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  • DSC 7221

    Big Daddy

    Toby Barnes-Taylor is every kid’s dream dad. When he left the army with a resettlement cheque, he didn’t sink it into the mortgage – he bought a Defender 130 and prepped it for overlanding. From now on, every family holiday is going to be the adventure of a lifetime.

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  • WattIIA3

    The Real Deal

    Want to see a prime example of a real-world Land Rover? Look no further than James Watt’s Series IIA. It might still have its original leaf springs – but it’s not short of a trick or two in the rough stuff.

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  • 7079 078

    Genetic Engineering

    Kevin Jukes’ Discovery is a classic example of an everyday workhorse that’s turned into a passion. No one should be surprised at the work of engineering art he’s turned it into, though – because modified Land Rovers are definitely in his genes…

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