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  • Land Rover Explore outside 9523

    Land Rover to Release Phone for Off-road

    There aren’t many downsides to Land Rovers and 4x4s, but one is that affect they have on other things. Okay, so they don’t actually affect things, but they have a perceived affect. Their robustness can make other things seem fragile in comparison. Like phones for example.

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  • 601

    Raptor Coating Joins Official Isuzu D-Max Accessory List

    RAPTOR COATING has been gaining quite a name for itself in recent times, and so has the Isuzu D-Max. And now they can carry on gaining names for themselves together, because Isuzu has added U-Pol’s ultra-tough bedliner paint as an accessory for its big-selling pick-up. When applied, Raptor forms a scratch-resistant, waterproof barrier between the truck’s bed and the world outside.

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  • 4x4 June17 034

    The Safest Place Is In Your Footwells

    A LAND ROVER DEFENDER doesn’t have the largest amount of stowage space, particularly if you want to keep things hidden away from prying eyes. You know how it goes with the children – stash away some sweets pretty much anywhere in the vehicle with the intention of telling them it’s there about halfway through a long journey and, like truffle...

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  • 3

    In What Must Be

    IN WHAT MUST BE one of the more unusual coincidences to have sprung from the world of company names, PB Customs is now the exclusive UK distributor for PB Brakes. Seen here is a set fitted on a Ford Ranger T6, though with a line-up ranging from 4-pot to 8-pot they’re available...

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  • rectangle

    Towing Knowledge From Svtech

    SvTECH IS A COMPANY that sells knowledge rather than products. Established in 1993, it has become a leading authority on re-rating vehicles – for such reasons as to increase their payload capacity or reduce their gross weight for licensing and emissions purposes. SvTech specialises in offering technical support to vehicle manufacturers in matters relating to vehicle type approval, with specific emphasis on...

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  • 4x4 May17 044

    Four-Strong Truckman Range For New Volkswagen Amarok

    ONE OF THE VERY MANY GREAT THINGS about the recently revised Volkswagen Amarok double-cab is that it now has a 3.0-litre engine. Another is that it’s a Volkswagen Amarok. And a third is that you can specify it with a range of four different Truckman hard-tops. 

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  • Buzzweld


    YOU COULD ARGUE that calling your product WAR is a touch misleading. And you’d be right, because it stands for Wheel Arch Refinement and that’s the least of what’s on offer here. Developed by Buzzweld, WAR will do a lot more than refine your wheelarches. Assuming they need refining.

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  • can can 2

    Do the Can-Can...

    WHAT IS IT ABOUT JERRY CANS? We all know they’re called that because the Germans came up with the design, and somehow it’s hard to get over that fact. Every time I see one I think of a sand-coloured can strapped to a Panzer.

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  • Products September 22

    Cleanliness Is Next To Tuning...

    IF YOU EVER FOUND YOURSELF yearning for some extra poke with your smoke, or ideas on how to get your diesel engine running smoother than a baby’s rear, then Tunit could be the company to grant your wishes. 

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  • Products September 21

    Defence For Defenders

    Defender Defender is a new tracking device brought to you from the people behind Gloucester Land Rover. 

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  • sun shade

    All-American Sun Shade

    RUGGED RIDGE'S sun shades for the JK Wrangler are now available with a full American flag design. Made from a mesh material that stretches over the roofline, with elastic straps for easy fixing on the top clamps, these can stay in place when the fabric is up, meaning you don’t have to hastily...

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  • oil cooler

    New Oil Cooler For R380

    Syncro Gearboxes has come up with an Oil Cooler Kit for the R380. The kit keeps the gearbox transmission fluid at optimum temperature thanks to a system that is thermostatically controlled. 

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  • Gruppe Racing

    top lube for off-road engines

    German lubricant maker Ravenol is fast becoming one of the most respected brands in all forms of motorsport across the globe. By working closely with vehicle manufacturers, motorsport 
engineers and drivers, Ravenol has been able to develop some of the most technically advanced racing lubricants available today.

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  • Buzz3


    NOT EVERYONE CAN AFFORD TO splash out on getting their chassis galvanised. But you’ll want to protect your heavy metal as much as the next person. Step up Buzzweld CIO – or to give it its full name, Chassis In One.

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  • Products August3

    New Brake Kits Open Up 17" Tyre Fitments For Discovery 4

    YOU’D NEED TO BE WELL OFF, and well brave, to build a Land Rover Discovery 4 or 2010-on Range Rover Sport as your off-road weapon of choice. But if that’s you to a tee, good news is that the aftermarket has just taken a major step towards letting you get it the way you want. 

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  • Products August

    Krown's Spray-On Rust Control Now Better Than Ever

    KROWN IS A CANADIAN COMPANY specialising in rust control. And who doesn’t need a bit of rust control in their life? 

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  • rectangle

    Peace And Love For Land Rovers

    LET’S FACE IT, a Land Rover Defender can generate a fair bit of noise, whether from road or wind roar to the tiresome ten-year-old causing havoc in the back. Dynamat, distributed through Britpart, could be the answer to driving in peace and quiet.

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  • Products August 12

    Bush Tech Canopies - So Strong You Can Sit a Truck On Them!

    APB TRADING’S CURRENT RANGE of Bush Tech canopies covers the Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-Max, Nissan Navara, Toyota Hi-Lux, VW Amarok and Land Rover Defender 110 and 130. Quite extensive, then – and that’s not to mention the Land Cruiser utes Toyota doesn’t bring in to the UK.

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  • Products August 1

    Breathe Fresh Life Into Your Brakes

    BRAKE CALIPER PAINT is something you’d associate more with custom cars than off-roaders, but quite apart from making them look tidier Foliatec’s new brush-on two-pack is also a sound way of keeping them healthy. Supplied in a kit containing everything you need to clean your brakes then prep and apply the paint to four calipers (or two calipers...

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  • Products August

    Aluminium Wing-Top Vents For Defenders

     Now, This Is Tricky from an installation point of view. You have to get a screwdriver (the tool, not the orange and vodka cocktail, although that’ll do just as well). 

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  • Image 12345567889

    Volkswagen Adds Utility Options To Trackman Range For Amarok

    VOLKSWAGEN HAS ADDED a pair of new designs to its range of Truckman hard-tops for the Amarok double-cab. Complementing the existing lifestyle-biased Grand and GLS units, the RS and Utility are aimed at owners who use their Amaroks for work, providing what Volkswagen calls ‘a practical yet stylish storage area.’

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  • Products July

    Timberwolf Promises The Picasso Touch

    Timberwolf Fabrications is Timber Trail 4x4’s response to the burgeoning market for individual off-road accessories and bespoke equipment. It’s the deoartment of the company that deals with in-house fabrication work, constructing parts that are designed to do the job yet remain uncomplicated and easy enough to install. 

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  • Products July 222

    Rugged Load Cover For JK Wrangler

    Rugged Ridge has come up with a practical Rear Cargo Cover for your Jeep. It’s a fabric cover that goes into the cargo area and is secured with a flexible side retention system. It means you can have the rear seats fully or partly folded, yet a front curtain wall will stop pets...

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  • Products July 7

    Seat Retrim Kits From Britpart

    TIME TO GIVE YOUR DEFENDER’S SEATS a new lease of life? There’s a variety of high-cost options to choose from, and extremely good some of them are too. 

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  • Products July 2

    Mini-Mog For Big Kids

    WHEN YOU’RE A KID, toys are your world. Some make it higher up the favourites list than others, of course; some will stick with you for years and years. Others may simply be a five minute fad. 

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  • Products July 1

    Foundry 4x4 Introduces X-Brake For Second Generation Range Rover

    THE RISE OF THE P38A RANGE ROVER is a noted phenomenon in the off-road side of the Land Rover scene at the moment. The last Rangey with proper axles is dirt cheap to buy – especially when compared to the increasingly ludicrous prices 90s and 110s have been making since Land Rover announced it was...

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  • CWR RS115


    ADVANCED FUEL MANAGEMENT isn’t something you’re likely to have thought of unless you’re at the top end of the comp safari, rock racing or winch challenge games. But many a modified 4x4 has had its tank replaced or repositioned during the rebuild process – and while an old jerry can...

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  • 4x4aus tjm 2


    TJM’S NEW RANGE of off-road kit for the latest-generation Mitsubishi L200 includes a tailored version of the company’s Airtec snorkel. Made in the company’s home nation of Australia, this is moulded in high-strength polyethylene and mounted to the truck using stainless steel fixings.

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  • Britpart fridge 1

    Expedition-Built ARB Fridge Freezers Now Available From Britpart

    ARB’s Portable Fridge Freezers are the stuff of legend among overland travellers. And whatever kind of 4x4 you drive, the good news is that they’re now more widely available than ever in the UK.

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  • Multimac 2

    Four-up seating for hard-pressed trucks

    More and more 4x4s are capable of seating seven people. But what if yours isn’t – or you need to carry four kids as well as enough cargo to make the rear seats unusable? A question plenty of double-cab owners might find themselves asking, in particular.

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  • Britpart Raptor 3

    Protect your truck against everything…

    Britpart has added an intriguing new line of products to its vast array of off-road accessories. Raptor is a durable coating designed to protect vehicles against a wide range of the many nasties waiting for them out there.

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  • Rigidek 1

    XS4x4 brings Rigidek to Britain

    A premium brand of hard tonneau covers for pick-ups and double-cabs is on its way to the UK. Rigidek has been supplying its home market in South Africa for the last 13 years, and now XS4x4 has struck a deal to become the company’s British importer.

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  • anything you want 5

    Anything you want so long as it's metal

    WHEN YOU’RE WRITING ABOUT a product and the product is ‘anything you want,’ it can be a little awkward to describe. But that’s the claim Forge Motorsport makes of its Bespoke Fabrication Division – whose boast is that it can create ‘literally anything for motorsport, specialist manufacturing or prototyping purposes.’

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  • bowless soft top

    Bowless soft-top makes JK Wrangler even cooler than ever

    RUGGED RIDGE HAS INTRODUCED a new range of soft-tops for the two-door and four-door Jeep Wrangler JK. Suitable for all models from 2007 onwards, these can be run as full traditionally shaped hoods or fastback-style Savannah tops.

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  • handy 12V LED wand

    Handy 12V LED wand

    SEALEY’S NEW Slimline Inspection Wand may not be as magical a wand as the one Harry Potter uses to make his breakfast or do battle with Lord Voldemort. But it is at least real. And really useful too.

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  • What does your oil say

    What does your oil say about you?

    BRITPART DEALERS ARE OFFERING a new service performed by a leading oil condition monitoring lab. Called Lubetrend Analysis, it gains you a full report on the state of the oil in your engine or transmission, potentially alerting you to serious problems before they become critical.

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  • rectangle

    Proper arches for any truck

    FLEXIBLE WHEELARCH EXTENSIONS aren’t the first thing you think about when you plan a build. But once you’ve bolted on your new set of 37” gumbo mudders and there’s a traffic cop rubbing his hands at the end of your driveway, they soon will be.

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  • sealeys wheelie useful

    Sealey's wheelie useful step-up....

    WHILE WORKING ON 4X4S is a joy we (generally) appreciate, there are times when manoeuvring around the engine bay could be a lot easier. These normally involve not being tall enough to reach all the way in, which is something you can only combat by eating more Weetabix when you’re...

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  • top end harnesses

    Top-end harnesses for serious trucks

    IF YOUR VERSION OF OFF-ROADING IS AT THE COMPETITIVE END, especially the kind that involves speed, you won’t need any telling that safety kit is right at the top of your list. A good cage, good brakes, the best helmet you can afford and, of course, harnesses that’ll hold you...

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  • Universal bed rails

    Universal bed rails for 4x4 pick-ups

    B-G STYLING HAS INTRODUCED A NEW RANGE OF BED RAILS for pick-up trucks. These are available in two different sizes – 1060mm, for full-length pick-ups, and 500mm, to suit double-cabs with a shorter bed.

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  • super cool roof rack

    Super-cool roof rack for Disco 3 and 4

    IF YOU’VE GOT A DISCOVERY 3 OR 4 and plan to use it for a bit of long-distance off-road adventuring (or just to go on holiday), ProSpeed’s low-profile roof rack promises to combine light weight with great strength.

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  • Mud UK heater duct 2

    Salvation for Scorched Shins

    Remember the days when Land Rovers' heaters were known as ‘shin burners’? Well those days are still here, if MUD-UK is to be believed – though with its Puma Heater Deflector maybe they don’t need to be.

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  • Momo

    The Other Kind of Cool Wheels

    If you drive a Land Rover Defender from the 2015 model year onwards (sounds a bit eager, but that’s model years for you), you can now adorn it with any steering wheel from the entire Momo range.

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  • CP 002

    An Engineered Answer to Land Rover Theft

    Spinney Engineering has come up with a revolutionary means of stopping thieves from making off with your Land Rover. Called the Rat Trap, this is available for Series vehicles from 1948-1984 and Defenders from 1984-on.

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  • Action Cameras

    Lights, Camera, Action with Ram Mount

    Action cameras have become an essential accessory these days, whether you want to capture the best of your off-road action, collect evidence against every other road user or become an internet sensation when someone broadsides an avgas tanker right in front of you.

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  • sasuk24067 d1

    Demon Tweeks Gets You Home And Dry

    Being soaked through for a prolonged amount of time is part and parcel of off-roading, particularly if you a) do it competitively or b) drive a Land Rover that leaks. Or both, obviously.

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  • britpart seat cover 1

    Budget Covers for Defender Seats

    It's possible to spend a small fortune on seat covers for a Defender. But if all you want to do is cover up the splits, fag burns and dog-chew damage, or you’d like to plonk your posterior on something a bit more pleasant than the harsh vinyl of the originals,...

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  • Isuzu Seat Cover 2

    Tailored Covers for Isuzu Seats

    Isuzu has launched a range of tailored seat covers for the current D-Max pick-up. These are of the heavy-duty variety, designed to stand up to the rigours of working life and off-roading.

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  • headrest camera mount

    Headrest Mounting for In-Car Cameras

    In the last few years, there has been a growing fascination with video recording equipment. You can stick cameras to your windscreen, dashboard or even helmet in order to capture your mobilised moments – there’s no end of comical and/or horrifying bits of video going around on the internet, and...

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  • IMG 0653 2

    Elite Seats From Exmoor Trim

    People sometimes say you should always spend up to your limit on your bed, because you’re going to be in it for such a large part of your life. Well, if you’re the sort of person who spends a lot of time behind the wheel of your Land Rover, logic...

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  • Britpart dog guard

    Don’t Let Your Truck Go To The Dogs…

    You don’t need to have a dog for a dog guard to earn its corn. All you have to do is be that guy who just chucks his ropes, shackles, snatch blocks, high-lift and ground anchor in the back of his truck and goes off-roading without lashing them down, and...

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  • Mud UK hinge 2

    Protect Your Bonnet

    Anti-theft bonnet hinges are, sadly, something that every Defender owner needs to think about. Mud UK’s new units aren’t the first on the market, but they do the job and they cost a tiny fraction of what you’d have to shell out on making things right if a pond-life got...

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  • 2012 07 27 09.44.46

    Something Tasty for the Disco 3...

    New from Alu-Cab, this time in its range of storage drawers, is this exceptionally tidy installation for the Discovery 3. The company makes its drawers from, you guessed it, aluminium, and this means they’re light in weight as well as being strong, tough and durable.

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  • Rugged Ridge X Clamps Installed on Jeep High Res 2

    X-Clamps Now For Smaller Tubs

    Rugged Ridge has increased the range of fitments available in its handy X-Clamp range. This was previously only suitable for tubing of 2.25-3” in diameter, but the company has now launched a version to work on 1.25-2” tubes.

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  • Exmoor seat base2

    Longer Seat Bases For Defenders

    If you’ve been after a bit more comfort in your Defender or want to stop those dead legs you get after a while in the cockpit, Exmoor Trim’s new Extended Seat Base should allow you to put your legs up that little bit further.

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  • Ravenol MDL

    Lubricant That Can Deal With The Stress

    New from Britpart is a wide range of lubricants from Ravenol. This includes MDL – a semi-synthetic diff oil designed specifically for multi-disc limited-slip units.

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    New Eco-Friendly Lube

    XCP Green One is a new alternative to WD40. Things you didn’t think you needed, and all that, but the product’s selling point is that it’s made from more than 99% bio-based materials.

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    Ring Reinvents The Bungee

    Say you need to secure a toolbox, or maybe a load of logs, in the back of your truck. Some people would turn to rope as the best solution: others would resort to the bungee cord.

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  • Ram Mount1

    Ram Mount's Latest For Phones and Sat-Navs

    Latest from the ever-ingenious people at Ram-Mount is the X-Grip Smartphone Suction Mount. This is suitable for any smartphone or sat-nav device, with a spring-loaded, adjustable, four-legged design that features rubber tips for secure positioning.

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  • Britpart seat cover

    Covers For Landy Seats

    We always talk about protecting your vehicle from trees, boulders and so on, but what about protecting it from those pesky passengers who insist on sitting in it?

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  • SPOT Trace facing up copy

    Black Box Could Get Your Stolen Truck Back

    Certain models of 4x4 are very, very popular with thieves, which means Globalstar’s SPOT Trace system should be very, very popular with their owners. This is an anti-theft tracking device which monitors your vehicle for movement and warns you via email if anything suspicious should arise.

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  • Britpart first aid kit copy

    Travel in Peace With Britpart Travel Kits

    Britpart has introduced a range of travel kits suitable for carrying in any vehicle, 4x4 or not. These include an emergency kit for UK breakdowns, with a warning triangle, LED torch and hi-vis jacket, and a European job adding things like beam converters, GB sticker, foil blanket and breath tests.

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  • MUD 2446312 B copy

    New Range of Cargo Nets from MUD-UK

    MUD-UK has added two new options to its range of netting products for keeping cargo under control. The first is a hammock-style affair measuring a sizeable 1050 x 270mm; the second is a ‘load bed’ net, which stretches from 630 x 1000mm to 950 x 1000mm, should you require that...

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  • Boom Mat Jeep Kit

    Sound-Deadening Kit For JK Wrangler

    It was all a bit revolutionary when Jeep brought out the JK Wrangler. Where once it was folding canvas for a roof, suddenly you got a proper hard-top – with lift-out panels to let you get the wind in your hair without having to get your knickers in a twist.

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  • DA4679 situ2

    Dual USB Replacement For Your Fag Lighter

    Dead easy, this one. Out comes your old 12V socket, and in goes this dual USB charger in its place. New to the Britpart range, it has a fold-down dust cap and runs two USB 2.0 sockets to keep you wired right up.

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  • Rugged Ridge X Clamps product only

    X-Clamp Marks The Spot

    Rugged Ridge has introduced its new X-Clamp system, which allows you to mount lights, cameras, antennae and more on any 2.25-3” diameter tubing. Made from die-cast aluminum and finished in either black or silver powder-coat, the clamps have pivoting mounting brackets to let you fit your desired accessories in whatever...

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  • Explorer Magnum 1 Drawer

    Truck Vault Comes to UK

    Truck Vault has been around for a couple of decades on the other side of the Atlantic, but pick-up specialist TBR has now brought the company’s range of custom drawer systems to the UK. These are used by emergency services in the US, which is a fancy way of saying...

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  • Burton Comex Fan

    Keep Cool With Comex

    Adding an electric fan is one of the most common mods an off-roader will make to his vehicle. So the latest Comex range, made by Revotec and available from Burton Power, could be just what you need to keep cool.

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  • Britpart side step

    Tread To Tread On

    How cool is this? Britpart now offers a folding side step for the Land Rover Defender, with a grippy rubber top whose pattern mimics the original BFG Mud-Terrain. The rest of the unit is robustly made and finished, and the hinge is powerfully sprung to keep the step section tucked...

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  • Dirt D Fender

    Who Wants A Defender With No Mud On It?

    This is unlikely to appeal to you if you’ve ever bought a can of spray-on mud, but Britpart has just started carrying the Dirt D-Fender – a rivet-on guard to stop the cruddy grime that sprays up between your Land Rover’s wheelarch and mudguard to create that familiar fountain effect...

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  • Quad snowplough

    Warn Quad Plough for Snow and More

    Quads are often able to keep moving in the sort of conditions that even a well equipped 4x4 will struggle to master. That includes deep snow – which is one reason why the range of ATV snowploughs from Warn is worth serious thought if you run a quad.

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  • ViprFuelShutOffValve

    Shut Off and Shut Out

    Barely a day seems to go by without another Defender owner putting the word out that his or her pride and joy has been stolen. You’ll never stop a really determined pro thief but, when the criminal bosses are happy to send out gangs of drugged-up slaves to do their...

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  • Puma Pod

    Raptor Kit For Pumas

    Raptor Engineering has introduced two new products for Puma-engined Land Rover Defenders. The company specialises in in-cab equipment to make vehicles more usable; the Defender’s dashboard design was revised significantly for the first time since as long ago as the Falkands War when the Puma lump was launched in 2007...

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  • Defender glovebox

    Tidy Trim For Landies

    Elsewhere on this website, you can read about Raptor Engineering’s new glovebox for Puma-era Land Rover Defenders. Well, those of us who can’t afford a Landy that new needn’t fret, because the company has also launched a similar product for older Defenders and Series IIIs.

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  • DEi FloorTunnelShld

    The Heat Is Off

    What do you do when you’ve got a product called Floor and Tunnel Shield and you improve it so much you want to give it a whole new name? You call it Floor and Tunnel Shield II, obv.

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  • Burtons Battery Tray

    Handy Tray for Extra Batteries

    If you're planning to fit extra batteries in your vehicle, it stands to reason that you’ll need somewhere to put them. All part of it if you’re already doing lots of fabrication but, if you’re just warming up a production vehicle for off-road use, Burton Power’s new alloy battery tray...

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  • Britpart V8 model

    Britpart's Mini V8

    It’s not too late to leave broad hints lying around for Santa. Which is good, because Britpart has just launched a model V8 engine, made by Haynes, which is fully motorised and comes complete with flashing spark plugs and revving sounds recorded from the real thing.

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  • OBP1

    Stainless Brake Lines For Land Rovers

    OBP Motorsports has recently introduced a range of standard-length stainless steel brake line kits for various Land Rover models. These cover the Defender 90 and 110, Range Rover Classic and Discovery 1 and 2, with a total of eleven different kits taking account of differences in things like ABS and...

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  • DEi Radiator Relief 2

    Relief For Your Rad

    We had some very warm spells this summer, but even when the temperatures were busting the thirty mark it was still nothing like as hot as it gets in the deserts of Arizona and Southern California.

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  • MudUK2

    More Space For Your Cubby

    As cubby boxes go, the ones you’ll find in most Land Rover Defenders are pretty huge. Problem is, everything else about the Defender’s interior is pretty tiny, and even on the newer models stowage space for your odds and ends is notable mainly by its absence.

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  • Meccano Evolution 4x4

    Like A Small Landy...

    You know that thing they say about old Land Rovers being like ‘a giant Meccano kit?’ Well, now there’s a proper Meccano 4x4 for you to compare it to.

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  • Forge Custom Tank

    Fabulous Forging

    What’s the similarity between a cutting-edge Solidworks 3D CAD design and a rough sketch on the back of a fag packet? Forge Motorsport’s bespoke fabrication department says it can dish up the goods in fine style from either, that’s what.

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  • DEi SprayOnBoomMat

    Multi-Purpose Coating In A Can

    A few months ago, we told you about the acoustic barrier material from Boom Mat that can help shut up the incessant drumming from the back of 4x4 vans. Now comes the company’s latest idea – a ‘spray on’ coating in a tin that promises to ‘eliminate squeaks, rattles and...

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  • Truck USB Oblique

    Tallon Aims To Socket To Us

    Mounting electronic equipment on your dashboard is very much part and parcel of driving nowadays, especially if you like to be able to know where it is that you’re doing it. That fact alone means any sort of mounting solution has got to be interesting to off-roaders, whether you’re into...

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  • ViperFlexiFuelFiller

    Flexi Fuel Hose Ideal for Custom Tanks

    One of the first things to think about when you’re building a vehicle is where the fuel tank is going to go. Depending on the answer, the next thing to think about is how you’re going to get fuel into it.

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  • TFK2

    Terrain Tamer Announces UK Distributer

    It’s not every day that a whole new off brand of off-road equipment arrives in the UK, least of all one with half a century’s heritage. But that’s what’s happening at Footloose4x4 right now, as the Peterborough company has become the UK distributor for Terrain Tamer’s extensive range of Australian-made...

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  • Waeco S32

    Ideal For Laning Days: A 12V Plug-In Cool Bag

    As we write this, the sun is shining. By the time you read it, we’ll probably be into the now-traditional Great-British-six-month-long-autumn-that-starts-in-mid-June, but never mind. We all still think we’re going to have a summer, and that can only mean one thing: cool bags.

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  • Viper Vacuum Tubing

    Vacuum Clean-Up

    The reality of building a 4x4 is that things like vacuum tubing end up becoming as important to you as tyres and axles. They’re certainly just as likely to spoil the fun if they go wrong.

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  • trailerbox2

    Lock It On Your Trailer

    We haven't had any innovative storage solutions so far this month, at least until now. TCF Engineering’s Trailer Box is designed to fit on the A-frame in front of a trailer, providing storage space for tools, safety equipment or overalls and work boots.

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  • ram mount

    Ram's Handy Mounts

    RAM Mount is a name to bring out the giggling adolescent in you (well, us). But the company sells a range of handy mounts for items like mobile phones, handheld GPS units and tablet devices that’s nothing if not grown-up.

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  • HandiHoldall

    Getting A Bag On...

    Anyone who has children or dogs (or, worse still, both) will be familiar with the sweat-inducing panic that accompanies loading the car for a holiday or weekend away. Even the largest boot can be guaranteed not to have enough space for everything you need.

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  • DEI Rad Flush

    First Flush of Spring

    With summer on the way (cue hollow laugh), now would be a good time to flush the crap out of your 4x4’s radiator. DEI’s Radiator Relief Cooling System Flush is designed to to just that, which you may well have guessed from its name.

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  • Mud Stuff

    Roof Console for Defenders

    Mud Stuff's latest product for the Land Rover Defender is this extremely neat roof console. Developed in conjunction with an OE automotive and aerospace trim manufacturer, it promises a factory-standard level of fit, finish and appearance to an installation that requires no removal or cutting of the truck’s headlining.

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  • RockOil

    Rock Oil Arrives at Frogs Island

    Frogs Island 4x4 has teamed up with Rock Oil to offer ‘a high quality alternative to often expensive OEM-branded lubricants for Land Rovers and 4x4s.’ The products are seen as the perfect partner to the Allmakes range of filters and service kits Frogs Island already distributes, and an online Lubricant...

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  • Crate1

    Keep Your Fluids Under Control...

    You know how the best ideas are always the simplest? Well, Off Road Armoury has developed some very advanced stuff in its time, but we wouldn’t mind betting that the company’s new Race Crates will go on to number among its most successful lines.

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  • USB1

    Stick (But Not In The Mud)

    If this isn't the coolest thing you’ve ever seen in your entire life, you’re big mates with Johnny Depp or the Fonz. As if a 4GB USB memory stick hidden in a die-cast model of a Defender 90 wasn’t wonderful enough, the headlights flash when the stick is sending or...

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  • AMI2

    Life's A Gas

    We introduced you to Auto Marine Improvement last month, and immediately started calling it AMI because typing its name in full was giving us blisters. The company specialises in interiors, and as we mentioned in passing last month its product range includes a handy gas bottle locker for your 110.

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  • Exmoor1

    Classy New Defender Cubby From Exmoor Trim

    This is the sort of product that runs the risk of showing up the rest of the interior if it’s fitted in a scabby old vehicle. But if you’ve got a tidy Defender, Exmoor Trim’s new Premium Loc Box could be a very nice finishing touch in between the front seats.

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  • Bestop1

    Full Bestop Range Hits UK

    There's never been any shortage of parts available for modifying the Jeep Wrangler, but the range we get to choose from in the UK isn’t what you’d call extensive. It’s just become that bit bigger, however, thanks to the appointment of Derby-based Travall as a key stockist for the Bestop range.

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  • Acme Vent Pin

    A Little Less Rust

    Acme Wildside, the company behind the now-famous Defender Demister, has brought out another product to make life that bit less infuriating for owners of Land Rover’s finest. Its stainless steel vent hinge pin kit is a like-for-like swap, replacing an item which on Defenders of a certain age is very...

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  • Booster Kit

    Flatdog Launches Battery Booster Kit

    The first rule of flat batteries is that they only ever happen when it’s least convenient. And if you didn’t think it was an inconvenient time, it’ll become one the moment you turn your truck’s ignition key and it coughs lamely at you in return.

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  • katie 16

    Landy Lovers Bear All

    Good grief, what’s going on here? The Series 3 and 90-110 Owners’ Club isn’t the first 4x4 club to have the idea of doing its own version of the Calendar Girls thing. But with the legend that is Frank King behind the project, we don’t mind betting that this one’s...

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  • 40mmshortmetal ammobox

    East West Ammo Boxes

    East West Trading says its 40mm ammo boxes always sell out at 4x4 shows. They only cost £12 and provide a perfect bolt-in carry case for your tools and recovery kit, so no wonder. The US Army boxes are made from pressed steel, with a diagonal rib and waterproof seal.

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  • defender load area acoustic matting system auto 404 1177 p

    Sound Cure For Landy Ear

    We all know about Land Rover deafness, which strikes when you’ve spent hours behind the wheel without ever realising quite how persistent the non-stop drumming from behind you is being. If that one’s making you wince, this Acoustic Matting System offered by Defender Bits could be money well spent indeed.

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  • DSC 0036

    Bespoke Thermal Underwear For Your Truck

    You probably haven't heard of Auto Marine Improvement, but there’s a very good reason for that. This is that the company has only just started up, but the guy behind it is Gordon Kidson-Petlem, a long time club man who knows his vehicles and has a refreshing approach to business.

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