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    Special Brew

    When Jim Marsden bought his Defender 90 SV, little did he know that one day he would drive it to a string of successes in Britain’s top winch challenges. But even as he was doing so, there was one thing he did know: that the day would come when he...

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    Discovery Deception

    Andrew Woodhouse’s Discovery may look like nothing more than a heavily modified Land Rover, but its bright G4-influenced paintwork hides a dark secret – its front and rear axles are borrowed from a Mercedes G-Wagen. Furthermore, the whole concept of the hybrid actually came about by accident as the Disco...

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    Devon On Earth

    Devon 4x4 is well known for preparing extreme off-road vehicles. But the company is steadily building a presence in the overland expedition market – and as its latest demo truck shows, it’s putting the experience gained in challenge competitions to ever-wider use…

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