• Cages Lighting

    MM4X4 Shines LED Lights On Defenders

    LAND ROVER DEFENDERS are fantastic in many ways, but the beam of light from their headlamps is not one of them. The answer is of course to swap them out for a pair of LEDs, like this pair from MM 4x4. Their dark appearance looks pretty sultry even in the daylight, but they also have DRLs installed in them. Fire them up at...

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  • rectangle

    MM4x4 Launches Budget-Priced 48" Curved Light Bar

    YOU CAN JUST SEE CROCODILE DUNDEE with one of these. ‘That’s not a light bar.’ Pulls out this four-foot long LED monstrosity which he’s conveniently stored between his shoulders. ‘This is a light bar.’ And indeed it is. What a whopper.

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  • 4x4 May17 043

    Lazer Lamps

    LAZER LAMPS is pretty good at this lighting malarkey, what with it being one of the most respected lighting specialists in the off-road and motorsport arena. 

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  • light

    Lighten up!

    This is the Wilderness Compact 2. It’s half the size of its bigger brother which is… the Compact 4. Maths is clearly your thing. In which case here are some more numbers for you to play with. It’s only small, with two 10W LEDs, yet it produces 1600 lumens.

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  • Wild 1


    The newest addition to the Wilderness collection is the company’s innovative range of Scene lights. Based on its existing Duplex and Compact ranges, these are fitted with four-sided reflectors with the LEDs mounted closelytogether in the centre. The wide aspect of the reflector creates an incredible 120-degree spread of even light.

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  • Products September

    Mighty New Light Bars From Lazer

    Do you know what a lux is? It’s a measure of illumination, and even the smallest of the latest Triple-R lamps from Lazer has one. That may sounds mighty dull but it means you could read a newspaper by its light at a distance of 900m.

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  • Rugged Ridge TJ Hood Mount Light Bar Closeup


    'WE WANTED TO TAKE the same light mounting versatility that we have for the JKs and bring them to older model Wranglers.’ So says Rugged Ridge – which means that if you have a TJ Wrangler (or an LJ, though we’re not aware of there being even one of these...

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  • sealey launches 360 family

    Sealey launches 360 family of LED lights

    TECHNOLOGY IN THE LIGHTING FIELD is constantly evolving towards more efficient, brighter and longer life bulbs. Sealey is constantly developing  new designs and concepts to ensure the user has the best experience… which is why the company came up with its patented ‘360°’ Family.

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  • new look for lazers e marked 2

    New look for Lazer's e-marked LEDs

    WE BROUGHT YOU THE NEWS a couple of months back that Lazer Lamps had received E-mark certification for its Triple-R 750 Standard and Elite LED lights, making them fully legal for use on the road. Now, the company says its larger Tripe-R 1000 Standard model is currently undergoing the approval...

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  • ORA Tail light 3

    Armoury Lights for Ultra4 Regs

    'All vehicles must have a minimum of two tail lights and brake lights and one rearward facing amber light. Tail lights must be at least 3” in diameter,’ say the regs for Ultra4 Europe. So the Off Road Armoury is now selling lights designed to answer every single question these...

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  • led side repeaters

    Side Repeaters for Defenders

    New from 4x4 Overlander are these Nakatanenga side repeaters for the 90, 110 and 130. These are E-marked and promise easy installation, with a simple ‘plug and play’ fitting.

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  • 10inchDR

    E-Mark for Wilderness LEDs

    Wilderness Lighting has been awarded E20 approval for its Solo and Duplex LED lights. The new E-mark, which applies to 10” and 20” versions of both products, means they can now be used legally on the road with your vehicle’s main beam.

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  • Model 8700DRL Black EVO2 2

    Evo2 Headlamps for Jeep and LR

    Auto electrical specialist Mobile Centre has just launched its new Model 8700 Evo2 headlamp range – a set of 7” round lights specifically tailored for the Land Rover Defender but also suitable for use on certain versions of the Jeep Wrangler.

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  • 50inch curved light

    Wilderness Take A Colourful Approach To Lighting Your Way

    This just in from our ‘things you really needed to see to believe’ correspondent. Pink LED lights now exist in the world.

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  • SHOT 2D

    Ring Lighting Options Illuminate Defenders

    The list of things people like about Land Rover Defenders goes on and on and on. It contains a lot of things. But ‘headlights’ doesn’t tend to be among them.

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  • rectangle

    T-24: Lazer Talk For 'As Bright As It Comes'

    The T-24 is the daddy of Lazer’s LED off-road lighting range. As its name suggests, it features a bank of 24 high-powered LEDs, between them kicking out 20,830 lumens and projecting a hybrid beam to an astonishing distance of 897 metres.

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  • Navara 3

    Grille Kits For LED Fitting On Standard 4x4s

    Lazer Lamps has teamed up with Zunsport, the UK-based manufacturer of premium quality stainless steel mesh grilles, to reveal its new Integrated Grille Kits.

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  • Wilderness Orb photo with logos

    Wilderness Shines Out With LED Orb

    Let’s shed some light on the situation, shall we? That’s what Wilderness Lighting is intending to do, anyway.

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  • DA6280K

    Truck-Lites Shine Out For Land Rover

    Britpart has started stocking a range of Truck-lite LED headlamps, including these replacement units for various Land Rovers. These project pure white light from a pair of LED arrays per unit, and have a multi-volt design suitable for use with both 12V and 24V systems.

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  • LEDKIT01 02

    TBR Launches Rhino-Rack LED Lighting Kit For Every Occasion

    Driving in the dark is easy. Just switch on your headlights and happy days. But once the driving’s over and the camping’s begun, those same headlights probably don’t point in the right direction – especially if you’ve got an awning or similar apparatus hooked up to the side or back...

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  • ARB Intensity LED Cover MINISCULE FILE

    Colourful Covers

    New from ARB is a range of covers for its Intensity Driving Lights. The important thing, obviously, is that these are available in clear, colour tinted and solid coloured finishes.

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  • britpart lights

    Britpart's Bright Ideas

    New from Britpart is a Xenon 7” universal fit headlamp upgrade kit including the Xenon Ultima – the first auto bulb, it boasts, to put 120% more light on the road. The kits offered by Britpart dealers are suitable for Defenders, Series Land Rovers and the Range Rover Classic.

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  • britax amber

    A Quick Flash...

    Sooner or later, any owner of a 4x4 will hanker after a flashing amber beacon. Even if you never illuminate it, or don’t even attach it to your vehicle’s roof, simply knowing you own such an item can be a source of great pride.

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