Keep Cool With Comex

Originally Published: May 2014

Adding an electric fan is one of the most common mods an off-roader will make to his vehicle. So the latest Comex range, made by Revotec and available from Burton Power, could be just what you need to keep cool.

The base model in the range is the 12” diameter Blow Type, Slim Line model; this can be teamed with a Revotec electronic controller to make it fully automatic should you want that, but most off-roaders will want to wire it to a switch on the dash so they can knock it out manually to keep it from spraying water around their engine bay when they go wading.

The 12” fan was designed with classic Fords in mind, which is a bit random. Given the number of old supermini fans that end up sucking air through the rads on modded Land Rovers, however, we don’t think you’ll mind that.

This particular fan retails at £64.99, but there’s money off to be had by purchasing direct from Burton Power’s web shop. That’s at


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