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  • MudUK2

    More Space For Your Cubby

    As cubby boxes go, the ones you’ll find in most Land Rover Defenders are pretty huge. Problem is, everything else about the Defender’s interior is pretty tiny, and even on the newer models stowage space for your odds and ends is notable mainly by its absence.

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  • Mud Stuff

    Roof Console for Defenders

    Mud Stuff's latest product for the Land Rover Defender is this extremely neat roof console. Developed in conjunction with an OE automotive and aerospace trim manufacturer, it promises a factory-standard level of fit, finish and appearance to an installation that requires no removal or cutting of the truck’s headlining.

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  • DSC 0036

    Bespoke Thermal Underwear For Your Truck

    You probably haven't heard of Auto Marine Improvement, but there’s a very good reason for that. This is that the company has only just started up, but the guy behind it is Gordon Kidson-Petlem, a long time club man who knows his vehicles and has a refreshing approach to business.

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