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  • Mud UK heater duct 2

    Salvation for Scorched Shins

    Remember the days when Land Rovers' heaters were known as ‘shin burners’? Well those days are still here, if MUD-UK is to be believed – though with its Puma Heater Deflector maybe they don’t need to be.

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  • Mud UK hinge 2

    Protect Your Bonnet

    Anti-theft bonnet hinges are, sadly, something that every Defender owner needs to think about. Mud UK’s new units aren’t the first on the market, but they do the job and they cost a tiny fraction of what you’d have to shell out on making things right if a pond-life got...

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  • MUD 2446312 B copy

    New Range of Cargo Nets from MUD-UK

    MUD-UK has added two new options to its range of netting products for keeping cargo under control. The first is a hammock-style affair measuring a sizeable 1050 x 270mm; the second is a ‘load bed’ net, which stretches from 630 x 1000mm to 950 x 1000mm, should you require that...

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