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  • DEi FloorTunnelShld

    The Heat Is Off

    What do you do when you’ve got a product called Floor and Tunnel Shield and you improve it so much you want to give it a whole new name? You call it Floor and Tunnel Shield II, obv.

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  • DEi Radiator Relief 2

    Relief For Your Rad

    We had some very warm spells this summer, but even when the temperatures were busting the thirty mark it was still nothing like as hot as it gets in the deserts of Arizona and Southern California.

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  • DEI Rad Flush

    First Flush of Spring

    With summer on the way (cue hollow laugh), now would be a good time to flush the crap out of your 4x4’s radiator. DEI’s Radiator Relief Cooling System Flush is designed to to just that, which you may well have guessed from its name.

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