Land Rover

  • DSC 0045

    Street Sleeper

    Street racing isn’t something you would out of the ordinary.‘I bought this as a toy and necessarily associate with Land Rovers of any description, nor is it a pastime that this well-behaved publication would condone.We all like to have fun in our toys, but with Land Rovers you’re more likely to think...

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  • 4164 019

    Long Story

    Back in the day, the only way of driving away from a main dealership aboard a four-door pick-up was by shelling out for a Land Rover 127. Many local authorities and utility  companies did that – though even with the passage of time, not many enthusiasts have taken them on as...

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  • DSC 5484

    Top Cat

    When Richard Johnstone bought a one-owner 200Tdi Discovery to use as an everyday runabout and off- road toy, he had no idea that one day it would be reborn – literally – as a brand new vehicle. And it all started with a small rust hole...

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  • DSC 8260

    Mud Max

    Some vehicle builds seem to make a point of using parts from sources most of us have never heard of. But here’s proof that you can start with the sort of bits most workshops have piled up in the corner – and use them to create a vehicle that looks...

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  • Image 1 copy 3

    Arctic Rolling

    If you were planning a long trip, you might think twice about trusting a Discovery 1 to get you to the other end. But if the trip was 5000 miles long, your destination was north of the Arctic Circle and you were doing it in the depths of winter? Well,...

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  • DSC 4761

    Austerity Measures

    Liam Riley bought his Discovery because it was cheap. Since then, he’s turned it into an off-road hero – without ever needing to spend much money on making it what it is… 

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  • DSC 8571

    What Lies Beneath

    Precious few of the Land Rover 90s that date from the first few years of production are still in anything resembling their original state. In some cases, that’s a bad thing. But every so often a Landy turns up that looks unremarkable – until you start digging beneath the surface…...

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  • DSC 42655

    A Bedder Disco

    Land Rovers Discoverys often get turned into hardcore off-road toys as they approach their lives’ end – thus of course hastening the end-of-life process tremendously. For this 200Tdi, however, the opposite has become the case. Instead of being literally beaten to death, it’s been put to bed…

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  • DSC 4479

    What Women Want

    Working out the fairer sex, particularly for some of the men out there, is no easy task. There’s no question that women are a complexity far more advanced than the average male brain can decipher, but there’s a secret to keeping her happy. Just give the lady a Defender.

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  • 7079 021 copy

    Parental Guidance

    We pick up all sorts of habits from our parents, and for many of us who’ve fallen for the Green Oval machines, it’s our fathers to whom we owe this unhealthy obsession. It’s not all bad, though, and in the case of Kevin Jukes, his father has shown him the...

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  • DSC 6962 copy

    A Champions Return

    The 90 SV is a special truck, but this particular example is even more worthy of the label, having racked up countless accolades in the UK winch challenge scene. Many disapproved of the truck’s transformation into a loud and lairy competition motor – but it’s okay, because its owner was...

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  • DSC 6210 copy

    A View To A Kill

    Sometimes four wheels simply aren’t enough. And neither apparently are any of the traditional wheelbases Land Rover offered for the Defender. So, that can only mean that Chris Kill’s Defender 160” 6x6 must be quite the spectacle.

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  • DSC 3671 copy

    Tray For Play

     Trayback Land Rovers tend to be associated with the serious business of winching your way into seemingly impossible positions on challenge events. But they can make a lot of sense if all you want to do is go confidently on lane runs and playdays, too – though as it turns...

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  • DSC 90336


    Land Rovers are pretty resilient machines even in their standard Solihull suits. But for some of us out there who want to really use a Land Rover they can appear a bit soft around the edges. Shaun Myerscough’s Defender is different, because this 90 is as solid as they come.

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  • DSC 210416

    Two Into One

    Land Rovers aren’t always renowned for their speed. But when The Landy travelled down to Whitecliff Off-Road to check out a certain Discovery 1, that view changed dramatically. This is one sure-fire way to have a party in a quarry…

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  • DSC 6101 copy

    Big Boy's Toy

    When Matt Unsworth was a little boy, someone gave him a bright yellow toy Land Rover. From that moment on, he was determined that when he grew up, he’s have a real one just like it

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  • DSC 6609 copy

    Technicolour 90

    Land Rovers come in all sorts of colours, especially once the aftermarket re-sprays come into play. Jason Redfern’s 90, though, must be one of the most colourful Landies around – and one that certainly puts the red in off-road ready… 

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  • DSC 94643

    Money No Object

     Discovery 2s are great: great for towing, great for being a family vehicle and especially great at going off-road. You don’t even need many accessories to turn them into a special truck when you do go off-tarmac. But we’ve come across a Td5 D2 that’s had over £35,000 spent on it.

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  • DSC 7758

    As Fresh As A Daisy

    Mark Burston may own a Discovery that has covered nearly 700,000 miles, but it’s a Disco that just keeps on giving. And what it gives Mark is a four-wheeled machine he can use every day, yet still allow him to rule the roost at Silverdale too. It’s quite something...

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  • 5127 026 copy

    Down The Hatch

    Here’s a little game you can play with your kids next time they’re bored: give them a piece of paper and a pencil and ask them to draw an off-road truck like the one Mummy or Daddy drives.

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  • DSC 6517 copy

    The Green Shoots of Recovery

    Andy Fleming bought a ‘smashed up’ Land Rover Discovery – then set about smashing it up some more. But then one day, with its back body starting to rot through, he popped out to the workshop for ‘a little play about.’ A few hours later, what was once a bland...

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  • Norminton2

    Cracking On

    After many years as a playday beater, Leigh Norminton’s V8 Discovery had bodywork that was riddled with stress cracks. Many people would just have weighed it in at that point, but Leigh simply took off the knackered bits – and set about building one of the most radical kit cars...

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  • 00001

    Two Into One

    Got a Range Rover with a dead engine and a Discovery with a rotten body? An heart transplant might sound like the obvious answer, but why just do that when a body swap would be more interesting? That’s the logic behind Paul Wood’s hybrid – which combines two everyday dead...

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  • 724

    Marshal Law

    Carl Everett stumbled upon the 4x4 game by accident on a family holiday that happened to be next to an off-road site. Soon he was accompanying his dad to Land Rover shows as both embarked on a new-found life of modifying vehicles – though unlike most of us, who get...

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  • 708

    Into the unknown

    The Loughborough Land Rover Club is based in Loughborough. “You think?!” I hear you say. Don’t worry, I haven’t become a complete and utter moron just yet, or at least not to that extent anyway.

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  • 675

    The Past Is Orange

    Range Rovers are prestige cars. Things of discreet elegance, they lofting their way along country roads with their occupants wrapped in a luxurious cocoon of leather and exotic timbers from shores far away.

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  • 570

    Discovery of Old

    I’d like to propose a thought to you, and feel free to smack me on the head with common sense next time you see me if you feel I may have got this wrong…

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  • 11

    Penfold Tomcat AK

    Most 4x4 fans find themselves drawn towards one aspect of off-roading or another, but Shane Penfold is into the lot. The Disco 2 he uses for laning featured in TOR a few months ago, but he also runs something altogether more exotic.

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  • DSC 5780

    Like Son Like Father

    Normally, it’s dads who get their sons into off-roading. But when Adrian Francis was bitten by the bug, it happened the other way round – which didn’t stop him from restifying a Discovery with an unusual past and an even more unusual colour scheme

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  • DSC 7643

    A Long Time Coming

    David Longmore started building cars in the 1980s. But it wasn’t until a long list of vehicles had passed through his hands that he started getting interested in 4x4s. Even when he took the plunge and set to work on a 100” hybrid Land Rover, though, it still took a...

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  • DSC 3149

    Short And Sweet

    There’s a lot of bobtailed 4x4s in the world – but not all of them look as pretty from close up as they do from a distance. When Sean Robb took on a crashed Range Rover with a view to turning it into an off-road hero, he was horrified by...

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  • 292

    Spot The Difference

    It’s not rocket science as to why we see so many Land Rovers about in Britain – it is their home, after all. While this may not be revolutionary news to you, it’s still quite amazing to think that no two modified Land Rovers are ever entirely the same.

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  • DSC 8

    Defenders Are a Girls Best Friend

    Theresa Arnold has always been into cars. You might assume that that makes her a bit of a tomboy, and with a lifted, lockered, caged and twin-winched Defender 90 as her plaything she’s de nitely more Lara Croft than Hello Kitty.

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  • TOR Jan15 0422

    Show Strength

    If you’ve got to have a major accident, you’d probably choose to have it in a 4x4. That’s what happened to John Lee when he rolled a Vitara: it was bad but, had he not been in a proper vehicle, it would probably have been worse.

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  • rectangle

    Lost In France

    When your first ever off-road experience is described as ‘a bit of a play in the Land Rover,’ there are certain things you don’t expect. One of them is almost certainly a three-day drive across France for another three days of hardcore rock crawling.

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  • 236

    First-class travel

    Prepping a 4x4 for overlanding can mean a lot of different things.  In the case of the new Sherazee off-road camper from Footloose 4x4, it simply means getting the experts to do it for you

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  • 226

    Starting at the top

    Steve Whiting has only been into off-roading for a couple of years.  But in that time, he's built a Range Rover most people would be happy to call the result of their life's work.  Well, as he puts it, he needed a hobby...

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  • 0614coopmain3

    Unconventional Wisdom

    Dave Cooper has some interesting things to say about off-roading, and some of the reasoning behind the things he’s done with his Land Rover 90 is unusual – but still very sound. The vehicle itself is a one-off, too, with its unique king-cab design – but again, there’s no denying...

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  • 0314berekmain1

    'The Best Thing I've Ever Done'

    Rob Berekis only found his way into off-roading by accident through a friend of his wife. But having rediscovered his childhood love of mud, he’s become a devotee of Land Rovers in particular – so much so that he now reckons buying one may be the smartest move he’s ever made.

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  • 0214hitchmain3

    Bone Machine

    Ian Hitchen’s Land Rover looks tough, but it’s not what you’d call pretty. These days, though, it’s a lot nicer than it used to be. That’s because it spent some time in the hands of someone who collected dog bones – meaning that when it came to be sold on,...

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  • 0114rosemain3

    Pull The Other One

    Paul Rose likes nothing more than a good winch recovery. The only problem was that the Suzuki SJ he used to own was so light, he tended to drag himself forward rather than pulling the other guy out.

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  • kelmain1

    Evolution, Not Revolution

    Land Rover’s motto used to be ‘evolution not revolution.’ Jamie Kelly’s own Landy has followed that path to where it is today, through several body shapes, any number of technical specs… and countless broken halfshafts. If he was doing it all over again, might he be bolder with the big...

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  • baymain22

    Shining Example

    When we vowed never to feature another shiny in Total Off Road, we reckoned without Ade Bayley and his spectacular TD5 90. Its detailing and presentation put many a show car to shame – but he’s not scared to push it big-time when it comes to what it was built for.

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  • main41

    You Only Live Twice

    Paul Mellor’s Land Rover had been stripped and condemned when he bought it. All the parts on it are other people’s cast-offs. And while he was building it, he was accused of trying to do the impossible.

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  • main25

    Flesh and Blood

    Look at Andy Jackson’s Land Rover from above, and the first thing you’ll see is a large expanse of female flesh. When it comes to the kind of body that’s held on by nuts and bolts, though, it’s a truck that’s been bloodied by the passage of time – but...

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  • main16

    A Short In The Dark

    Steve Taylor’s Discovery spends a lot of time on the road in the dead of night. But the local police have long since stopped checking him out – after all, nobody who was up to mischief would do it in a caged, lifted trayback with an 82” wheelbase, would they?

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  • main12

    Runs In The Family

    Matt Hubbard and his dad Paul only got into off-roading after taking a friend on a 4x4 experience for a birthday treat. Now they own a 90 whose life story includes at least two engine swaps, a spell on the challenge scene and a future as a family heirloom…

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  • DSC 4283

    May The 4xForce Be With You ♦ Tested Product ♦

    A lot of the Land Rover suspension systems on the market are basically variations on the same theme. Taller springs, longer dampers and some combination of castor correction, shock towers and modified links – there are some excellent options around, but it’s not every day that someone comes along with...

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  • DSC 0896new

    Big Boy's Toy

    Back when Jordan Farrell’s mountain bike was his biggest toy, he bought a Land Rover 90 to carry it around in. But he’d always wanted an off-roader, ever since seeing them on telly as a kid… so it wasn’t long before his new 4x4 was turning into his biggest toy yet.

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  • DSC 9718

    Little By Little

    Neil Witt wasn’t in any hurry to modify his Discovery. Instead, he just kept an eye out for the right bits when they came up on eBay – and his patience has been rewarded with a practical fun truck that owes him less than a month’s salary and looks set...

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  • 045

    My Other Car's a Land Rover

    You know those old stickers that used to say ‘my other car’s a Porsche’? Well, John Duerden don’t need no Porsche, cos he’s got a Ferrari. But it’s his other car that’s the interesting one…

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  • main5

    Special Brew

    When Jim Marsden bought his Defender 90 SV, little did he know that one day he would drive it to a string of successes in Britain’s top winch challenges. But even as he was doing so, there was one thing he did know: that the day would come when he...

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  • 12048 82

    Trayback To The Future

    Jason Farr’s 90 had already spent many years as a mildly modified green laner before its first challenge competition. But when the bug bit, it bit hard. Enter stage left Martin Lewis, builder of one of the UK’s first traybacks – which provided all the inspiration Jason needed for the...

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  • DSC 7221

    Big Daddy

    Toby Barnes-Taylor is every kid’s dream dad. When he left the army with a resettlement cheque, he didn’t sink it into the mortgage – he bought a Defender 130 and prepped it for overlanding. From now on, every family holiday is going to be the adventure of a lifetime.

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  • fieldmain1

    Better Than New

    Fresh from a two-year apprenticeship at Qt Services, Jack Fielder is setting up in business to create Land Rovers he says are better than new. How? By rebuilding old ones from the 200Tdi era so that this time, they’ll last forever.

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  • 12087 41

    Land Rover Defender ♦ Vehicle Test ♦

    Launched late in 2011, the 2.2-litre Defender will be the last version of the vehicle as we know it. An all-new vehicle previewed by the DC100 concept is due in 2014 – and used values for the existing model have been spiralling upwards ever since this was announced.

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  • Freelander

    Land Rover Freelander ♦ Vehicle Test ♦

    Land Rover's well-known Freelander is put to the test.

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  • main2

    The Long Story

    Dan Hickling’s Land Rover 90 is still a Land Rover 90. But it’s a Land Rover 90 with a 100-inch wheelbase. That apart, its resemblance to the vehicle it once was is, well, pretty much zero...

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  • 11049 121 main

    A Friend Indeed

    The moment David Coast laid eyes on a cheap Land Rover that ‘wasn’t a rust bucket,’ he knew he had to have it. And not just because he wanted a cool truck, either. Because he was a man with a friend in need...

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  • 11095 003 big

    Blank Canvas

    Agricultural engineer Nick Mills is one of those people who always needs to have a project on the go. For his latest creation, an ex-utility Defender 110 provided the blank canvas for what an art critic would surely call his blue period.

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  • mcivmain2

    True Colours

    When Brian ‘Scotty’ McIvor built his 90 from scratch, he painted it grey with a grey roll cage. Don’t be fooled, though. Because when you get underneath it, this Land Rover is very colourful indeed.

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  • G10 Discovery 014

    Land Rover Discovery ♦ Vehicle Test ♦

    What’s new? Eight-speed auto box and updated diesel engine

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  • coopmain1new

    Lumbering Around

    Simon Cooper bought a nifty 90 with an interesting past, and treated it to a seemingly endless series of collisions with trees. But he’s not barking mad, or a complete sap, so he quickly twigged that he needed to branch out into the world of body protection.

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  • smithmain1

    British Beef

    Malcolm Smith decided to lose some weight. So he took an angle grinder to his Range Rover...

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  • agmain2

    Homecoming Hero

    When it was first built, Rick Agutter’s Defender 110 was shipped straight out to Afghanistan. After a decade of putting up with who knows what, it came home… to be lifted, bobtailed and turned into a stand-out off-road machine for all the family.

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  • birdmain1

    Second Helpings

    Jonathan Bird’s Land Rover has appeared in TOR before. But you’d be hard pushed to recognise it, because with a new frame and body, new engine, new suspension, much taller tyres and a whole lot more besides, it’s changed a lot.

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    Industrial Relations

    Like all good relationships, Ben Halls’ with his Land Rover has required a lot of money and hard work. Unlike most relationships, a lot of that work was with an angle grinder, but at least that’s one way of making sparks fly…

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  • 10089 23

    Land Rover Discovery ♦ Towing Test ♦

    If you're a traditional Land Rover Discovery driver, you might well have been drawn to the vehicle because although it’s much more of a family car than the Defender, it’s still a truck at heart. Even the Disco 3, with its independent suspension and gadgets-to-the-max design, still had the doughty...

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    Seeing Red

    A P38a Range Rover 4.6 Vogue isn’t the obvious choice on the hardcore off-roading menu. But Paul Goldring has added some scary spice…

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  • IMG 2

    Russian Spies and Fireflies

    It was a strange mixture of bullet-holed Eastern Bloc buildings and close encounters with nature that met us on our journey through Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Bulgaria on the Roof of the World Rally. And this was just a small portion of a fundraising adventure on which Charity Road...

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  • WattIIA3

    The Real Deal

    Want to see a prime example of a real-world Land Rover? Look no further than James Watt’s Series IIA. It might still have its original leaf springs – but it’s not short of a trick or two in the rough stuff.

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  • Morley902 2

    Twisted Firestarter

    Flame-throwing, car-crushing, CCTV-recording… it’s all in a day’s work for Sam Morley’s hybrid Land Rover. Go beyond the thrills and spills, though, and you’ll find a brilliantly sorted ex-military truck that adds off-road basics like an enormously flexible suspension set-up to fun stuff like a fire-spitting exhaust.

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  • 8150 108

    Low Profile

    Julian Read’s latest race truck looks like a Land Rover. In many ways, indeed, it is a Land Rover. But get beneath the skin, and you’ll find that it’s much more than just a Defender with a big engine…

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  • 9101 062

    It IS Big And It IS Clever

    With six inches of body lift, Ian Redway’s Range Rover is very big. But with belt-and-braces electrics, no end of custom parts and a bespoke three-link suspension system, it’s very clever too. So it should be, after the amount of time and money he’s put into it – just don’t...

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  • 9045 082

    West Life

    West Mids 4x4 is a comparative newcomer to the off-road industry. But the company’s demo truck shows that it already has a wide variety of products to show off – and the vehicle’s owner, co-director Ian Moulsdale, has many years’ experience of modifying, off-roading and Land Rover re-inventing behind him.

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  • 9054 133

    Big Cat

    Pete Littler’s Discovery has the roar of a lion and the agility of a leopard, the power of a Jaguar and the grace of a Tabby. However you choose to put it, this off-roader is no pussycat…

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  • 1009vincmain1

    Hit For Six

    When Tony Vincent bought the Discovery he’d always wanted, it didn’t take him long to start turning it into… the Discover he’d always wanted.  Cue six inches of lift – with the same again still to come.

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  • KHD2 2

    Better Than Cure

    An expedition along Africa’s East Coast in three Land Rovers, two inflatables and a 35-ton dhow sounds challenging enough. But when your goal is to distribute thousands of mosquito nets to remote villages in the battle against malaria, getting there is just the beginning... Before you start reading this article, here’s...

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  • 9008 052

    Roll With It

    When Brian Crabtree bought a comprehensively rolled 90 as an insurance write-off, he thought it would be an easy job to rebuild it for the road. It wasn’t – so he decided to turn it into something altogether more interesting…

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  • 8067 108

    Bad Influences

    Richard Green used to be into drag racing. But then he fell in with the ‘wrong crowd’… and next thing he knew, he’d been converted to the righteous path of off-roading.

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  • 8064 088


    This is the story of a Land Rover 90 that was once a hard-top, then became a truck-cab, and has finally ended up as a 100-inch trayback. Even its owner, Paul Hooper, is happy to admit that he got ‘a bit carried away’…

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  • 7120 045

    Worth The Weight

    Ian Jones’s 90 weighs in at a hefty 2.5 tonnes. That’s hardly a surprise when you consider that the Chevrolet V8 engine beneath the bonnet displaces 5.7 litres; but at least there’s plenty of power to shift the bulk.

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  • 7119 078

    Play Station

    If you think the Land Rover Tomb Raider is rather lacking in the hardcore off-roading stakes, you’ve obviously never met Ian Woolley. His example of the marque is one of the most tricked-up Solihull vehicles you’re ever likely to see.

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  • 7110 003

    Knocked For Six

    What do you do if you need to carry a tonne and a half of water across a slippery field? For Andy Webb the answer was obvious, and it lay in a rather imaginative conversion of a classic off-road vehicle…

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  • 7071 093

    Discovery Deception

    Andrew Woodhouse’s Discovery may look like nothing more than a heavily modified Land Rover, but its bright G4-influenced paintwork hides a dark secret – its front and rear axles are borrowed from a Mercedes G-Wagen. Furthermore, the whole concept of the hybrid actually came about by accident as the Disco...

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  • 7074 109

    Perfectly Formed

    Steve Green is a great believer in giving his business to small British companies. The Land Rover he’s built as a result is anything but small… but it’s definitely perfectly formed.

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  • 7079 078

    Genetic Engineering

    Kevin Jukes’ Discovery is a classic example of an everyday workhorse that’s turned into a passion. No one should be surprised at the work of engineering art he’s turned it into, though – because modified Land Rovers are definitely in his genes…

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  • 7062 154

    Devon On Earth

    Devon 4x4 is well known for preparing extreme off-road vehicles. But the company is steadily building a presence in the overland expedition market – and as its latest demo truck shows, it’s putting the experience gained in challenge competitions to ever-wider use…

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  • 7013 061

    JE Whizz

    JE Engineering has a formidable track record when it comes to making Land Rovers go faster. As its luridly decorated Defender 90 Td5 shows, however, it can do a lot more besides…

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  • 7020 063

    Changing Places

    Dafydd Belton is one of Britain’s most successful challenge event co-drivers. But now he’s about to move over and take the wheel… of one of the best presented modified 90s you’ll find anywhere.

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  • DSC 1541

    Family Fortunes

    Chris Leake has only been off-roading for a short while, but he’s the owner of one of the tidiest Land Rovers you’ll ever see at a 4x4 playday. It’s also a vehicle with an unusual history – both close to home and shrouded in the mists of time…

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  • DSC 1606

    Toy Wonder

    We sometimes get accused of featuring too many ‘loadsamoney 90s’ in this magazine, but you don’t need to spend masses of money to turn Land Rover’s finest into a seriously capable off-roader. Just a few well chosen mods, in fact, and you’ll have a top toy that’s ready to take...

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  • 6106 047

    True Colours

    Jason Garrett’s 90 has been through two body styles, four engines and five different paint colours in its life. No wonder he’s thinking of making some major changes to it, then…

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  • 6115 051

    Survival Kit

    Unlike most people, when Greg McGuire set out to build a modified Discovery he didn’t intend to create the ultimate off-roader. Instead, he fashioned a vehicle that could teach a thing or two to everyone who thinks that’s what their next project is going to be…

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  • 6107 002

    Giant Green Jollies

    When Tony Whitelock bought his Range Rover, it was just another bobtail. A few short months later, it’s gone a long way up in the world – and is set to be one of the first superstars of the British rock-crawling scene.

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  • 6104 032

    Adult Entertainment

    Mark Wilson describes his 1996 Discovery as ‘adult Meccano.’ It’s an appropriate verdict on a vehicle that’s been getting put together and taken apart again almost non-stop for the last two years.

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  • Q2X0590

    We've Only Just Begun

    When Pete Smalley decided to take up off-roading, he knew there was only one vehicle for him. Within months he found a 200-series V8 Discovery, fitted a two-inch lift and was planning his first green lane trip. Not bad for starters, eh?

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  • 5323 009

    The One And Only

    Alan Davis says his Land Rover Series IIA is the only 4x4 he’ll ever own. He bought it seven years ago, and in the intervening period has turned it into a hardcore mud warrior. It’ll go anywhere, he reckons – but it will never stop being a work in progress…

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  • 0306bullivmain2

    Banking On Success

    Mike Bullivant thinks the Land Rover Discovery is one of the best off-road vehicles going, provided you invest wisely in making the most of its potential. And he should know all about the importance of judicious investment, what with being a bank manager…

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  • 0306patermain1new

    All Change

    Ian Paterson’s Land Rover 90 started life as his family car. But it was always destined for off-road greatness – even if almost everything about it has been modified in the process…

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  • 0306dalymain1

    Something For The Weekend

    Everyone dreams of having a vehicle that would enable them to set off on an adventure at the merest whim. Ian Daly’s Land Rover 130 camper is just that truck…

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  • 1205cannmain5

    Cannonball Run

    Pather Cannon is proud of the fact that his Series IIA Land Rover retains its original appearance. That hasn’t stopped him equipping the vehicle for daily use in the 21st Century, though – and turning it into something very special in the process.

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  • Scan 193

    Spoiling Tactics

    The Triangle Vert is always one of France’s most popular randonnees with British competitors. And this year’s set a record in having more British than French participants – even if a little local difficulty resulted in them having to drive up a series of spoil heaps in between the usual...

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  • 0805malkmain2new

    Rake's Progress

    When Jim Malkin decided to base his latest extreme off-roader on a Land Rover 90, he was eager to make it stand out from the crowd. By the time you’ve read this far, you’ll already have seen that he succeeded.

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  • 0705luffmain3

    Double Top - The Extreme Off-Roader

    Think double cab pick-ups are a recent craze? Think again. A certain Midlands-based manufacturer has been in the crew cab game for years. And, as we discovered, there are some lovely examples out there…

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  • 0705luffmain1

    Double Top - The Tow Barge

    Think double cab pick-ups are a recent craze? Think again. A certain Midlands-based manufacturer has been in the crew cab game for years. And, as we discovered, there are some lovely examples out there…

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  • 0605petersmain1

    First Things First

    Jack Peters started modifying his Discovery because bits of it went rotten. Since then, a budget build has become an object lesson in taking the subtle approach – though all that may soon be about to change…

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  • 0205nwalkmain1

    The Future's Orange

    Nick Walker’s Range Rover has a number of distinguishing characteristics: it’s a bobtailed four-door that’s also been turned into a pick-up, it’s a Southdown demonstrator and it’s loaded with off-road goodies.  Oh, and did we mention it’s also bright orange?

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  • r28

    Land Rover Discovery V8 ES 7-seat

    When Land Rover first launched the Discovery, escalating petrol prices meant that the 3.5-litre V8 engine available at the time crawled out of the dealerships. By comparison, the then-new Tdi was selling like hot cakes.

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  • DSC 5638

    Bite Me...

    Bob Webster’s Land Rover has jaws. All the better to sink its teeth into the Malaysian Rainforest with – and that’s exactly what it was built to do. 

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  • big

    Nothing But The Best

    What you’re looking at here is a championship class-winner that beat every comparable machine, and a lot more besides, to climb to seventh place overall in the Tout-Terrain rankings.

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