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  • WattIIA3

    The Real Deal

    Want to see a prime example of a real-world Land Rover? Look no further than James Watt’s Series IIA. It might still have its original leaf springs – but it’s not short of a trick or two in the rough stuff.

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  • 5323 009

    The One And Only

    Alan Davis says his Land Rover Series IIA is the only 4x4 he’ll ever own. He bought it seven years ago, and in the intervening period has turned it into a hardcore mud warrior. It’ll go anywhere, he reckons – but it will never stop being a work in progress…

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  • 1205cannmain5

    Cannonball Run

    Pather Cannon is proud of the fact that his Series IIA Land Rover retains its original appearance. That hasn’t stopped him equipping the vehicle for daily use in the 21st Century, though – and turning it into something very special in the process.

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