Originally Published: July 2024


Six months ago, Kia flew Britain’s motoring press to Inverness for the UK launch of the new EV9.
We spent a lot of time behind the wheel and got to experience the vehicle in all sorts of various conditions and on all
sorts of roads – but we didn’t get a sniff of anything not covered in tarmac.


But this is a big, premium SUV with all-wheel drive. Not price-pointed against the Range Rover, perhaps, but in its own
way Kia’s equivalent to that kind of vehicle. It doesn’t need to be able to get you across the Darien Gap, maybe (that was then and this is now), but it does still need to be a credible way of getting you to the other end of a rough track.


Houndkirk Moor, a very well loved byway west of Sheffield, is a rougher track than anyone who buys an EV9 (or rather who leases one, or more likely gets one through their company) will ever attempt. Is that too bold a statement? I suppose short of shouting FACT like some loser on Facebook, it can’t be proven, but I wouldn’t mind betting
this was the most extreme thing anyone in Britain has ever done in one of these vehicles. And it made it look like a stroll in the park.


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