• JP018 221WR

    The Best Wrangler Ever

    Jeep is making no bones about it: the new Wrangler is the best off-roader it’s ever made. But as Britain prepares for its arrival this September, can the new JL model do enough to justify what’s going to be a hefty price tag?

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  • PTV4042

    Hell, Yeah!

    The new Jeep Wrangler arrives on British roads (and trails) ready to assert itself as an off-road champion. It brings new engines, new drivetrains, new tech... and a paint colour called Hella Yella. In the face of a steep set of prices, will Britain’s 4x4 buyers Just Say No...

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  • DSC 1294

    Like Father, Like Son

    Cameron Walker used to run a modified Suzuki Jimny, while his dad ran a modified Jeep Wrangler. It took five years for him to come round to his old man’s way of thinking… but when he did, the result was one of the smartest, cleverest and most unique TJs the...

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  • DSC 9023

    Think Big

    Most Jeep Wranglers nowadays come to Britain with a diesel engine up front. Petrol power has come back to the fore in the last couple of years, however – though even Jeep’s most ambitiously specced showroom models come nowhere near the scope of this 6.4-litre Hemi-powered Rubicon recently built by...

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  • DSC 3481 copy
  • DSC 1430 copy

    Seasonal Adjustment

    Jason Pettit’s Jeep Wrangler has winter and summer modes – the latter featuring the sort of roof and doors rarely seen in the UK. It’s ready to flay the star-spangled banner off-road at any time of year, however – especially if it gives its owner the chance to cause some...

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  • DSC 7637 copy

    Wild Thing

    Nene Overland has long been associated with Land Rovers. But the company’s Wild Wrangler is an example of the approach it has taken to becoming a Jeep specialist. Showcasing the range of equipment it now imports from American Adventure Vehicles, this 2008-model JK Unlimited shows what can be achieved when...

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  • Seaborn

    Bright Future

    Jeeps have always been a bit of a left-field choice for modifying in the UK. Having suffered from being too similar to the Land Rover Defender, however, the demise of the Solihull warhorse means it’s now time for the Wrangler to emerge from the shadow of its old rival and...

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  • 680

    Original Grin

    Not many 4x4 manufacturers still make ‘halo’ vehicles in the same mould as the trucks they built in their early days. Despite having so many newer, softer products these days, Jeep is a company that truly bucks that trend.

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  • 631

    Relaxation The Wrangler Way

    Off-roading can be a pretty full-on business, but at the end of the day we all do it for fun. So when your doctor’s told you to start relaxing more, don’t head for the spa: head for a quarry…

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  • DSC 1104

    Two Into One

    The Jeep Wrangler YJ and Isuzu Trooper Mk2 were two of the many great off-road vehicles the early 1990s gave the world. You wouldn’t normally think of them as prime candidates for building a hybrid, though – unless, like Richard Alder, you’ve got pro-level knowledge of the secrets they share...

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  • Ransom

    Such Sweet Sorrow...

    Parting is such sweet sorrow, as any Shakespeare buff will tell you. For Steve Ransom, the end of his marriage brought a renewed friendship with his ex-wife – and, more to the point, she needed something with better mileage than the Jeep Wrangler they’d built together.

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  • 290

    WORKSHOP: Fixing a Jeep – using Land Rover UJs

    In the endless war of words between Land Rover fans and, well, pretty much everyone else, one of the most common battle grounds is the subject of parts. Landy fans will point out that parts for everything else cost ten times as much: everyone else will reply that that doesn’t matter because they hardly ever need them. 

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  • rectangle

    Bunch Of Arras

    Bunch of Arras, Mate

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  • 257

    May The Force Be With You

    Dave Knapp's Jeep Grand Cherokee is nicknamed ' Vader' by his friends. Thats because of its slotted steering guard as opposed to any innate evil tendencies, but its a menacing looker nonetheless. With its long-arm suspension, though, it performs off-road with a much agility as the Dark Lord giving Obi...

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  • 0414spicemain1

    Not Born To Follow

    There are plenty of modified Jeep Wranglers in the world – even in the UK, if you go looking. Not many of them are YJs, though, and fewer still have airbrushed bodywork to go with their off-road prep.

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  • wardmain2new

    Fit For Purpose

    When we put a picture of Chris Warden’s TJ on our Facebook page, someone called it boring. Mind you, they also called it a Land Rover. It’s neither of those things – though it probably is fair to say that it’s less showy most of the Wranglers you see people building.

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  • main pic 1

    Home From Home

    Nick Albion describes his Jeep Grand Cherokee as an  ‘armchair off-roader.’ With 50,000 road miles to do every  year, on top of needing to be able to access some of the most remote working locations in the country, he’s entitled to a bit of comfort.

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  • DSC 7922new

    Go West

    Richard Morsley had already owned a succession of 4x4s, all of them from Land Rover. But then he decided to head west across the Atlantic and buy a Jeep Cherokee instead. A great way to stand out from the crowd, sure – but how much off-road ability did he sacrifice...

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  • 169

    Don't Call It A Hummer...

    Chris Davies has had four Jeeps and a whole host of other trucks as well – and they’ve all been lifted. With his four-door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, however, he’s taking things to a whole new level…

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  • 11086 020

    Jeep Grand Cherokee ♦ Vehicle Test ♦

    Price £43,995 | Engine 2987cc V6 turbo-diesel | Power 237 bhp | Torque 406 lbf.ft | 0-62mph 8.2 secs | Top speed 126 mph | Economy 34.0mpg | CO2 219g/km

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  • 12089 21 action

    Cherokee and Proud

    You could argue that the Grand Cherokee on the previous article is more heavily modified than it really needs to be for overland travel. But you’d never say the same about Tony Willetts’ Cherokee, which remains a daily driver – as well as taking part in monthly winch challenges, and...

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  • seamain1

    Grey Thunder

    We’re forever preaching that the key to a successful project is to plan it out in advance. That’s just what Bob did when realising the lofty goal of building a Grand Cherokee the likes of which had never been seen in Britain before, and the results speak for themselves.

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  • 11096 003

    Chance Meating

    Mick Walker is a mobile butcher whose love of 4x4s means he hasn’t missed a delivery in 20 years. His latest truck is a beefy Wrangler which he bought new after chancing on it at a bargain price, before deciding to chop it about and fillet with long-travel hock absorbers...

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  • JEEP 5 00140

    As Good As It Gets

    Jeep’s resurgence is good news for all sorts of reasons, most of all that you can still get a Wrangler in the UK. Better yet, the Rubicon model is still available here – indeed, it can now be ordered in long-wheelbase form, too, or even with left-hand drive.

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  • mormain1

    Going Jeep

    Ivan Morley fell in love with Jeeps during an off-road driving day organised by the American manufacturer. Since then, he’s owned two Cherokees and a Wrangler – so who says marketing doesn’t work?

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  • middmain2

    Free Radical

    Bart Middleton has built a niftily capable Jeep Cherokee that looks a bit special and puts on a show off-road. It’s cheap to run by Cherokee standards, too… and to build? Well, it was absolutely free.

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    Waste Not, Want Not

    Will Cowley’s CJ7 is a masterpiece of recycling. It’s his everyday vehicle and off-road toy, and an object lesson in reusing parts and making your own bespoke bits. It might not sip fuel the way a modern-day shopping cart does – but it’s 27 years old and, thanks to his...

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  • 9035 092 2

    Combined Knowledge

    Gary Fisher has learned a bit about modifying Jeeps over the last few years. He’s owned no less than six of them – and the Cherokee he owns today is the culmination of all the knowledge he’s gained from each.

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  • 9031 002

    Shine On

    With an LPG conversion, 4.5-inch lift and even a DVD player, as well as a host of custom body parts executed in shiny chrome, Ray Hawkins’ fully restored 1979 Jeep CJ7 is not your average modded off-roader.

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  • 55763jee

    Jeep Cherokee ♦ Vehicle Test ♦

    The third generation of Jeep’s original 4x4 wagon is no longer a Discovery rival in terms of price, kit or luxury. But suddenly there’s a range of tarmac-bashers trading on the brand’s iconic status – meaning the Cherokee can at last concentrare more on being a proper off-roader.

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  • 9006 048

    Positive Thinking

    The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is possibly the most capable factory-ready off-roader ever sold in the UK. But you can only get it with a petrol engine. Martin Shaw-Frost decided to change all that…

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  • 7143 020

    Big In America

    Ged Wade’s Cherokee is one of only a handful outside the USA fitted with Skyjacker’s eight-inch suspension lift. So was it worth the effort to convert a left-hand-drive kit to suit a right-hooker Jeep?

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  • 7129 120

    Easy On The Eye

    Devon 4x4 might not be a company you associate with lifestyle 4x4 accessories. But as this Wrangler shows, Simon Buck and co. can create quite a head-turner when they’re asked to – and it’ll still hold its own in the rough stuff.

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  • 7072 128

    Thrown In At The Jeep End

    When Karl Pearson's wife bought him an off-roading holiday for his birthday, little did she know what she'd started. But when Karl began to make the ultimate TJ Wrangler, he soon discovered that starting was the easy part - it was knowing when to stop that was the problem...

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  • 7017 022

    Busman's Holiday

    John Morgan is one of Britain’s best-known off-road driving instructors. He’s also living proof that just because you spend your days behind the wheel of a variety of 4x4s, that doesn’t stop you wanting a modded off-road toy of your own to have fun in…

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  • 6032 024


    Iwan Jenkins’ Jeep Wrangler is one of TOR’s all-time favourite modded off-roaders. When we got a phone call telling us it had recently been fitted with G-Wagen axles, therefore, we jumped at the chance to pay a return visit.

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  • 0406dalymain3

    Yellow Fever

    Ian Daly rebuilt his Wrangler from scratch after rescuing its burnt-out wreckage from a scrap yard. He’s done more than restore it to former glories, however - he’s created a truly awesome off-roader that features a plethora of serious mods.

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  • JU6O0018

    Cevennes The Hard Way

    The Trophée Cevenol is famed for being the toughest and most technical of the French Randonnées. It’s also a great way to see one of Europe’s most beautiful landscapes – while giving a baptism of fire to the latest in Jeep’s unique Rubicon series of modified off-roaders.

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  • Scan 2369

    The Last Post

    As the new Grand Cherokee prepares to make its UK debut, we took one of the last examples of the old model to explore the abandoned forts of north-east France. A fitting send off for a vehicle that traces its history back to the bloody past of this very region 

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  • Scan 8

    Squaring The Triangle

    Last year, the Triangle Vert ended up with a number of vehicles being damaged by the terrain. For 2004, however, France’s most northerly randonnée was right back on track – and it attracted more British competitors than everFrance’s northernmost randonnée, the Triangle Vert, this year attracted more entries from Britain...

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