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  • CP 002

    An Engineered Answer to Land Rover Theft

    Spinney Engineering has come up with a revolutionary means of stopping thieves from making off with your Land Rover. Called the Rat Trap, this is available for Series vehicles from 1948-1984 and Defenders from 1984-on.

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  • Mud UK hinge 2

    Protect Your Bonnet

    Anti-theft bonnet hinges are, sadly, something that every Defender owner needs to think about. Mud UK’s new units aren’t the first on the market, but they do the job and they cost a tiny fraction of what you’d have to shell out on making things right if a pond-life got...

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  • SPOT Trace facing up copy

    Black Box Could Get Your Stolen Truck Back

    Certain models of 4x4 are very, very popular with thieves, which means Globalstar’s SPOT Trace system should be very, very popular with their owners. This is an anti-theft tracking device which monitors your vehicle for movement and warns you via email if anything suspicious should arise.

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  • ViprFuelShutOffValve

    Shut Off and Shut Out

    Barely a day seems to go by without another Defender owner putting the word out that his or her pride and joy has been stolen. You’ll never stop a really determined pro thief but, when the criminal bosses are happy to send out gangs of drugged-up slaves to do their...

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