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  • MudUK2

    More Space For Your Cubby

    As cubby boxes go, the ones you’ll find in most Land Rover Defenders are pretty huge. Problem is, everything else about the Defender’s interior is pretty tiny, and even on the newer models stowage space for your odds and ends is notable mainly by its absence.

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  • Meccano Evolution 4x4

    Like A Small Landy...

    You know that thing they say about old Land Rovers being like ‘a giant Meccano kit?’ Well, now there’s a proper Meccano 4x4 for you to compare it to.

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  • Mud Stuff

    Roof Console for Defenders

    Mud Stuff's latest product for the Land Rover Defender is this extremely neat roof console. Developed in conjunction with an OE automotive and aerospace trim manufacturer, it promises a factory-standard level of fit, finish and appearance to an installation that requires no removal or cutting of the truck’s headlining.

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  • AMI2

    Life's A Gas

    We introduced you to Auto Marine Improvement last month, and immediately started calling it AMI because typing its name in full was giving us blisters. The company specialises in interiors, and as we mentioned in passing last month its product range includes a handy gas bottle locker for your 110.

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  • Exmoor1

    Classy New Defender Cubby From Exmoor Trim

    This is the sort of product that runs the risk of showing up the rest of the interior if it’s fitted in a scabby old vehicle. But if you’ve got a tidy Defender, Exmoor Trim’s new Premium Loc Box could be a very nice finishing touch in between the front seats.

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  • Acme Vent Pin

    A Little Less Rust

    Acme Wildside, the company behind the now-famous Defender Demister, has brought out another product to make life that bit less infuriating for owners of Land Rover’s finest. Its stainless steel vent hinge pin kit is a like-for-like swap, replacing an item which on Defenders of a certain age is very...

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  • katie 16

    Landy Lovers Bear All

    Good grief, what’s going on here? The Series 3 and 90-110 Owners’ Club isn’t the first 4x4 club to have the idea of doing its own version of the Calendar Girls thing. But with the legend that is Frank King behind the project, we don’t mind betting that this one’s...

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  • defender load area acoustic matting system auto 404 1177 p

    Sound Cure For Landy Ear

    We all know about Land Rover deafness, which strikes when you’ve spent hours behind the wheel without ever realising quite how persistent the non-stop drumming from behind you is being. If that one’s making you wince, this Acoustic Matting System offered by Defender Bits could be money well spent indeed.

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