Federal Couragia increases size options for wide-rim mud-terrains

Originally Published: May 2016

ONE OF THE BIGGEST OBSTACLES to using the modern breed of SUV-style 4x4 off-road is the limited availability of suitable tyres. These vehicles tend to be fitted with lower-profile rubber on rims of a greater diameter than the traditional 16” – an instant


drawback as it is for off-roading, let alone if all you can get is the sort of tread pattern that fills up at the first sign of mud.

The Federal Couragia could help to redress the balance. Recently added to the range available from Tyres Direct Online, this US-made premium fitment is a mud-terrain boasting strong self-cleaning properties and a tread compound that’ll resist cuts, chips and 

abrasions. It’s constructed using large shoulder lugs with protector blocks to provide a primary shield against damage, along with a 
tighter centre section – making it a classic hybrid of on and off-road patterns designed for vehicles used as all-rounders.

The Couragia M/T is available in a number of traditionally popular sizes, but Tyres Direct says one of its biggest attractions compared to other similar fitments is the wider than usual range of options it offers in higher rim sizes. At the comparatively lower-profile end of the scale, it’s available to suit 17” and 18” rims, and a couple of 20” sizes are also available – albeit with a much greater diameter than you’d ever get under an SUV.

The other great thing about 
the Couragia is that for the kind of tyre it is, it looks like particularly good value for money. Between that and the unusual sizes on offer, this looks a lot like a valuable new addition to the mud-terrain market – and one which will open up new off-road possibilities for a good many 4x4 owners whose options were previously much more limited. To find out more, visit www.tyresdirect.co.uk.


Sizes available, with prices as quoted by Tyres Direct

30x9.50R15         £95.95

31x10.50R1         £98.95

235/75R15           £90.95

33x12.50R15       £113.95

33x12.50R20       £149.95

245/75R16           £98.95

35/12.50R15        £131.95

35/12.50R20        £153.95

265/70R17           £120.95

265/75R16           £100.95

275/65R18           £127.95

285/70R17           £126.95

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