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  • Boom Mat Jeep Kit

    Sound-Deadening Kit For JK Wrangler

    It was all a bit revolutionary when Jeep brought out the JK Wrangler. Where once it was folding canvas for a roof, suddenly you got a proper hard-top – with lift-out panels to let you get the wind in your hair without having to get your knickers in a twist.

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  • DEi FloorTunnelShld

    The Heat Is Off

    What do you do when you’ve got a product called Floor and Tunnel Shield and you improve it so much you want to give it a whole new name? You call it Floor and Tunnel Shield II, obv.

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  • defender load area acoustic matting system auto 404 1177 p

    Sound Cure For Landy Ear

    We all know about Land Rover deafness, which strikes when you’ve spent hours behind the wheel without ever realising quite how persistent the non-stop drumming from behind you is being. If that one’s making you wince, this Acoustic Matting System offered by Defender Bits could be money well spent indeed.

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