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    Burning Rubber

    In the burning heat of southern Texas, just outside San Antonio, lies the Cooper Tire Vehicle Test Center. This is where products like the Discoverer STT Pro are given the sort of punishment it takes to ensure that by the time they reach you, there’s nothing about them that hasn’t...

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    New Kumho Mud Tyre Takes Aim At Working Truck Market

    KUMHO HAS LAUNCHED the Road Venture MT51 – a new all-terrain tyre designed for a slightly less extreme market than the existing Road Venture MT KL71. With a self-cleaning tread pattern featuring zig-zag tread grooves and robust shoulders for traction on soft and muddy ground, the MT51 also has notched shoulders to help it hook on to rocks and climb...

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  • 4x4 June17 035

    New 4x4 Alloy Range From Wolfrace

    DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY for pick-ups and SUVs, this is the new Vermont alloy from Wolfrace. It’s rated to 1050kg – giving it the sort of strength its twin 10-spoke design hints at. The smallest wheel in the range is 8.5x18” in size, so you already know it’s not for playday-spec Defenders.

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  • Black Rhino 1


    HARD ALLOYS. Sounds like the best kind of alloys, right? The alloys in question are made by Black Rhino. Not the African mammal, but the Californian manufacturer which took its name because, let’s face it, black rhinos are about as hard as they come.  Black Rhino’s wheels come in a...

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  • 4x4 Overlander

    New Spare Wheel Protector

    YOU REALLY DO want to keep five wheels on your wagon. Sure, there are some parts of some cities where simply slowing down will mean you’ll suddenly grind to a halt with your wheels missing, but usually it’s the spare on the back of your Landy that is most at...

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  • Cooper

    Improved Version of Cooper Discoverer A/T3 Promises Real Off-Road Ability

    cooper has revamped its Discoverer A/T3 tyre to build on its strengths and update it with some improvements. The new Discoverer A/T3 Sport tyre is aimed at the SUV market, with a compound and tread that’s 60% on-road and 40% off-road.

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  • Products August4

    XD Rims At Tyres Direct Online

    TYRES DIRECT ONLINE has recently started importing KMC Wheels’ XD range to the UK. Available in a range of sizes and five and six-stud patterns to suit Jeeps and Japanese 4x4s, these are ‘built for those who need precise equipment for an imprecise environment.’ Which in other words means they’re going to be good and strong. 

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  • Products July tryyyres

    Trail Runner

    Also new from Rugged Ridge are these Trail Runner classic steel wheels. These, like the Jeeps they’re made to go on, are genyooine Yankee products, and they’re built tough. They’re also built to the latest standards and have a hub-centric design so the wheel is precisely centred which helps reduce any vibration. 

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  • Products July tyres

    Achilles Desert Hawk

    RECENTLY ADDED to the range on offer from Tyres Direct Online is the Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT. This is a mud-terrain with a three-step tread pattern and armoured sidewalls for greater traction and resistance to damage. The range available in the UK offers some of the less commonly seen sizes – in particular, for 17”, 18” and 20” rims....

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  • Rimmer rims

    Budget priced 16” steel modulars from rimmer bros

    ALLOY WHEELS ARE expensive things. Some of them are designed with off-roading in mind, but all too often the kind you’ll find on a 4x4 will be thoroughly vulnerable to getting damaged first time you go off-road.

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  • Federal Couragia

    Federal Couragia increases size options for wide-rim mud-terrains

    ONE OF THE BIGGEST OBSTACLES to using the modern breed of SUV-style 4x4 off-road is the limited availability of suitable tyres. These vehicles tend to be fitted with lower-profile rubber on rims of a greater diameter than the traditional 16” – an instant


drawback as it is for off-roading, let alone...

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  • Foundry Jack 4

    Swing-away carrier for up to 36” spares

    Foundry 4x4 has added a handy pair of products to its Monsta 4x4 range – allowing you to carry an outsize spare wheel and a high-lift jack all in one go.

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  • cooper brings STT pro 1

    Cooper brings STT Pro to Britain

    COOPER’S DISCOVERER STT PRO has arrived in the UK, just a few months after making its debut in its homeland of America. Designed ‘for those who revel in outdoor adventure,’ this is intended to be an addition to the existing Discoverer range, with a tread pattern all of its own.

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  • swing away


    SWING-AWAY SPARE WHEEL CARRIERS can often be impressive to watch in action. But that doesn’t necessarily make them ever so stylish.

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  • Diamond

    Return of the Diamond-back

    HERE’S A PICTURE you probably didn’t think you’d see again. Yes, the Diamond is back!

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  • Big Rock tyre 1

    Britain Gets Big Rock – In Big Sizes

    Finding a new source of off-road tyres suitable for really serious competition use is a big of a holy grail for the companies that bring such things into the country. And the Off Road Armoury seems to have struck gold, because it’s now the official UK distributor for the Big...

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  • WA1352 Landrover 2

    Road Legal Beadlockers for Landies

    The latest addition to the range of Hutchinson wheels available at XS4x4 is the WA0604 Rock Monster Beadlock, in a 16x7.0” size designed specifically for the Land Rover Defender. Fully government-approved as a road-legal accessory back home in the US, this allows you to run your tyres at ultra-low pressures...

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  • MR 307 Magnesium

    Method Unveils New Wheels for 2015

    We told you a couple of months ago about Method Race Wheels, which have recently arrived in the UK courtesy of the good people at XS4x4. This renowned top-of-the-market competition rim manufacturer is probably best known as the wheel supplier to ‘Ballistic’ BJ Baldwin, winner of the last two Baja...

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  • xtech black wheel

    New Alloys in Stock at 4x4 Tyres

    4x4 Tyres sounds a lot like a company that sells 4x4 tyres, and indeed it is. But where there’s a tyre there’s a wheel, and where there’s a cool truck there’s every chance there’ll be a set of even cooler alloys from one of 4x4 Tyres’ latest ranges bolted on...

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  • Nakatanenga20single20pivot20stainless20wheel20carrier

    4x4 Overlander Releases New Wheel Carrier

    It doesn't take much in the way of a larger-than standard spare wheel to turn the back door of an old Defender into a thing that sounds like it’s coming apart at the seams. Our own editor used to run a 300Tdi 90 van on (gasp) 235/85s, and after a...

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  • KKD5304 Edit

    Atturo Tyres Join Silverline Range

    Silverline Wheels and Tyres has announced that it is to start importing the Atturo line-up of 4x4 tyres from America. Made to the latest EU standards and therefore fully legal on our roads, these include the Trail Blade A/T and M/T in a range of sizes tailored to the British...

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  • autosock

    Winter Essentials from Brindley Chains

    All the four-wheel drive in the world ain’t worth nothing if your tyres ain’t got no grip. That’s one reason why we all like to spend the winter falling about laughing at Chelsea tractors slithering around uselessly at the first sign of snow, but even when you’re running a set...

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  • Wrangler Duratrac

    Disco 3 DuraTracs Now At Newlife Tyres

    Newlife Tyres, the company behind the Marix range of 4x4 remoulds, has this year branched out into also stocking new tyres. The company’s main brand here is Yokohama, but it also carries a wide range of Hankook sizes – and, as if to demonstrate how flexible it is at being...

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  • Nankang N889 Mud Terrain 3

    4x4 Tyres Plays The Price Card with Nankang MTs

    ‘A true game changer.’ That’s 4x4 Tyres’ claim for the Nankang N889 Mudstar Radial M//T, which the company recently introduced in the UK after years of success at the budget end of the market in the USA and elsewhere.

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  • Newlife

    More Brands And Sizes As Newlife Grows Apace

    Newlife Tyres Online is best known as the UK importer of the Marix range of 4x4 remoulds, but earlier this year the company also took on a wide range of new tyres from Yokohama and Hankook.

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  • DSC 7917cutout

    Maxi Supply Now Up To Speed

    A couple of months ago, we told you about the new Italian-made Ziarelli range of remoulds being imported by Tyres Direct. This includes the uniquely savage looking Brutale and the 100-profile Extreme Forest, the latest candidate in the Simex-lookalike market, as well as the Maxi – a Creepy Crawler pattern...

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  • DSCN5686

    New Stock of Rims and Recips at 4x4 AT

    As we were going to press, 4x4 Accessories and Tyres contacted us with news that it has just received a new shipment of 700 Recip MTs in various of the usual sizes. Always a popular choice among off-roaders, these Portuguese remoulds provide lots of grip for your money and have...

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  • D4 18 inch rims

    Compomotives for Disco 3

    Compomotive’s PD alloy motorsport wheel is well known in rally raid circles. Until now, you’ll only have seen them in 16” fitments, but the company has now added an 18” version specifically for the Land Rover Discovery 3 and 4 and Range Rover Sport.

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    Hardcore Ziarellis Arrive In UK

    Italian retread manufacturer Ziarelli has made a dramatic arrival in the UK, thanks to a range of extreme tyres for the hardcore off-road market. These include the extraordinary Brutale, which combines huge shoulders with an outrageously open pattern of diamond-shaped centre blocks – and whose 25mm is about the deepest...

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  • GT Radial

    GT Radial's 33" M/T Undercuts Remoulds

    GT Radial's Adventuro M/T is a chunky looking customer in the all-rounder stakes, with a reputation for determined traction off-road and surprisingly quiet running on tarmac. Which is good, but for many people the deal-sealer for the Chinese-made mud-terrain is its price.

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  • Nortenha MT

    Nortenha Tyres - A New Brand Arrives In Britain

    If you're mourning the loss of the old-style BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain, the new Nortenha MT may be the answer. A Portuguese-made remould with a similar pattern to the iconic BFG, this has just arrived in the UK courtesy of Tyres Direct Online.

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  • DV4Car

    New Chains Tackle Snow, Mud and Sand

    ‘The best tyre rescue kit ever invented!’ Yow. That’s the dramatically lofty claim made by TBR for the DV4Car tyre chain, which promises to work in mud, sand and snow.

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  • Maxxis

    Trepadors Still Available In The UK

    You can read about Jerry Hunt’s challenge truck on pages 44-48 of this issue. It’s won him a whole stack of class awards, as well as no small amount of overall medals, and one of the things that’s remarkable about it is that it’s got pretty big tyres.

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