitara has been coming to the UK since 1991. It’s changed a lot in that time, of course – from the Vitara to the Grand Vitara and back again, throughvarious sizes, shapes, body confi gurations and chassis set-ups and, notably, in and thankfully...

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  • Haters

    4x4 haters versus the truth...

    How many hobbies should a person have? The answer appears infinite. Certainly in my own case, in addition to green lane activities I birdwatch, help run a charity and do a load of other, sometimes questionable things.The most questionable of all is a love of fact checking.

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  • Untitled design 98


    Little more than a day’s drive from Britain, the Alps of northern Italy combine a sublime landscape with a rich military history that dates back to Napoleonic times – and has provided a network of rough mountain trails that are perfect for exploring by 4x4.

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  • Untitled design 97


    It’s a strange name isn’t it? Anyone who has watched real-world giant pandas for any length of time will come away astonished that they’re not extinct. Sure they look all cute and cuddly but they’realso clumsy, often helpless and have a ridiculous diet. 

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  • Untitled design 95


    There’s a facelifted version of the Jeep Wrangler on the way in the next few months. It has a new take on the famous seven-slot grille, additional safety features, revised wheel designs and a more upmarket cabin with 12-way power-adjustable front seats and a 12.3” touch-screen running the company’s latest Uconnect 5 infotainment system, and the Dana rear axle...

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  • Untitled design 94


    Carlos Sainz made history in the 2024 Dakar Rally – by becoming the first driver to take overall victory in an electric vehicle. The Spanish veteran has now won the legendary event four times for four different manuacturers, having triumphed with Volkswagen in 2010, Peugeot in 2018 and Mini in 2020 prior to taking the wheel ofAudi’s...

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  • Untitled design 93


    The Nissan X-Trail won our 4x4 of the Year award when it was launched, thanks in no small part to its remarkable off-road ability. But the standard model is nothing compared to the X-Trail Mountain Rescue – a one-off designed to highlight the tractability of the electric layout that allows the e-4ORCE drivetrain to react almost instantaneously to changing...

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  • antarctic 3


    In last month’s issue, part one of this story explained the purpose of the expedition that took me to Antarctica.

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  • simpson 1


    Dave Price is a veteran Australian outback adventurer who, over the years, has driven through most of the country’s vast interior. He’s been to the Simpson Desert on numerous occasions, driving all its many iconic tracks – but never to its geographic centre. 

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    The Green Lane Association’s efforts on behalf of all rights of way users have helped secure the right result at a public enquiry on the status of Excelsior, an unsurfaced road near Grindleford in Derbyshire. The route was put under threat by the actions of anti-freedom fanatics who, in their usual self-serving fashion, applied for it to be downgraded...

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  • RR EV 2


    JLR has opened the pre-order book for the Range Rover Electric. A fully electrified version of the current model, which was launched in traditionally powered form during 2021, the vehicle will be built in Solihull alongside existing mild and plug-in hybrid variants – a move which coincides with the opening of a new £70m underbody facility at Land Rover’s...

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  • KGM


    Korean 4x4 specialist SsangYong, whose Rexton SUV and Musso double-cab have been perennial winners of the value category in our 4x4 of the Year awards since launch, has changed its name to KGM.

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  • hilux

    Hybrid system joins Hilux range

    Toyota’s new Hilux Hybrid 48V will go on sale in the middle of 2024. Initially available just in Invincible and Invincible X grades, and only with automatic transmission, this mates the vehicle’s familiar 2.8-litre diesel engine to a 48V hybrid system, adding up to 16bhp and 48lbf.ft to its overall output.

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  • Dakar


    Audi will return to the Dakar Rally in January with the latest version of its RS Q e-tron. Headed by a new Technical Director in Dr. Leonardo Pascali, Audi Motorsport has focused on five main areas of development – safety, reliability, comfort, performance and maintenance times.

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  • Yaris

    Updates for Yaris Cross

    Toyota has upgraded the Yaris Cross for 2024, giving it more power and tech as well as tweaks to its styling. The former comes from the addition of a new, more powerful hybrid powertrain in the GR Sport model; this will also feature in the Premiere Edition, a new model introduced for the launch...

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  • Grenadier

    First Grenadier joins blue light services

    Nith Inshore Rescue, based near Dumfries on the Solway Firth, has become the first blue-light emergency service in the UK to order an Ineos Grenadier. Based on the Utility Wagon model, the vehicle was prepared by specialist supplier Emergency One with a variety of equipment including an extendable roof-mounted camera.

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  • Ex jag

    Ex-Jag design boss creates 2+2 off-road buggy

    Callum Design, the automotive design house headed by ex-Jaguar man Ian Callum, is transitioning into a car maker inits own right. The company has unveiled its first own-brand vehicle, developed fully in-house – and it’s an off-roader.Specifically, the Skye is ‘the world’s most beautiful high performance, multi-terrain vehicle.’ Built in...

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  • Enyaq

    Skoda announces Enyaq upgrades

    Skoda is upgrading the Enyaq for 2024. Our former Electric SUV of the year gains new, more powerful 85 and 85x powertrains with 286bhp, while vRS models develop 340bhp, and next-generation battery management technology will bring charge times down to less than 30 minutes.

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  • AdobeStock 365008386

    Keeping petrol costs down post-pump

    With petrol prices on the rise again, Brits are being offered tips on how to keep the fuel gage up after visiting the pumps. The penny-pinching team at have put together their advice for motorists on making fuel last longer. Among the suggestions is taking anything weighty out of your car, driving smoothly...

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  • s960 the highway code

    Updates to the Highway Code recently introduced that motorists might not know

    Drivers are being warned about eleven new and updated highway laws that could catch them out.

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  • GBLRS Newark

    Land Rover Show Returns to Newark

    For many years, the Great British Land Rover Show has been seen as the perfect way to bring down the curtain on the season. After missing out in 2020, the autumn extravaganza was back in 2021 – when it set new records by attracting the biggest attendance in its illustrious...

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  • CTM Toyota web

    Toyota reigns supreme as world's most desired car

     For the second year in a row, Toyota reigns supreme as the most searched car brand according to Compare the Market’s annual analysis of Google Trends data.

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  • 13 cars

    How many cars have you owned?

    A recent study has identified some interesting facts... Breakdowns and car faults are the most common reason UK drivers replace their vehicles and apparently those living in the North of England will, on average, own more cars than motorists in the South.

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  • windscreen copy

    Spare onion to hand? Clearing a frozen windscreen - top 12 tips

    As winter fast approaches in the UK, motorists are being offered expert advice on how to clear their windscreen and avoid a fine and possible penalty points on their licence.The car leasing experts at have provided their top tips for effectively clearing windows and windscreens on a freezing cold morning.

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  • shutterstock 364922333

    Revealed: The UK areas with the most winter road accidents

     Driving with windows full of condensation and icy roads to look out, certainly makes you doubt the most wonderful time of the year when on the roads. Winter can be a challenging time for drivers, as sub-zero temperatures lead to dangerous road conditions. 

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  • DSC 1908

    The Great British Land Rover Show November 2021

    The Great British Land Rover Show, at Stoneleigh in Warwickshire, took place on Sunday 21 November. And after missing out last year when the second round of lockdown restrictions came into force, the annual indoor event was back with a bang.

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  • photo 1602853175733 5ad62dc6a2c8

    Texaco has the most expensive fuel prices in the country, new research reveals

    While the long snaking lines of cars desperate for fuel outside petrol stations have dissipated, the panic of the fuel shortage is still fresh in many minds.

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  • shutterstock 1553980307

    Terranet and holoride exploring super-human vision technology in autonomous vehicles

    Terranet AB (TERRNT B), developers of advanced driver-assistance software (ADAS) that specifically addresses safety and comfort through precise, fast, and intelligent sensor technology, has announced teaming up with holoride to explore innovative applications for its VoxelFlowTM technology – helping to revolutionize in-vehicle experiences for passengers in autonomous vehicles.

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  • eg5sTW0WgHE.jpg
  • shutterstock 1773843038

    Driveway legal loophole which allows strangers to scoop up your space

    Drivers can cause outrage by parking on other’s private driveways, so what can homeowners do to get rid of pesky unwanted parkers?

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  • shutterstock 491384611

    England's pothole crisis revealed - which counties fix the most and who pays out the most compensation?

    The team at undertook a Freedom of Information request with councils all over England* to determine the extent of the pothole crisis, finding out just how many potholes were fixed throughout 2020, how many complaints were received and, following on from this, how many claims were made for compensation,...

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  • shutterstock 512602369

    More than 20% of Brits say they have bought their car a Christmas present, new study finds

    A new survey asking 1,000 car owners how they treat their vehicles has found that 23% of car owners have bought Christmas presents for their cars in the past. 

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  • LR Series I

    Cheffins Vintage Sale to include Series 1 Land Rover used in Heartbeat

    In its current ownership for the last 17 years, this Series 1 was delivered new to Greenham's of Shrewsbury in May 1950 with the original registration GNT 117. It was subsequently re-registered in 1986 having spent some years in Yorkshire where it was used in the first series of Heartbeat. ...

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  • MOTs

    Motorists urged to book MOTs this Autumn

    Millions of motorists are being urged to book MOT’s as the pressure of the COVID backlog starts to mount on mechanics. The car leasing experts at are encouraging drivers to book their MOT’s in as soon as possible to ease the strain on garages.

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  • JB1

    Bond Edition Series Land Rover Produced By John Brown 4x4

    In anticipation of the James Bond premiere, a Bond edition Series 3 Land Rover® was provided to Sotheby's by John Brown 4x4 for sale in a celebrated Luxury auction earlier this month. 

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  • 5 Pic General Tire

    Off-Road Driving For Beginners And Advanced Drivers

    General Tire Provides Tips for Safe Off-Road Trips

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  • 2020 UK finalist James Williams Hillman Imp

    UK car owners - Hot Wheels wants to make your pride and joy into a die-cast toy car to be enjoyed by millions

    The unique opportunity to have your car immortalised as a Hot Wheels die-cast is being offered to one lucky enthusiast in the UK. The number one toy car producer is asking classic, modified and race car owners to submit their special car builds for judging at its virtual Hot Wheels...

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  • gpw jeep


    Formerly the Property of Oscar Winner Rex Harrison, 1943 Ford GPW Jeep, for Sale with H&H Classics at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, September 8th Estimate £25,000 - £30,000

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  • shutterstock 617943329

    The UK's Roller Coaster Roads

    Motorists looking to go on road trips this summer are being warned about roller coaster roads in the UK.

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  • shutterstock 1999729151


    Almost one in three drivers (32%) say if they were buying a new or a second-hand car they do not know whether to buy a petrol, electric or diesel powered one. Younger drivers, 18 – 34s, are even more undecided with almost half (49%) saying they are unsure what type...

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  • Range Rover White 002

    2021 Q1 & Q2 - Global Telemetrics vehicle recovery figures top £10.8 million & Land Rover takes 7 out of the 10 ‘top spots’

    With the first half of 2021 now behind us, leading vehicle tracking and security brand – Global Telemetrics – reveals its theft report for the period January – June. Once again, the Land Rover badge holds the most appeal for car thieves with the brand featuring seven times on Global...

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  • SfdfoWHC3K8.jpg

    The 4x4 & Pick Up Show Back This June

    The 4x4 & Pick-Up Show is back this June after a hugely successful inaugural year in 2018.  The show was so well regarded by the industry, organisers Assignment Media were delighted to be nominated for the Best Launch Show award in the Exhibition News Independent Organisers’ Awards.  The event was...

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  • FB Header 4x4andPickup copy

    Show Preview: 4x4 & Pick-up Show

    Whether your interest in pick-ups and 4x4s is for professional or recreational purposes, the 4x4 & Pick-up Show will have something for you with dedicated days for both the trade and public.

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  • Pye corner

    Temporary Closure Of Pye Corner In Powys

    Temporary closures of Pye Corner will occur this spring, as work is done to fill deeper holes at the eastern end of the trial. The lane is typically well surfaced and sustainable with just a few shallow ruts, is one of two running east-to-west from the A44 towards Llandrindod Wells,...

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  • essex 1

    Essex County Council Reaches Out To Lane Users

    The Rights Of Way Department at Essex County Council has advised interested stakeholders that it intends to form a working group of its own officers as well as motor vehicle users. This will be authorised with decision-making on the management of county’s green lanes.

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  • Lakes Mountain Road3

    Planned Repairs On Major Lakes Byway

    One of the Lake District’s most popular rights of way is set to be closed to four-wheeled vehicles while repairs take place over the next couple of months. The lane is known colloquially as Mountain Road as it isn’t formally named.

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  • rectangle


    THE ORGANISERS OF the Macmillan 4x4 Challenge have announced that the event is to be discontinued.  Having raised some £1.4million for the cancer charity since its inception in 2002, the annual trail run has become an institution in the off-road calendar – howeverwith signs of dwindling support, Peter Rowland of...

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  • 4x4 June17 077

    18-month closures on Hollinsclough lanes

    STAFFORDSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL has imposed 18-month temporary Traffic Regulation Orders on Limer Rake and Swan Lake, two rocky lanes in the village of Hollinsclough. Both have suffered from erosion over a long period of time, allowing large rocks to become more exposed – to the point where 4x4 drivers in...

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  • 4x4 May17 078


    THE PEAK AND DERBYSHIRE VEHICLE USER GROUP (PDVUG) is appealing for assistance from people who may have driven green lanes inthe Peak District in years gone by.

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  • 4x4 May17 OFC CoverXX

    A New Name for Total Off-Road!

    TOR to amalgamate with 4x4 magazine - First combined issue on sale 14 April - More pages, more features - still off-road to the core!

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  • 521

    Total Victory For Greed And Dishonesty As Brushfield Lane Closes For Good

    AFTER A PROLONGED BATTLE to save it from closure, one of Derbyshire’s best remaining green lanes has joined the list of beautiful, sustainable trails in the county to be stripped of their motor vehicle rights for no good reason.

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  • QHg82BIt9oE.jpg


    THE GREAT BRITISH LAND ROVER SHOW has a new headline sponsor. Both of this year’s shows, in April and November, will be supported by Rimmer Bros – a company bringing with it a fresh look in addition to stacks and stacks of fabulous Land Rover parts and accessories.

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  • A18


    THE OFF-ROAD WORLD is in mourning after the sudden death of one of its most popular figures, Drew Bowler, on 14 November 2016. The visionary engineering genius behind Bowler Motorsport, Drew was responsible for some of the most successful Land Rover competition cars ever built – most famously the Wildcat,...

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  • A14


    ACH SPECIAL VEHICLES opened its new showroom near Silverstone in late October – showcasing the equipment it offers alongside its latest builds and a preview of projects to come from its workshops.

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  • A12 3


    GREEN LANE USERS have been given the opportunity to help save one of Britain’s bestloved and most beautiful lanes, after a crowdfunding initiative was launched by a local GLASS rep.Andy Hutchfield, who represents the association in County Durham, has set up a Just Giving page with the aim of raising...

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  • TOR Dec 16 Small 50 21

    Mac Concepts Reveal X-Class Double Cab

    On sale late next year, premium pick up will take the one-tonne market more upmarket than ever before...

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  • TOR Dec 16 Small 121

    Llanerchindda Farm Donates To Green Lane Fighting Fund

    THE GREEN LANE ASSOCIATION has received a donation to its fighting fund from Llanerchindda Farm – the Mid- Welsh guest house that’s long been a go-to destination for 4x4 drivers looking to explore the region’s unique network of unsurfaced rights of way. We’ve featured Llanerchindda Farm in the past, joining its staff on a tour of the Welsh lanes aboard their 110 (pictured).

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  • 58 61 1

    Discovery 5 Prepares To Wade In To Suv Market

    Low box, air springs and seven seats on all models - High-tech off-road and towing aids - First Deliveries Spring 2017 - Priced from £43,495

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  • 56 57 3

    Skoda Set To Take Seven-Seater Market by Storm With All-New Kodiaq

    SKODA’S BRILLIANT YETI was our 4x4 of the Year in 2010. It has been a massive hit for the company – which is now starting to build on its success with a major 4x4 product offensive. Spearheading this is the Kodiaq.

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  • 56 57 1

    Mitsubishi Hints At Next Shogun

    Ground Tourer could be more than a concept - but current Shogun still has years left

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  • 15.2

    Sparks Set To Fly At Stoneleigh For Great British Land Rover Show

    A MERE MONTH AND A HALF after this issue of TOR is published, the season-ending Great British Land Rover Show will return to Stoneleigh. And the show organisers are working at full capacity to ensure it provides Landy fans with the a memorable climax to the year. The show will round off the season in style on Sunday 27 November.

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  • 2.0 diesel 1

    Land Rover unveils 2.0-litre diesel for Range Rover Sport

    LAND ROVER HAS ANNOUNCED major changes to the 2017 Range Rover Sport – including a new version of the 2.0-litre Ingenium engine.Badged SD4, the twin-turbocharged diesel unit will be tuned for 240bhp and 368lbf.ft. Land Rover predicts that it will get the Sport from 0-60mph in 8.0 seconds.

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  • Overland Cherokee

    There’s a new Overland model to top off the Cherokee range, too

    The Cherokee has gained a new range-topper in the form of the Overland. Despite its name, this isn’t the same deal as the old Grand Cherokee Overland, which was modifi ed for off -road use. 

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  • 62 1

    Jeep adds new 75th Anniversary models

    More equipment and heritage styling for Wrangler and Grand Cherokee - Wrangler priced from £34,765

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  • 58 1

    No sign of let-up in growth of Double-Cab Market

    More new models confirmed - Badge-engineering agreements proliferate - Premium makers eyeing one-tonne sales

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  • 56 1

    Renault Readying Alaskan for European Launch

    Navara-based pick-up - Coil-sprung live rear axle - Rear LSD standard on all models - UK sales to commence during 2017

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  • Pages from 14 15

    Things you're not allowed to do in Britain anymore

    Another popular and sustainable right of way senselessly extinguished, as Peak Pasture is administrated out of existence

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  • Welding Masterclass

    Sparks Set To Fly At Stoneleigh

    In just a couple of months’ time, the season-ending Great British Land Rover Show will be here once more, and the show organisers are working at full capacity to ensure you have the most memorable show this year.

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  • 160615 Fiat Professional Fullback 02


    Badge-engineered Mitsubishi L200 • Only available as double-cab • Rear diff lock or full-time 4wd • From £20,995+VAT

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  • IMG 4933

    Lincolnshire land rover club donates £2160 to local air ambulance

    At the recent Brocklesby Country Fair, members of the Lincolnshire Land Rover Club recently presented a cheque for £2160 to Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance. The money was raised by auctioning an original painting by well known cartoonist Pete Wilford, along with a further four limited-edition prints.

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  • MercedesG 4x4 hoch2 Front LegacyForged black 18x9 Presse final


    37x13.5R18 Mickey Thompson ATs • €7900 plus vehicle

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  • New Dacia Duster 6 LEAD


    Updated styling • New top-spec model • Extended engine range • Four-wheel drive option on every model • From £11,495

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  • BCCC16R3 TOR Howard

    double success for gould

    MARTIN GOULD continued his run of Britpart MSA British Cross Country Championship successes with his second victory of the season aboard his Buxton 4x4 Rivet. His win came at round three of the championship, held at Forrest Estate in South West Scotland. Richard Wynne-Williams was second in his Lofthouse Freelander.

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  • Stubbs 2704

    fire and brimstone at tong

    ROUND TWO OF THE NORTHERN OFF-ROAD CLUB’S Groundtrax 2016 championship was held at Tong, Bradford and was sponsored by Farnell Land Rover.

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  • Gatescarth 2

    gatescarth reopens after maintenance is completed

    GATESCARTH PASS, between Mardale and Longsleddale in the Lake District, is perhaps the most outstanding unsurfaced road in England. It’s a rocky route through spectacular scenery and, thanks to good relationships and close interaction between the TRF, GLASS and the Lake District National Park Authority, it’s available for trail riders...

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  • DSC 047933

    The Great British Land Rover Show are delighted to announce Bearmach to continue as headline sponsor for November show!

    With the continued commitment and further involvement from Bearmach, show organisers Assignment Media have confirmed that they are doubling the size of the show for November by adding a second hall as well as developing the show to include a Workshop Demonstration Area.

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  • v6 diesel 2

    V6 Diesel for New Amarok

    3.0 TDI | 220bhp | 450lbf.ft | 37 mpg | On sale late 2016

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  • New Season

    New Season, New Sponsor

    This year, the Northern Off Road Club has a championship sponsor. Groundtrax ( specialise in ground protection and reinforcement. The owner not only stepped up to support the club by sponsoring the championship but also signed up for a full season as a novice entrant, having just purchased a new...

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  • Peaks 2

    Better News From The Peaks As Three Byways Confirmed During 2015

    THE PEAK DISTRICT has become home to the ugliest assault on freedom since NERC itself. However amid the high-profile closures of destination lanes such as Stanage Edge, Chapel Gate and Roych Clough, and the ludicrous prospect of Brushfield being downgraded to a bridleway, there continue to be some moments of commonsense.

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  • Welcome Return

    Welcome Return for Water Lane

    WATER LANE, a classic sunken lane near Alton in Hampshire, has reopened after a major project to resurface it for much of its length.

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  • SsangYong Rexton CSE LCV 1

    Ssangyong adds budget van to Rexton range

    £19,495 plus VAT | New 2.2-litre diesel | 176bhp | 40.4mpg

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  • Centurion 3

    Centurion celebrates Isuzu’s 100th anniversary

    As well as the AT35, Isuzu has also introduced the Centurion - a limited-edition D-Max created to celebrate the manufacturer’s 100th anniversary. This is intended as a range-topping lifestyle model - with the accent very much on high-tech luxuries and exterior looks rather than enhancing the truck’s already prodigious off-road ability.

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  • Waymarking spree

    Waymarking Spree on Sailisbury Plain

    THE GREEN LANE ASSOCIATION’S ambitious project to waymark the extraordinary network of trails criss-crossing Salisbury Plain has entered its sixth year. It did so with a campaign of new marking - in GLASS’ own words, ‘we went crazy and decided on a three-day-on-the-trot mini-project to make the most of the...

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  • Gatescarth Andrew CC BY 2.0

    Repairs Commence on Gatescarth Pass

    ONE OF BRITAIN’S VERY BEST RIGHTS OF WAY is currently being repaired - thanks to a £2500 joint donation by the Green Lane Association and Trail Riders; Fellowship. Following a landslip this winter, Gatescarth Pass in the Lake District faced a prolonged spell of closure; with limited funds available but...

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  • Rights of Way Fury

    Rights of Way Users’ Fury after Spike Trap found on Salisbury Plain Byway

    A BYWAY ON SALISBURY PLAIN has become a crime scene, after an improvised spike trap was found in ruts on the trail north of Tilshead. The device, made of wood with nails driven through it, was apparently placed on the track to puncture the tyres of recreational motor vehicles -...

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  • Peak District

    Peak District proposes Washgate TRO

    THE PEAK DISTRICT NATIONAL PARK has proposed a permanent TRO on Washgate, a lane straddling the border between Derbyshire and Staffordshire just south of Buxton.

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  • 2016 Toyota Hilux Geneva 9


    20% stiffer chassis • 3500kg towing limit • 148bhp, 295lbf.ft 2.4-litre diesel • Front and rear locking LSDs

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  • Gruppe ATF LandRover

    Incredible Ravenol Offer

    A brilliant offer is currently available from Ravenol High Performance Lubricants who will send you a £25 gift voucher to spend on any of their products when you subscribe to Total Off-Road magazine from as little as £24 per year.

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  • Defra

    DEFRA plans green laning forum

    THE GOVERNMENT IS PROPOSING to set up a one-off forum to discuss the use of motor vehicles on public rights of way.

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  • Last Defender 1

    Rover and Out

    On 29 January, the final Land Rover Defender was driven off the production line at Solihull. After more than 67 years of continuous production spanning the Series I, II, IIA and III, the 90/110/127 and finally the Defender itself, Britain’s iconic off-road machine was no more.

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  • Jeep Gladiator

    At long last, Jeep’s making a pick-up

    The list of concepts and teasers seems almost endless, and Jeep has plenty of heritage in the pick-up market. But it wasn’t until January that Sergio Marchionne, boss of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, confirmed in public that there will be a utility version of the forthcoming Wrangler.

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  • 150915 Jeep Francoforte 07


    Ladder chassis • Live axles • 240bhp, 420lbf.ft diesel • On sale in 2017 • And there’s a double-cab on the way

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  • International Class 2

    International Class!

    There was a good turnout for the Dorset Land Rover Club's most recent Open Driving Day at Matchams Leisure Park, near Ringwood. Nearly fifty drivers signed on in total for the event, with the vast majority in green oval-badged vehicles - although there were also a couple of other makes...

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  • GBLS DPS Logo Bearmach

    The Great British Land Rover Show Is Back

    On Sunday 24 April, the hugely popular Great British Land Rover Show will return for its third run, this time at the brand new venue of Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire.

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  • Cobley Takes

    Cobley takes second Defender Challenge title

    AFTER A LONG AND TESTING SEASON, the finale of the Defender Challenge by Bowler series got underway in late November at The Scottish Borders Hillrally. Held at the Forrest Estate in Castle Douglas, this would determine who was to be crowned champion for 2015.

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  • TOR Jan15 0621

    Project Land Cruiser Colorado - Grip Without a Trip....

    In last month’s issue, we talked about the way our Colorado’s Superwinch Talon 9.5SR performed during a hard day’s off-roading in the wet woodland of Silverdale. Needless to say, a session like that is going to ask a lot of a vehicle’s tyres, too, so this month it’s our 265/75R16 Maxxis MT-764 Bighorns’ turn under the spotlight. 

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  • TOR Jan15 057

    Escape To The Country

    Rights of way therapy… It’s about moving into the slow lane, forgetting about the stress of the world and just enjoying the countryside for a while. And when you get the chance to help others enjoy it too, so much the better!

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  • Suzukis

    Silenced By Suzukis

    Set in 20 acres of shrubland with views over the surrounding hills of the Peak District, the Tearsall Farm site has a decent grassy area for camping – and some almost impossibly steep, muddy gulleys for those who want a challenge.

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  • TOR Jan15 042

    Show Off Strength

    A 4x4 is generally a robust kind of vehicle. Old ones don’t have the same sort of clever design as newer cars but they’re made of metal, and lots of it, and that’s only ever a good thing. 

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  • Essex 2

    A Week of Ups on the Downs

    Back in 2002, an intrepid crew from the Essex Land Rover Club took their caravans and went to camp on a mountain in Wales. A local guide offered to show us some lanes, the sun shone and everyone had a wonderful time.

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  • Bonkas 10

    Bonkas Fun

    They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. So we’re indebted to the lads from Bonkas 4x4 Wales for sending us these pictures and no words at all – which is fine, because they do pretty much tell the story of the club’s recent playday at Ty Rhiw.

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  • SROC 21

    21 Years Of SROC Team Trials

    The Southern Rover Owners Club CCV Team Trial, held over the first weekend of August, celebrated its 21st birthday this year. Over the past four or five years, word seems to have got out about it and it has been gathering more and more competitors.

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  • Rhino Charge 1

    Slindon Hosts Annual Wildlife Fundraiser

    The 2015 UK Rhino Charge 2015 took place at Slindon Safari in early September, raising £3325 for wildlife conservation in Africa.

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  • Mud Monsters

    Muddy Fun Brings Rewards For Kids’ Hospice

    Back in July, while most people were attempting to relax in the garden, the Mud Monsters crew had other ideas. For them, July involves planning and getting ready for one of the biggest weekends of the year – in which the third Saturday and Sunday sees the Mud Monsters site...

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  • Wessex 1 small 2

    Kids’ Hospice Thanks 4x4 Responders For A Great Day Out

    Patients at Naomi House, a children’s hospice near Winchester, were treated to a day out at Muddy Bottom 4x4 when volunteer drivers from Wessex 4x4 Response turned up to give them the off-road ride of a lifetime.

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  • Warwickshire 1

    Fording The Way In Warwickshire

    The forecast for Warwickshire on Saturday 25 July was dry with sunny intervals. The reality was something entirely different: cloudy with occasional light showers and fairly humid. But whatever the weather, it’s always good to go laning.

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  • Slaley 2

    Steady Going In Slaley Forest

    Nero’s green lane run on 19 July was aimed at attracting more novice drivers, so we took to a series of lanes around Slaley Forest, not far from the West of Consett.

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  • East Fife

    Scots Find New Site In East Fife

    The Scottish Off-Road Club held the fourth roundof this year’s Trials Championship at a brand new site in East Fife, which attracted a fantastic gathering of 26 competitors. It’s been a while since we’ve had these kind of numbers, so long may it continue!

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  • Hollinscloughnew

    Wall Damage Reported At Hollinsclough

    Staffordshire Police are investigating an apparent case of criminal damage after stones were taken from the wall adjoining Limers Rake, Hollinsclough, on Sunday 28 June. It’s alleged that the stones were placed on the track surface to smooth out the rock-crawl section towards the top of the lane, and were...

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  • Northumberland

    Duke’s Legal Threat To Byway Creation

    Northumberland County Council has been warned of possible legal action by the Duke of Northumberland if it presses ahead with plans to create a Byway Open to All Traffic on his land.

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  • Muddy Millers

    A New Site Rises In The West

    The Muddy Millers have been busy trying out a new site. Trelystan sounds a bit like a mysterious nation that used to be part of the USSR, but in fact it’s a small parish on the border of England and Wales.

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