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  • Britpart fridge 1

    Expedition-Built ARB Fridge Freezers Now Available From Britpart

    ARB’s Portable Fridge Freezers are the stuff of legend among overland travellers. And whatever kind of 4x4 you drive, the good news is that they’re now more widely available than ever in the UK.

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  • Britpart Raptor 3

    Protect your truck against everything…

    Britpart has added an intriguing new line of products to its vast array of off-road accessories. Raptor is a durable coating designed to protect vehicles against a wide range of the many nasties waiting for them out there.

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  • What does your oil say

    What does your oil say about you?

    BRITPART DEALERS ARE OFFERING a new service performed by a leading oil condition monitoring lab. Called Lubetrend Analysis, it gains you a full report on the state of the oil in your engine or transmission, potentially alerting you to serious problems before they become critical.

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  • britpart seat cover 1

    Budget Covers for Defender Seats

    It's possible to spend a small fortune on seat covers for a Defender. But if all you want to do is cover up the splits, fag burns and dog-chew damage, or you’d like to plonk your posterior on something a bit more pleasant than the harsh vinyl of the originals,...

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  • Britpart dog guard

    Don’t Let Your Truck Go To The Dogs…

    You don’t need to have a dog for a dog guard to earn its corn. All you have to do is be that guy who just chucks his ropes, shackles, snatch blocks, high-lift and ground anchor in the back of his truck and goes off-roading without lashing them down, and...

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  • Ravenol MDL

    Lubricant That Can Deal With The Stress

    New from Britpart is a wide range of lubricants from Ravenol. This includes MDL – a semi-synthetic diff oil designed specifically for multi-disc limited-slip units.

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  • Britpart seat cover

    Covers For Landy Seats

    We always talk about protecting your vehicle from trees, boulders and so on, but what about protecting it from those pesky passengers who insist on sitting in it?

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  • Britpart first aid kit copy

    Travel in Peace With Britpart Travel Kits

    Britpart has introduced a range of travel kits suitable for carrying in any vehicle, 4x4 or not. These include an emergency kit for UK breakdowns, with a warning triangle, LED torch and hi-vis jacket, and a European job adding things like beam converters, GB sticker, foil blanket and breath tests.

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  • DA4679 situ2

    Dual USB Replacement For Your Fag Lighter

    Dead easy, this one. Out comes your old 12V socket, and in goes this dual USB charger in its place. New to the Britpart range, it has a fold-down dust cap and runs two USB 2.0 sockets to keep you wired right up.

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  • Britpart side step

    Tread To Tread On

    How cool is this? Britpart now offers a folding side step for the Land Rover Defender, with a grippy rubber top whose pattern mimics the original BFG Mud-Terrain. The rest of the unit is robustly made and finished, and the hinge is powerfully sprung to keep the step section tucked...

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  • Dirt D Fender

    Who Wants A Defender With No Mud On It?

    This is unlikely to appeal to you if you’ve ever bought a can of spray-on mud, but Britpart has just started carrying the Dirt D-Fender – a rivet-on guard to stop the cruddy grime that sprays up between your Land Rover’s wheelarch and mudguard to create that familiar fountain effect...

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  • Britpart V8 model

    Britpart's Mini V8

    It’s not too late to leave broad hints lying around for Santa. Which is good, because Britpart has just launched a model V8 engine, made by Haynes, which is fully motorised and comes complete with flashing spark plugs and revving sounds recorded from the real thing.

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