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  • Burton Comex Fan

    Keep Cool With Comex

    Adding an electric fan is one of the most common mods an off-roader will make to his vehicle. So the latest Comex range, made by Revotec and available from Burton Power, could be just what you need to keep cool.

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  • Burtons Battery Tray

    Handy Tray for Extra Batteries

    If you're planning to fit extra batteries in your vehicle, it stands to reason that you’ll need somewhere to put them. All part of it if you’re already doing lots of fabrication but, if you’re just warming up a production vehicle for off-road use, Burton Power’s new alloy battery tray...

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  • DEi Radiator Relief 2

    Relief For Your Rad

    We had some very warm spells this summer, but even when the temperatures were busting the thirty mark it was still nothing like as hot as it gets in the deserts of Arizona and Southern California.

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