Sound Cure For Landy Ear

Originally Published: February 2013

We all know about Land Rover deafness, which strikes when you’ve spent hours behind the wheel without ever realising quite how persistent the non-stop drumming from behind you is being. If that one’s making you wince, this Acoustic Matting System offered by Defender Bits could be money well spent indeed.

Sound deadening for Landies is nothing new, but we like the look of this kit’s heavy-duty velcro fastening. You’re always going to need to remove the pads sooner or later to clean them up, which isn’t ever so easy if you’ve glued them in place the way we had to once.

With an all rubber and foam construction, there’s nothing in the kit to soak up water and start going mouldy, either – another problem we sniffed out once on kits of old. The wheel boxes are blanketed in chequer-look rubber, and a heavy-duty load mat sits along the floor to shut things up still further.

The kit costs £119.95, which is less than we’ve seen similar things going for before. It won’t make you any better off road, of course. But at least you’ll be able to hear what your winch man’s saying.


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