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    Big Boy's Toy

    Back when Jordan Farrell’s mountain bike was his biggest toy, he bought a Land Rover 90 to carry it around in. But he’d always wanted an off-roader, ever since seeing them on telly as a kid… so it wasn’t long before his new 4x4 was turning into his biggest toy yet.

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    Discovery Deception

    Andrew Woodhouse’s Discovery may look like nothing more than a heavily modified Land Rover, but its bright G4-influenced paintwork hides a dark secret – its front and rear axles are borrowed from a Mercedes G-Wagen. Furthermore, the whole concept of the hybrid actually came about by accident as the Disco...

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    Banking On Success

    Mike Bullivant thinks the Land Rover Discovery is one of the best off-road vehicles going, provided you invest wisely in making the most of its potential. And he should know all about the importance of judicious investment, what with being a bank manager…

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