Budget Covers for Defender Seats

Originally Published: May 2015

It's possible to spend a small fortune on seat covers for a Defender. But if all you want to do is cover up the splits, fag burns and dog-chew damage, or you’d like to plonk your posterior on something a bit more pleasant than the harsh vinyl of the originals, something cheap but tough might well suffice.

Something like Britpart’s new range of Inner Seat Covers, which are designed to slip over the Defender’s standard two-piece seat units and stay in place using elastic ties. Simple, robust and all most people will need – and cheap enough that if they get ripped, eaten, stained to death or totally ingrained with mud, you can just lob them in the bin and buy a new set.

Cheap enough? With prices starting at £29.99, it’s a lot better than springing for a new seat. Visit www.britpart.com.


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