Relief For Your Rad

Originally Published: November 2013

We had some very warm spells this summer, but even when the temperatures were busting the thirty mark it was still nothing like as hot as it gets in the deserts of Arizona and Southern California. That’s where Design Engineering went to test its Radiator Relief coolant additive – which it says can bring down your engine’s operating temperature by as much as 17°C.

DEI says the product works by transferring heat more efficiently through the radiator to prevent overheating. That doesn’t just mean full-on brew-ups, either – general hot running will make an engine wear faster, dealing a hammer blow to its reliability and lifespan.

How do you achieve this by pouring in an additive? ’Radiator Relief is designed to reduce the surface tension of the coolant,’ explains DEI, ‘which maximises the thermal conductivity and transfer process through the cooling system.’

Supplied pre-mixed and compatible with all types of anti-freeze, Radiator Relief also stabilises the pH level in your coolant to inhibit rust, scale and deposit build-ups. It’s biodegradable, non-toxic, safe for all alloys and, says DEI, suitable for use in all water-cooled engines. Which, to all intents and purposes in the everyday off-road world, is all of them.

Radiator Relief is available from Burton Power at Alternatively, you can go to to order directly or find the details of your nearest dealer.


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